Money Can Generate Wealth or Generate Debt You Make the Choice

31 Mar
Money Can Generate Wealth or Generate Debt
You Make the Choice

Harrine Freeman is the owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises which provides credit repair services to help clients restore their credit rating and develop good money management skills. She is the author of “How to Get out of Debt: Get An “A” Credit Rating for Free” that provides steps on how to get out of debt and improve your credit. She has appeared in Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, Essence, Forbes and on NBC and ABC.

BPM: What makes you powerful as a person and a writer?

I love helping people and that passion has helped me in my business helping my clients overcome their financial challenges which makes happy because everyone once in a while everyone needs a little help sometimes.

BPM: Who are your mentors? Where do you find your inspiration?
My mentors were my grandparents, they faced insurmountable odds including racism, sexism and civil rights issues and overcame them. They instilled in me good moral and financial values that I still practice today. My inspiration comes from my support network of friends and family.

BPM: Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…
My writing offers the following legacy to future readers, you have the power to change your future – “Money can generate wealth or generate debt, you make the choice. “

BPM: Introduce us to your book, How to Get Out of Debt.
 Can you imagine how your life would change if you had good credit? Imagine the relief ? Less stress, not worrying about bill collectors calling you at home or at work, and putting an end to your fights with your partner, spouse or children that are caused by not having any money.

This comprehensive self help book provides step by step details on how to repair your credit, get out of debt, create your own flexible spending plan and maintain your good credit without having to go to a credit counseling agency or file for bankruptcy.

BPM: Introduce us to the primary message in the book,  How to Get Out of Debt.
The primary message in the book is that no matter what financial setback you have experienced you can overcome it. It may seem that there is no light at the end of the tunnel but there is because I have personally experienced it and overcame my financial struggles. It will be hard but with determination and patience you will overcome your crisis.

BPM: Share with us a few of the life enhancing sections from the book.
I bought a car for an ex-boyfriend in my name. Everything was fine for about 6 months then he stopped paying the car payment and I ended up owing $9,000 for a car I didn’t drive.

I learned a valuable lesson from this experience, don’t co-sign for anyone especially for someone who has bad credit. This may be hard to do especially if a relative, spouse or sibling asks for help. I learned that you cannot control what someone does, and saying sorry if not enough when your credit gets damaged.

BPM: What prompted you to create this book, How to Get Out of Debt?
I wrote the book because I wanted to prevent people from making the same mistakes I did and prevent people from being victims of the financial industry.

BPM: Who did you originally write How to Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating for Free for?
I wrote this book for men and women ages 21-50 that have experienced financial challenges due to job loss, health issues, divorce, those who owe money from a previous relationship, college students, or those who have made bad financial decisions.

BPM: Now that the book is out, who should read How to Get Out of Debt and why?
People should read my book because it is an easy read, there are no large financial terms that you have to get a dictionary to understand. There are tons of easy to follow tips on how to overcome different financial challenges as well as information on how to create a budget, pay down debt and negotiate with creditors.

BPM: What issues in today’s society do you address in the book?
The book addresses issues such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, student loans, repossession, judgments, divorce, tax liens, collection accounts and laws that protect consumers.

BPM: What impact will this book have on the community of readers?
The book will help readers who are willing to repair their credit and get out of debt on their own. For those who hire a professional the book will confirm everything the professional advises them to do and in some instances will help detect the fraudulent companies who suggest advice that may be incorrect or illegal.

BPM: What was your primary quest in publishing How to Get Out of Debt?
My primary quest in publishing the book was to accomplish the task of actually writing a book. I never imagined that my book would be received my so many readers.

BPM: What do you think makes your book different from others on the same subject?
The message I want readers to share with readers is that there is no gimmick to my book. I state the facts and provide information to help readers who are facing financial challenges.

BPM: What message in your book do you want readers to share with others?
The message I want to share with readers is don’t give up. No matter how bad it may seem right now you can overcome your financial situation.

BPM: Before we end the interview, define SUCCESS. What part does GRATITUDE play in achieving success, in your opinion?
SUCCESS – I define success as overcoming any obstacle and achieving an accomplishment that you did not expect to achieve and had to work hard for.

GRATITUDE – Gratitude is more than just saying please and thank you. I define gratitude as a way of life, being respectful and humble in your success and in all you do.

BPM: How can our readers reach you online?
Readers can reach my online on at,  by visiting my website at

Harrine Freeman, CEO/Owner, H.E. Freeman Enterprises

Personal Finance Expert, Speaker, Freelance Writer, TV Producer

Purchase How to Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating for Free [Kindle Edition]

Other Sources:  How to Get Out of Debt: Get an “A” Credit Rating for Free (Nook) (iTunes)  (Kindle) (Kobo)


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