Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Danielle Seck

29 Mar

Who says a girl needs her mother to teach her how to drive down the road toward womanhood? That may not necessarily be true, but for Alyx, she can’t help but wonder if her mother could have at least helped her avoid some of the potholes; potholes that often leave her broken down and inoperable.

It doesn’t matter that growing up Alyx’s mother turns a blind eye while Alyx is one punch away from getting a black eye as a result of the torment her mother’s boyfriend, Tony, puts her through. As  if that isn’t enough, Tony invites his son to participate in the destruction of Alyx’s childhood. In spite of it all, even as an adult Alyx longs for the love and comfort of her mother. But at some point a girl has to realize that when someone doesn’t love her, perhaps she needs to let the relationship go, even if it is with her mother.

Bound and determined to jump behind the wheel without a license and find her way to her destiny on her own, Alyx does what everyone expects of a girl who ended up in foster care as a child; she gets lost. For once in her life she’s relieved when she meets a man who she feels she’s headed in the right direction with. When he turns out to be someone totally opposite than who Alyx thought he was, she finds herself at a fork in the road. Decisions have to be made. It’s a matter of life and death; and not just for Alyx.

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Intimate Conversation with Danielle D. Seck

Danielle D. Seck is the Founder and President of D. Smith Enterprises. D. Smith Enterprises is an event planning and production company. Although she founded D. Smith Enterprises in 2008, she began planning and producing events when she was in middle school. Her first event was a talent show at Monroe Traditional Middle School in Columbus, Ohio. Danielle listened to the students at the school and decided to talk with the administrators and have the first talent show ever! She then showed her leadership skills as a senior in high school forming the first Drill Team at Pickerington Central High School.

She has developed and produced concerts and fundraisers for churches and nonprofit organizations such as Franklin County Children Services, Wendy’s and many more. After years of working on concerts and bringing artists to Columbus, Ohio she decided in 2010 to branch into plays. She first produced the play, The Million Dollar Man by Angela Wilson. The Million Dollar Man first hit the stage in 2010 with a sold out performance and again in 2011 with 2 sold out performances. She has been a part of countless plays providing marketing and production needs.

Danielle has striven for years to give her all in every event of her life while enduring the hurt and pain of abuse, physical and mental as well as rejection from her parents and family. All of this first gave her a reason for a pity party and later it became her strength, her reason “why”. She used God’s help to prove the doubters wrong and is now striving and excelling in her marriage, as a mother of three beautiful children. She is now taking on the new task of being an author. She released her first eBook and paperback in January 2017.

She has also begun the, Don’t Be Quiet Movement which is an organization that is against child abuse and neglect and is here to assist children with finding their voice. In November 2016 she was sworn in as a Guardian Ad Litem with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). CASA was a safe haven for her as a child when she was removed from her home because of abuse and neglect. She is “for the child” and is excited to volunteer her time and be a voice for a child.

BPM:  What made you want to become a writer? How long have you been writing?
I have always admired and read books by Les Brown and Joyce Meyer. These two were writers and speakers that I have dreamed to become like. After reading, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer I knew I needed to get my story out about my survival of child abuse and neglect and I also knew I had to become a speaker to have my voice heard so others do not have to suffer in silence like I did. I started writing poetry and short stories since middle school.

BPM:  Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice?
Definitely! This book is based on my life story and I had to go through a cleansing. I relived moments of my childhood that were not favorable. I cried and became angry all over again, remembering things that happened to me.

BPM:  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
When I take the time to sit down and meditate and clear my mind, I can tap into my creative side.

BPM:  Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years?
In five years I want to be working on or just releasing my third project which will be about blended families.

BPM:  How do you find or make time to write?  Are you a plotter or a pantster?
I wait until the children are in the bed. I also set a schedule and try to stick to it as to when I need to write.

BPM:  Tell us about your most recent work.  Available on Nook and Kindle?
Yesterday’s Tomorrow is written based on my life as a child abuse and neglect survivor and how I am affected and how I affect others when it comes to those that are close to me. This book is available on Nook, Kindle, and iBooks.

BPM:  What was your hardest scene to write, the opening or the close?
The closing was the hardest to write for me. I wanted to make sure it was written well enough to make you want to find out what happens next.

BPM:  Is there a specific place/space/state that you find inspiration in?
While I am in my car or shower I find the most inspiration. I always have my voice memo ready to record my thoughts.

BPM:  Do you believe in writer’s block?
Yes. Unfortunately it is very real. I was able to overcome it in times by just trusting God. The times when I would experience writer’s block I was stressing over something. Therefore, my mind was not clear.

BPM:  Is there one subject you would never write about as an author?
Yes. Sex or hatred towards others.

BPM:  What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you?
Via Email at or my through my website: As well as any of my social media pages.

BPM:  How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Facebook and Instagram: @authordanielleseck and Twitter: danielleseck

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