Chapter Excerpt: In Love With The Other Man by Francina Lucas

02 Jan
In Love With The Other Man
by Francina Lucas

What is the ultimate cost of finding love in all the wrong places? Four women are on a collision course filled with secrets, lies, betrayal, fear and self-doubt. Will their end justify the means?  Will they find the love they sacrificed everything for?  Redemption, forgiveness and self-acceptance play a part in saving the four women from themselves!

Denise, an Office Manager, is madly in love with her husband Eric. She would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. But is this relationship enough?  Is it fulfilling her fantasies?

Keisha, a Top Real Estate Agent, was in a mentally abusive relationship for 2 years.  After she discontinued her relationship, she found herself to be much braver and realized that she doesn’t need a man in her life. Keisha appears to be living her life to the fullest, while making a great income, but will this be enough to keep her happy?  Is this all a cover for what’s really going on in her life?

Liz is a married woman and a homemaker with three beautiful children.  Liz has low self-esteem and she never had a chance to see the real world. She was always taking care of people before herself.  She daydreams of a better life. Will this cause her to make unwise decisions? Will the love of her family be enough to sustain her commitments, while feeling bitter and left behind?

Tonya is a nurse who still lives with her mother and has a five year old child named Alexis. She leaves all her responsibilities with her mother and depends on her mother to take care of her daughter. Tonya is the youngest of the women and she is the type of woman that will do anything. Tonya is a party animal and she does whatever she wants when she wants and it’s all about Tonya nothing else matters.  Will this attitude be the catalyst for the friends to break up or will it be the very thing that strengthens the relationship?

Chapter One:  In Love With The Other Man

It’s 3:00 a.m., and Denise keeps tossing and turning. Her mind is racing, and she has to get up in a few hours to go to work. Denise heart is beating fast, and she can’t breathe—what is going on with me? Denise wants to sleep.  GOD, please help me go to sleep. What can I do to get to sleep? Maybe some warm milk will help me ease my mind, and I can sleep. So, Denise gets up, get some warm milk, and head back to bed.  Finally, Denise falls asleep. But as soon as Denise fall asleep, the alarm clock rings, and it’s time for her to get up. Denise slowly gets out of bed and drags herself to the shower. The time is flying, and she has to be at work by 8:00 a.m. There is no way she will make it on time. As she is getting dressed, Keisha calls her.  Denise answer the phone with a tone of disgusted.  Keisha asked what was wrong with Denise, and if she was ready for work. Denise reply, “No, Keisha, I am not ready for work.”

In turn she replies with laughter, “You better hurry up and get dressed before you get fired.” 
Keisha told her she will call her later. Denise hung up the telephone and continued getting dressed. Again, the phone rings, and this time it is her mom. Denise answered with a feeling of joy, “Hey, Mom, what is going on with you?”
She replies, “Nothing, hon, I am just checking on you.” 
As she speaks with her mom, she continues to put on her makeup. 
Denise mom continues saying, “Well, hon, I am going to let you get back to what you were doing.” 
Denise sadly replies, “OK, Mom, and I love you.”  Denise hung up the telephone, and finally, she was ready to go to work.  Denise looks at the time, and she has twenty minutes to get to work. She walked out the door and hurry to her car. Denise gets into her car and speed to work, hoping and praying that a cop will not stop her. “With my luck, I will get stopped by the cop, “said Denise. Its 7:59 a.m., and she rushed, into the building and head toward the elevators. She patiently waits for the elevator, and it seems like it is taking forever. Hurry! Hurry! OMG I am going to be late, she said. Finally, the elevator comes down, the doors open, and she gets in and goes to the third floor. As she reached the third floor, she gets out of the elevator and walks towards her desk. As Denise was walking toward her desk, she felt people watching her.  She turned around to see them watching and she continued walking to her desk. As she reached her desk, she sees her boss coming toward her cubicle. She just knew he was going to say something about her being late—she could feel it inside, so her heart starting beating really fast. Denise started to sweat because he told her never to be late again. As he approached her desk, he asked her about the Johnson file. Yes! He didn’t say anything to me, Denise said in a whispering voice. I really didn’t want to lose my job, she was thinking. Denise kindly said to him, that she put the file on his desk yesterday.
“Thank you,” he said and walked away.
As Denise was wiping the sweat from her brow, she received a text from her husband, Eric, telling her that he would be home tomorrow morning and that he wanted to take her out to lunch. Yes, I am very excited to see my husband; he means everything to me. This will definitely make me have a productive day, said Denise. As she started to work, Eric texts her again and tells her that he loves and misses her.  Denise responded back with “I love you too, sweetie, and I can’t wait until you come home.” 

(  Continued…  )

© 2013 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Francina “Ms Caramel” Lucas.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

About the Author
Francina “Ms Caramel” Lucas
is a first-time published author and has a new fiction book called “In Love With The Other Man.” This new fiction book was published by Authorhouse, a worldwide self-publishing company.  This book was published in November of 2013 and the book has traveled online media very quickly such as Books A Million, Barnes & NoblesKindleAmazon and many more.  “In Love With The Other Man” is also available at your local library upon request and on your Androids cellular phone in your Playstore.  This book has been out in the public for a year and people are buying this book worldwide. This new book is a book grabber, once you get a hold of this new book you will not want to put it down.

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