Chapter Excerpt: Final Play by Ann Clay

02 Jan
Final Play by Ann Clay

Anree Alexander, in the midst of a career change, falters when the unforgettable Rhonda “Ron” Mitchell sparks a flame he’d never felt before. Even his first love, football, has a hard time competing for his affection the moment she steps into his life. He hadn’t counted on the game win taking so many turnovers, but he was all in, ready to win her heart and her love. In the last minutes of the final quarter, his offensive strategy, take all or nothing, puts the final play into motion.

Rhonda Mitchell had more to do than fumble with the likes of the former pro-football player, Anree Alexander. She just wasn’t the sporty-type, besides she had other, more pressing, things to worry about. So she knew with certainty that Anree just wasn’t her guy, even though sparks flew the instant they met. By half-time, though, she couldn’t resist his boyish charm or his blazing seductions. Something about his tackles caught her totally off guard and without the options of instant replay.

So, she has to decide whether to go for the safety or press forward for the winning touchdown. For a moment, the game looked winless, the defense stacked against them, but once Ron and Anree figured out the final play, the score was love to nothing…

Chapter Excerpt:  Final Play

Rhonda released a nervous laugh. “I must look awfully pitiful for you to agree to such restricted terms.”

“On the contrary, it says more about you than you think. And I am more interested in the woman. I see so much more than you give yourself credit for.”

“How so?”

“You have drive, but equally, you have priorities and compassion. All qualities that are attractive to any man with sense enough to appreciate them all.” His smooth words almost tipped her over, but she’d had her share of slick talkers. She was young, but not stupid. And her book smarts did not overcrowd her common sense either. So to accept his reply, she would have to do so with caution.

“You know nothing about me, Anree.”

And before she could continue he interrupted. “But I would really like to. I’m an open book. I’m sure you’ve assessed that already.”

She moved back to her desk and he returned to the chair he’d vacated gaze still on her. She looked away from his pleading eyes which began to soften her resolve. How he did that she wrestled to understand, but eventually let it go. It didn’t matter. He pulled at her with a force she was quickly losing ground against.

She sighed and returned to his waiting gaze. “Okay. How about lunch tomorrow? I have an early day.”

“I’ll pick you up at eleven o’clock.”

“Actually, how about I meet you at Vincent’s? It’s not far from where I have morning appointments.”

“Okay. Vincent’s is fine. I’m looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

His sexy smile fell in place, teasing her mercilessly. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” She stood and walked to the door. He followed her and by the time they both reached it, he touched the small of her back, forcing her to turn and face him. She stared up into his stormy gaze before moving through the door. When they reached the lobby, he touched her face, lighting every nerve in her body.

“Have a good evening.”

“Thanks. You too.”

Anree arrived early at Vincent’s. He’d requested a secluded spot that would give them privacy and the hostess was more than willing to accommodate him. He’d changed his afternoon schedule in the event she allowed him more than a typical lunch hour. He remembered her saying she had an early day today.

When Ron arrived, he stood and pulled out her chair and waited until she was seated. She was even more beautiful every time he saw her. Today, the long sundress hugged her curves, but revealed satiny, smooth shoulders with just a small peek of her breasts at the top. Her sandy-brown hair was pulled up into a twist at her nape. She smelled delicious enough to eat whole.

“Hi. You look wonderful.” Anree smiled as he sat across from her.

“You look great yourself.”


He, too, had changed his look today. His shoulder-length dreads hung loosely around his shoulders. He normally kept them bound to the back of his head. He also wanted to present casualness to their meeting, so he wore a loose-fitting tunic and faded, low jeans. The only formal wear was one of his championship rings that he wore everywhere, and a diamond stud he wore in his left lobe. Many of the guys had taken to wearing studs in both ears. He continued to only wear the single stud indicating his preference for the old school.

“I hope you don’t mind. I asked for a spot a little out of the way.”

“No, that’s fine. How are you today?”

“Great. Did I tell you how beautiful you are today?”

She smiled broadly and tilted her head to the side. “Are you going to make me pay for my own meal, Mr. Alexander?”

He dropped his head back and released a thunderous laugh. “No, not at all.” He liked this playful side of her. “So to assure you of such, how about I order? That is unless there is something you need to stay away from.”

“No, not at all. Have at it.”

“Great, I have a favorite that I’d like you to try.”

(  Continued…  )

© 2014 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Ann Clay.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

Final Play by Ann Clay   

Final Play:  Contemporary Romance
ISBN-10: 1502763486
ISBN-13: 978-1502763488

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