#WritingWithPurpose: Seeking Truth: A Novel by Sage

05 Mar

Seeking Truth: A Novel by Sage

The characters from Assumptions Abound are all grown up and searching for answers. Detective Raven Carter is on a quest. For years her mother lied to her about her past and now that her mother is dead, Raven wants to know the truth.

Joel knows that his past is riddled with secrets, whispers and lies, but wait until he finds out that it also involves murder.  Joel and Raven are engaged and planning their future together. Little do they neither past will be the ultimate deciding factor for their future. 

Meet Raymond Thomas, the Superintendent of Cold Creek Public Schools.

As the Superintendent of a large school district, Raymond has alot to prove.  When his employees are systemically murdered, Raymond may have more to prove than he could ever imagine.

Meet the Characters

Detective Raven Carter – Raven is the daughter of Detective Kelsey from Assumptions Abound. She is a tall, long sultry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she is mixed with African-American and Caucasian and a sight to behold.

Raven is determined to solve a cold case that has haunted her since her first day on the job. Little does she know the cold case that she is investigating may threaten the very fabric of her relationship with Joel.

Raymond Thomas – Raymond Thomas is a new character in the series. He’s a medium height, chocolate man with broad shoulders and a bright mischievous smile. While running the local school system; he is also enjoying a life of secrets and scandal. As bodies pile up, his scandal is threatening not only his career but also his life.

Joel Miles – Joel is the son of Monet Worthington. He is also unaware of his connection to Luke and Lucas Miles. Joel is a handsome caramel complexioned young man with a lean, muscular build.

Luke Miles – Luke is the son of Lucas Miles and the former lover of Monet Worthington. He is the protégé of his father, Lucas and as handsome as he is lethal. Luke is a handsome, 5’7 muscular man. He is also a mercenary and an assassin.

Lucas Miles – Lucas is the father of Luke and he also believes that Joel is his son. Lucas is a tall caramel complexion man with sparkling green eyes and a stunning smile. Lucas is prepared to build an army with his son’s Luke and Joel at the helm.

The Avenger –
The Avenger is looking out for his family, or so he believes. He is a common criminal turned, criminal mastermind. 5’5 with a head full of unruly curly hair and a perpetual 5 o’clock shadow.


He received his assignment and set the plan into motion. He knew that this last job would secure his future forever. He watched his victim, intently. He knew what was required and the payoff was much more than he could ever want for a job this simple.

The Avenger was eager to set his plan in motion. He had been preparing for months, making sure that everything would go off without a hitch. He had been watching her for weeks. He knew her routine better than anyone and he would soon use that to his advantage. She was very predictable and very rarely changed her daily routine.

He affirmed that she would be his first. He watched her through her office window, working diligently. He focused the lens on his binoculars, enjoying her facial expressions as she typed. He loved the way she intently worked as if her job was the most important thing to her. She didn’t know it, but she would be famous when it was all said and done. They would trace it all back to her and finally, finally he would get the results he was planning for.

Cybil Rene sat at her desk wondering where the time went. Wow time sure does fly when you are busy, she thought to herself as she looked at the clock. Two hours had passed since the last time she looked at the clock and now it was after 5:00. She watched the heavy raindrops fall from outside her office window as she chastised herself for not bringing her umbrella with her to work.

She knew that arriving at the daycare center late would be a mistake. The daycare warned her last week when she picked her son up after their closing time. She did not want to be late to daycare again, but she also had a job to do. She had to make sure that their budget closed on time this year without any issues and her staff had been dragging their feet the entire time.

By the time she made it to the door, the sky had darkened, evidence that a storm was brewing. She darted out of the building and ran toward her car. The car alarm chirped loudly as she hit the button on her remote to disarm and unlock the door. She was soaking wet when she finally settled in the driver’s seat of her car.

Before she could turn the key in the ignition, she felt a small sting on her neck. She looked in the back seat and noticed him sitting there, smiling back at her. Instinctively she tried to scream and run, but her body wouldn’t move. Her mind was telling her to fight back, use the lessons learned in her defense classes, but her body sat in paralyzed fear. She felt helpless as her body was hoisted in the air and clumsily thrown into the back of a vehicle.

Then everything went black.

 ( Continued… )

© 2015 All rights reserved.  Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Sage.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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About the Author

was born and raised in Huntingtown, MD. She has been married to her best friend, for over ten years and they have two amazing sons.  She is also an Autism advocate and a parent of an autistic child, which inspired her to write a non-fiction book on raising a child on the Autism spectrum, The Optimistic Autistic: Our Testimony.

Sage also writes mysteries centered on characters that are close to the heart. She has vowed to produce books that encourage the reader to deliberately read; not just for entertainment but to read with the intention of solving the mystery along with the Detective.

Her belief that, “if you don’t see the books you’re searching for write them” has inspired her to write with a purpose and a passion.

Sage’s author website:

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