His Eyes Are on the Sparrow by Antoinette R. Davis

03 Mar

Imagine going to prison for murdering the man who molested your daughter and then experiencing pure hell while incarcerated. Can you imagine that? Veronica is pushed to the edge but she doesn’t fall.

In 1972 Veronica Smith a prominent real-estate agent and a single mother is arrested for murdering her fiancé a well-known attorney just one week before their lavish wedding for molesting her eleven year old daughter.  Veronica’s life is turned upside down along with her daughter’s Alexandria when she is sentenced to life in prison.  Veronica loses her faith but finds a true friend and enemy in what she considers the pits of hell.

Excerpt from His Eyes Are on the Sparrow

“Hey Smith you have a visit! “Yells an officer

“Who in the world is coming to visit me?” says Veronica to herself.

Veronica gets dressed for her visit and this time she does her hair. She normally wears her hair pulled back into a ponytail, but this time she wears it out.

The officer takes Veronica to a different visitation room.

“Where in the heck are you taking me,” ask Veronica.

“You have an Attorney visit therefore the visit is in a different area where you can get some privacy,” says the officer.

Finally, Veronica arrives to the visiting room.

“Hello Veronica have a seat, my name is Mrs. Briggs, your new attorney.”

Veronica quickly glances over Mrs. Briggs and notices her stylish haircut and her Kasper suit with Anne Klein shoes.

“Who hired you, where did you come from,” asks Veronica looking puzzled.

“Your mother hired my firm to represent you for a new trial,” says Mrs. Briggs.

“What is the name of your firm? My mother didn’t mention this to me when we spoke last,” says Veronica.

“The firm is Hightower, Briggs & Ware. I have been assigned to your case and I need to ask you some questions so we can proceed with filing a motion to have a re-trial,” says Mrs. Briggs.

“Wait, wait, let me get this straight.  My mother hired an attorney to retry my case.  I killed that man, I shot him and I admitted it in a court of law,” says Veronica.

“Ok, so it is my job to find out why you pleaded guilty.  What was on your mind when you shot Mr. McCrae,” asks Mrs. Briggs.

“What was on my mind?  That fool was molesting my daughter!  He was having sex with a little girl,” yells Veronica.

“Veronica calm down I’m on your side.  I’m the good guy, okay.  Your mother mentioned to me that you were possibly molested as a child,” says Mrs. Briggs.

“My mother told you that? Wow, she never acknowledged that she knew what happened,” says Veronica.

“Well Veronica I am here to hear your story and to use that to get you a re-trial and get you out of here,” says Mrs. Briggs smiling.

Veronica sits back in her chair and starts to cry.

“What’s wrong? I hope those are happy tears,” says Mrs. Briggs.

“All those years she knew something happened and now she waits to get me help. I can’t believe this,” says Veronica.

Mrs. Briggs leans over the table that separates them and looks Veronica straight in her eyes. “Veronica I am going to need you to stay focused in here and stay out of trouble why I work my magic with the court system.  Can you do that for me?”

( Continued… )

Copyright © November 2014 by Antoinette R. Davis All rights reserved.  Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Antoinette R. Davis.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Women’s Fiction, Contemporary, Suspense, Urban Writing


About Antoinette R. Davis
Creative, a dreamer, loving and helpful, those are just some of the words used to describe Antoinette Davis. “Nette” as she is called by her closest friends and family members, has always had a way with drama. She is a dreamer and she encourages others to do the same.

Antoinette attended Baltimore City public schools and went on to Strayer Business College where she majored in Business Management. Owning her own company was always in her plans she just didn’t know which direction she would go in. Antoinette stepped out on faith in 2009 and started her own business first selling artwork. A friend at the time asked her to write poetry for some of the artwork she was selling and from there the writer in her was birthed.

In 2010 she started writing poetry on book markers, journals, planners, and put together her first poetry book that included a CD of poetry to music. She shocked her family and herself when she completed a CD of spoken word entitles “A Scent Just for Her.”  All of her writing seemed to gravitate to the spiritual side in her, when asked why she simply replied, “That’s where my heart is.”

Antoinette has self-published all of her writings thus far.  After being asked numerous times by different people how to get started in writing and publishing a book, she started her own publishing  company under the “It’s A Pleasure, Writing with You in Mind”  brand as a way to give back to others, that’s the loving side to her we admire.  Learn more about Antoinette by visiting her website at:

FB:  A Sista Can’t fly on One Wing
FB:  It’s A Pleasure Writing with You in Mind


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