YA/NA Read: American Pool Player by Calvin W. Maxwell

03 Oct
American Pool Player
by Calvin W. Maxwell

Set in 1984, just as hip-hop culture was beginning to takeover the world, Grice “G-Man” Grafton is a teenager about to enter high school. He loves playing pool but is naive. His friendship with a streetwise kid causes Grice to accept a challenge from a ruthless thug called “Dragon” who is a notorious pool hustler. The days leading up to the match test not just Grice’s confidence as a pool player, but his very soul.

American Pool Player Chapter 1: The Game

My parents didn’t mind me playing pool every afternoon as long as my homework was always done and my grades didn’t meager. I think my parents were proud of the fact that I took such an effortless interest in a sport that didn’t have any remote possibility of concussions or broken bones. Besides, I really didn’t have much of an appetite for boxing gloves or shoulder pads. 

From the time I was 9 to 14 years-old, I would play 8-ball, 9-ball, or straight pool almost every day with Mr. Evans or his youngest son Roy or even sometimes my Dad would play when he didn’t have to work overtime. I studied the legends of the game, like Willie Mosconi, Minnesota Fats, Ralph Greenleaf, Jimmy Moore, Luther Lassiter, Steve Mizerak, and Mike Sigel. I wanted to absorb all I could about those who achieved prominence in the cue arts. I was particularly interested in any great black players. Were there any? Yes. 
His name was Cisero Murphy and he stood toe-to-toe with the best pool players of his era. He was a champion who played the game with intelligence, class and he never forgot where he came from. Other than my father and Mr. Evans, Cisero Murphy became one of my early boyhood heroes.

Amazon Customer Book Reviews

Reviewed by Heidi -American Pool Player is amazing and the writing style is fun and easy to follow. When you start reading it, you just want to continue in order to find out what happen next. The story reflects our everyday life and it shows the reader that learning one lesson does not mean that we actually learn everything in life. I recommend reading it.

Reviewed by Vera Dow -American Pool Player really made me reflect on my childhood and what it was like growing up in the 80s. And this book take a serious hard look at the issues then that mode many of us into who we are today. Very funny parts in the book too 🙂 GREAT READ!!!

Reviewed by SCP -Mr. Maxwell it’s a pleasure to endorse your book thank you for inspiring our youth, as you well know anything that will capture the attention of young minds is a true blessing and it appears you have an absolute WINNER here!

Reviewed by Book Lover -Calvin W. Maxwell is an inspiring author and paints a joyous picture of hope through his book “American Pool Player” I would reccommend this as a must read for any Christian today!

Reviewed by Jessica Miller-Greene -Awesome! Creatively written. Thank Mr.Maxwell for creating a character who is so realistic, and a story of faith and love.

Purchase American Pool Player  by Jr. Calvin W. Maxwell 
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Christian Hip Hop.  No profanity, drug use or sexual content. Mild violence.

About the Author

Calvin W. Maxwell, Jr. is a teacher and sports fan that lives in the Greater New York area. He writes to encourage and inspire young people.


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