How To Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating For Free

16 Mar

According to the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) approximately 30 million Americans are in debt and receive bad credit ratings every year. In 2005, 2 million Americans filed for personal bankruptcies. Change your life and get out of debt today.

Harrine was over $19,000 in debt and was able to get out of debt while earning $21,000 a year, became debt free and has been for the past ten years. You can do it too just like Harrine did.

How To Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating For Free gives you step by step details of how to get out of debt. The first step is to identify your spending habits. Next create your own spending plan to begin paying off your debts, establish an “A” credit rating and develop a nest egg for the future.

How To Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating For Free will show you how to:

* Determine if you have bad credit
* Repair your credit
* Maintain your good credit
* Deal with telemarketers and creditors
* Create your own spending plan
* Prevent identity theft

Can you imagine how your life would change if you had good credit? Imagine the relief ?  Less stress, not worrying about bill collectors calling you at home or at work, and putting an end to your fights with your partner, spouse or children that are caused by not having any money. You would be able to buy things that you needed or wanted, and get a great interest rate for a home or car loan. These are just some of the many benefits of having good credit and using this book can help you reach that important financial goal.

Purchase How to Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating for Free [Kindle Edition]

Industry Book Reviews

How To Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating For Free is a fantastic guide for anyone deep in debt or facing credit problems. “If you need credit help, Harrine Freeman offers the inside scoop on the tips, tricks and techniques that really work”!
— Lynnette Khalfani, author of the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom and recent Oprah Show Guest

“Like many Americans, Harrine Freeman, has been through credit difficulties. But not only has she turned her situation around, she has gone on to help others do the same with her straightforward guide to better credit, How To Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating For Free. Her book is here at a time when so many people need this kind of help”.
–Gerri Detweiler, consumer advocate and author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook

About the Author
Harrine Freeman
is a credit repair expert and CEO of H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a credit repair and personal finance services company. She provides personal consultations to teach consumers how to get out of debt and learn how to manage their finances. She also provides debt management workshops for schools, churches and organizations.  Read more at:


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