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Sin of a Woman (A Curtis Black Novel) by Kimberla Lawson Roby

“Kimberla Lawson Roby has reached a pinnacle
most writers only dream of.” – Rockford Register Star

After her very public divorce from Dillon, Raven Black is recovering nicely.  Dillon has done everything he can to discredit her, but Raven has learned from her mistakes and him.  In fact, she’s intent on using every bit of Dillon’s revenge and betrayal, as she prepares to take what is hers—and more.  Her ambitions have never been so great, and Raven always knows how to get what she wants.  She also won’t allow anything or anyone to get in her way.

She has become her ex-husband in more ways than one and is slowly leading those connected to her down a terrible path of destruction.  But playing with the lives of innocent people has dire consequences—the kind that Raven won’t see coming.  Raven, of all people, should know that what happens in the dark will eventually come to light…and that there’s only so far you can run before your past catches up to you.

Chapter 1

Raven—Pastor Raven Jones Black, that is—scanned the interior of her massive second-floor office, smiled, and strolled closer to the large picture window. But as she gazed down at all the vehicles that were lined up in the church’s parking lot, it was still hard to believe that everything had evolved so quickly. And in such perfect order, too. Yes, having a one-thousand-plus-member congregation was all that she’d hoped for, but she wasn’t sure she’d expected to see her dreams come to pass in only two years. Of course, it hadn’t hurt that nearly two hundred members from her ex-husband’s former church had joined right away. Because had they not, she knew her ministry would have taken a lot longer to build.

Raven gazed around her office again, admiring her espresso-colored Italian leather sofa, matching loveseat, two oversized chairs, CEO-style mahogany desk, and executive chair. When they’d first purchased New Vision Christian Center and had moved into the building six months ago, the pastor’s study had been only half the size it was now. But the more folks had joined the congregation and paid tithes and offerings on a regular basis, the more upgrades Raven had been able to make—both at the church and for herself. From tearing out a wall and doubling the size of her office to clearing out her closet at home and stepping up her wardrobe game, she’d made lots of changes for the better.

To tell the truth, she’d always dressed in expensive clothing, even when she’d been married to that awful ex-husband of hers, Pastor Dillon Whitfield Black. But today she only wore suits that came from some of the highest-end stores people shopped at. In fact, the couture-style fuchsia jacket and skirt she wore now had come from Bergdorf Goodman in New York. She didn’t get the opportunity to shop there often, what with her residing in Mitchell, Illinois, but whenever she did fly to New York for a ministry engagement, she never left before spending at least a little time at Bergdorf, Barneys, or Saks’s flagship location. She did the same thing at the Neiman Marcus flagship store when she visited Dallas, and although some people might not understand her great desire to live well and have the best of everything, she knew it was only because they didn’t know her story. Her childhood horror story. Her reason for deciding early on that when she became an adult, she would never go without any of the things she wanted, not if she could help it.

What was so amazing, though, was that regardless of how great her life seemed to be going, she still reflected on her blemished past. She certainly didn’t want to, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t forget about her very public and very nasty divorce from Dillon. She couldn’t pretend she hadn’t spent time in prison for stealing a hundred thousand dollars from her former father-in-law, Reverend Curtis Black. She couldn’t dismiss the fact that she’d once struggled with a very serious gambling addiction.

She hadn’t even known Dillon back when she’d worked as CFO for his father’s church, and now, she regretted the day she’d contacted him. But when she’d heard about the fallout between him and his dad, she’d decided to reach out to Dillon, letting him know that she understood his pain and that she could help him build a much larger church than the one Pastor Black had founded. This, of course, had secured Dillon’s undivided attention, and not long after she’d been released from prison, they’d begun seeing each other and had gotten married. Raven had truly loved him, too, and she could tell he’d loved her—at least for a while. But then greed and power had become a lot more important to Dillon, and he’d commenced having an affair with another woman. And then a second one.

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I Believe in Butterflies by Marian L. Thomas

A new book written by Award Winning Author, Marian L. Thomas
will no doubt spark fresh debates on the one drop rule
when it launches in May, 2017


The book, I Believe In Butterflies, is a fictional story that follows three women as they navigate life’s often rocky terrain in search of hope, courage, and love. One of the main characters, Lorraine—has lived twenty-three years believing that she is a white woman. When she discovers that her long-held belief is nothing more than a fallacy, all she has held dear is shattered.

“At the heart of Lorraine’s story, lies the foundation of what the one drop rule represents—social classification,” Thomas stated.

The one-drop rule is a historical term for the social classification of individuals with black ancestry. It dates back to 1624 but was coded into law in 1924. Some celebrities including Halle Berry accept the one drop rule. The actress cited the one drop rule when the question arose about whether her daughter with her ex-partner, Gabriel Aubry (French-Canadian) was white or black. In an interview with Ebony magazine, Berry stated, “I feel she’s black. I’m black and I’m her mother, and I believe in the one-drop theory.”

Born to a white mother and a black father, outgoing president, Barack Obama fully identifies himself as black. When asked to declare his race on a 2010 census questionnaire, Mr. Obama checked the box for African American although he could have checked white or black and white.

There are celebrities, however, that take a firm stand on the rejection of the one-drop rule. So whether they are for it or against it, I Believe In Butterflies just might give the one drop rule new life, or at the most, create a platform for discussion on the topic.

I Believe in Butterflies is the second book that Thomas has written that broaches the issue of race. The other being- Blue Butterfly. She said: “People ask me why I use butterflies in some of my book titles. My books are written for women, and as women, we go through the caterpillars of life that transform us into something beautiful.”



Book Review:  I Believe in Butterflies

“I Believe in Butterflies is about self-discovery on many levels and at many ages. It’s about black and white relationships, music and mystery, and questions of love on. As lies, truths, and growth intersect, readers are drawn into a story that’s ultimately about finding and keeping peace. What is the real face of freedom, and how can past experience be overcome to regain new family connections?

“I Believe in Butterflies asks many questions, provides many answers, and ultimately comes full circle after traversing changing worlds and lives. As bridges between past and future are formed, readers swept along in the rising tide of emotion and discovery framed by I Believe in Butterflies will find this a powerful saga of black lives and family ties transformed by truth.

“Readers seeking powerful, evocative stories of self-discovery and connection will relish this pull on one’s heartstrings for its psychological depth and focus on concurrent life journeys that hold both puzzles and, ultimately, solutions.”
-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I Believe In Butterflies will be available in paperback formats on online retail sites including and Barnes&Noble.
For further details, visit:


About the Author

Award-winning author, Marian L. Thomas, has five engaging and dramatic novels to her credit. She has been featured in print magazines, newspapers and a guest on local, national and online radio stations.

Watch the I Believe In Butterflies Book Trailer
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Nandi’s Unexpected Gift by Ama Kuma

Nandi has been inspiring girls all across the country, and she loves meeting new little faces. Grab your little ones a copy of Nandi’s Unexpected Gift today!


With her 10th birthday coming up, Nandi is eager to receive a special gift that she’s never asked for before, something that makes her feel like she’s really growing up and becoming more like her big sister Vanessa. She and her buddies Anara and Lila have some very important studying to do for school, but Nandi’s excitement about her birthday causes her to lose focus and head down a path she wasn’t expecting to go. In the end, it’s her Grandma Janie who teaches her a very important lesson and gives her the best gift she’s ever received. The unexpected gift her grandmother gives her is not only a gift for Nandi, but for you as well!


Nandi’s Unexpected Gift Book Reviews
Read more Amazon book reviews, go here.




“In Nandi’s Unexpected Gift, Ama Kuma creates a character and a community full of Black love and Black beauty where children not only thrive to be their very best, but also see their beauty reflected in their culture and the nurturing of mamas, grandmas, teachers and friends, especially in the face of life lessons that yield the greatest gift of all: Love.  All children will see themselves in Nandi and her struggle.  At time when representation of Black children in American publishing is lacking, Ama Kuma gifts us Nandi’s Unexpected Gift, a story that is, in the words of Alice Walker, a ‘temple of our familiar.'”
-Tony Medina, Poet, Children’s Book Author, Professor of Creative Writing at Howard University



“As a mother to a young girl, I look for diversity in the books I choose for her to read.  Ama’s story Nandi’s Unexpected Gift not only celebrates the beauty of our young brown girls, she captures the sense of family, and our values as well.  Nandi’s Unexpected Gift is a story for young and older audiences.  I was able to share and enjoy this story with my daughter along with the beauty of seeing a young girl who mirrored her reflection.  This is a timeless story, by a truly extraordinary author.  I can’t wait for the next story in Nandi’s journey.”
-Elle Henry, Managing Editor/Owner, Tres Chic Edits                                                                                              


“There is a certain urgency to the life of a young African American girl discovering what makes her unique in a world that seems to demand that everyone fit some standard that is based on how we look or what we wear.  It is a journey shared by many youth, one often too mysterious and difficult to understand.  But here, in Nandi’s Unexpected Gift, author Ama Kuma creates an intimate space for discovery through a familiar experience rendered anew through the life of Nandi, one super smart and adventurous young African American girl.  Nandi is delightfully engaging as she counts raindrops during thunderstorms, climbs trees, makes up lyrics to the jazz her grandmother plays at home, and basks in the love of her family. Set in the lush landscape of Polk County, Florida, this story illuminates an important rite of passage in Nandi’s life as her tenth birthday approaches.  There are unexpected challenges for her to face, even in the magical realm of her dreams.  Avery-Liell-Kok’s illustrations reflect the vibrant lives of the characters revealed so lovingly by Ama Kuma’s writing.  And the book is certainly a crucial affirmation of the spectacular lives of African American girls.  It centers, lifts, and celebrates them.  It is one of those children’s books that will be remembered for years to come; the kind that you hold onto far into your adult years.  It is a book you pass to others, knowing they will find themselves in the pages and hold onto what’s discovered there.  It is a treasure of a book, an absolute gift of a story.”
-Nina Angela Mercer, Playwright/Interdisciplinary


Nandi’s Unexpected Gift  gives its readers a gift: a story that brings to life intriguing and thoroughly human characters whose time together captures a slice of their lives and finds joy and wonder in the ordinary elements that make up their days.  The adept way in which the story entwines the characters’ conversations and the accounts of their actions makes this story one that will draw in readers and convince them to turn the pages to find out what happens next.”
-AuthorHouse Editorial Dept


Book Excerpt: Nandi’s Unexpected Gift

When her mother finally pulled up in the driveway, Nandi jumped to her feet and sprinted to retrieve the carefully crafted list from under her pillow.  Before her mother even made it to the front door, Nandi was already at the entrance, jumping up and down, flailing her arms about, and yelling, “Mama, Mama, I finished my birthday list!”

Her mother sighed as she rubbed Nandi’s cheek and replied, “That’s wonderful, baby doll, but give me a chance to get settled for a minute before I take a look at what you got, okay?  Today was a long day at work, and I just need some peace and quiet.  Also, I need you to grab another umbrella and help me get the rest of the groceries out of the back seat.”

Reluctantly, Nandi put her list down and ran back to her room to get an umbrella.  She didn’t realize all the noise she’d been making had woken her grandmother from her slumber.

“Hey, now, Di-Di, what have I told you ‘bout runnin’ in the house?” her grandmother said.  “Child, one day you gonna fly into a wall like a lost bird or knock over a lamp.”

“Sorry, Grandmama Janie,” Nandi replied respectfully. “I’m just excited to show Mama my birthday list.  I finished it up last night.”

“That’s fine and dandy honey, but you still can’t go around runnin’ like a wild boar.  You almost scared your poor Grandmama to death.  I ain’t no spring chicken no more,” she said with a heavy sigh. “Now let me take a look at this list that’s got you actin’ all crazy.”

( Continued… )

© 2016 All rights reserved.  Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Ama Kuma.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Genre:  YA, Children’s Book (8-11)

About the Author

Ama Kuma was born Alexia J. Hogan in Orlando, FL.  The pen name “Ama Kuma” was adopted after a trip to Ghana in 2007.  As a child, she loved to read, sing, dance, and climb trees.  Her passion for language and art continued to grow as she grew older, and she loved to learn about people from all walks of life.  She studied English at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and Africana Studies at New York University before returning to Polk County to teach elementary school.  Ama currently resides in her hometown of Orlando where she enjoys writing, painting, singing, playing the piano, and going wherever the wind takes her.  Nandi’s Unexpected Gift is her first published book.

Twitter:  @ama_kuma1
Instagram:  amakuma_author




No Regrets by Patricia Haley-Glass

Johnny and Karen Clark have spent the last twenty years buying a slice of the American dream. It would seem the Clarks have a blessed life, with three bright kids, and a lifestyle to be envied. Instead, their idyllic relationship has begun to unravel. After her bout with an illness and a few of Johnny’s indiscretions, all is in chaos. Karen wants Johnny gone but is in no position financially or physically to take care of herself and the children.

At the same time, Johnny desperately wants out but doesn’t feel right leaving Karen destitute in her moment of crisis. They need help and neither knows what to do. Where Johnny and Karen go from here will all depend on how much they’re willing to sacrifice and how much value they place on life, marriage, and faith in a God that neither seems to know personally.



Book Reviews for Patricia Haley-Glass

“No Regrets offered me a different way, a healthier way based in faith and hope, to look at trying situations.”
—Montgomery Newspapers

“Haley-Glass shared how God does choose the most unlikely person for ministry when we think there is no way. A must read…Highly recommended.”
—APOOO Book Club

“Phenomenal … Haley-Glass did an outstanding job on each person’s outlook and how, without forgiveness, no problem can truly be solved.”
— Urban Reviews

“The perfect blend of faith and romance.”
—Gospel Book Review

“Haley’s writing and visualization skills are to be reckoned with…This story is full-bodied…Great prose, excellent execution!”
—RAWSISTAZ™ on Still Waters

“Haley-Glass has hit the mark yet again! I couldn’t put this book down —the characters are believable and compelling.”
—Maurice M. Gray, Jr., author of All Things Work Together

“A deeply moving novel. The characters and the story line remind us that forgiveness and unconditional love are crucial to any relationship.”
—Good Girl Book Club

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Zach and His Cat by Vera Harris

Vera Harris writes Children’s Stories About Family, Love, and More.  Captivating the Minds of Young Readers. Stories by Vera can influence the minds of young readers. Not only can they entertain little kids, but they also teach important lessons that children can take with them even when they grow old.


A Bee on My Bike by Vera Harris
While visiting his grandmother on a summer school break, a young boy’ discovers the wonders of being young and the wisdom that life can bring.


Zach and His Cat by Vera Harris
When a young boy’s family adopts a cat to add to their family, Zach learns a valuable lesson on responsibility.


Order Zach and His Cat by Vera Harris and A Bee on My Bike by Vera Harris.
Juvenile fiction. Children’s Action & Adventure/General
Available on OutskirtsPress. com,, and wherever books are sold.

Testimonials for Books by Vera Harris

Review Written By Lynda Mubarak
I purchased “A Bee on My Bike” and “Zach and His Cat” for my GG Daughter several weeks ago. She was delighted! Both books are pleasing to the eye for young children, the illustrations are outstanding and the concepts are just what KG students and early elementary students need! Thank you Ms. Harris for these outstanding books!


“This is very clever read for children. There are great sight words to help with spelling tests. The beautiful illustrations make it a great nighttime story for the kiddos.”
– Felicia M. (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“A must purchase for those that have children, grands, nieces, nephews, godchildren, and mentees. Reading this book will not only teach them a lesson but it will be one that they will never forget.”
– Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 Stars)


“This was such a great book. My granddaughter enjoyed it so much”
– Tujuana Walker (5.0 out of 5 Stars)


“I have 6 nieces and nephews and they each enjoyed this book! Great for kid reading.”
– Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 Stars)


“This was a great read for children. Absolutely loved it!!!”
– Amazon Customer (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“Great book for beginning readers!”
– Nitia L. Harris (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“Good book with bright colored illustrations!!”
– Carolyn Elkins (5.0 out of 5 stars)


“I am so proud of you. When reading these two verses below you came to mind. Way to go Ms. Vera. May prayers that God continues to bless you!!!  Psalm 20:4 – “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”  Matthew 17:20 – “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.'”
– Cassandra (5.0 out of 5 Stars)

#YA Reader   #Juvenile #fiction   Children’s #Action   #Adventure  



Even before I started Happy Reading Self Published by Vera in 2014, I’ve always had an interest in becoming a book author. I love creating fun stories that captivate the hearts of little kids, and so I worked hard to make my dream into a reality.

My grandson inspired me to write my first book! My first books, A Bee on My Bike and Zach and His Cat  both appeared in, Storytime Pup, North Texas Book Festival, the African America Book Expo, featured on the Author Lounge Radio Show, DFW Literacy Fest, Writers Showcase’, Authors and Small Business Owners’, Children’s Books Read Aloud on YouTube and numerous booking signing at Half Price Book Stores throughout the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex.

Readers can take a look at my books at the Dallas Public Library, Ellen Brooks West Memorial Library Forney, TX, Houston, TX Public Library, and Savannah, Georgia Public Library.

I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with my family, most of whom fondly call me “Sister.” Aside from these hobbies, I also love working in the church and being a volunteer reading partner for the Dallas Independent School District.

As a Retired Combat Army Veteran, I served the U.S. Army with honor and distinction for 30 years and earned two Bronze Star Medals in combat, and various commendations, certificates, and other medals and honors.


Please visit my website at:  veraharris.vpweb to learn more about my work and future events.  

Vera Harris books are available online, in libraries, and in numerous School Districts.


Snatched Away by Denise R. Coleman

In a world where gun violence has become a day to day occurrence, Snatched Away captures the painful reality of the families left behind. Malcolm Weber, a bright, kind, intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him, is struck down in the prime of his life. His mother and best friends are left behind to grieve without understanding why someone would commit such a heinous act. When his two closest friends, DJ and Rumor decide to take matters into their own hands, it’s a race against time to stop them before they commit the ultimate act of revenge.

Note from Denise

This story is fiction, I have not had that particular experience. This is actually a story about gun violence, which unfortunately, my family has experienced far too often. This is just one scene in that mother/son relationship.

Snatched Away Sneak Peek

She turned off the oven and threw the charred remains of the pizza in the sink. It made no sense to her how irresponsible her kid could be. It also made no sense for her to yell upstairs for him, because the music coming from his room was so loud, the walls were vibrating.

Shy wanted to kick his ass. She ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. When she burst into his room, what she saw, made her dizzy. Her very own eyes had to be deceiving her. No, her ridiculous son was not laid back, butt ass naked with some little ho on her knees, with her head between his legs?! Shy screamed.

Maybe because the music was so loud, or maybe it was because they were both so involved in what they were doing, neither of them even heard her come into the room. Well, they sure knew she was there when she snatched the girl up by the back of her head. “Get your triflin’ little ass up!” She screamed, prompting Malcolm to jump from his prone position on the bed.

“Ma! What are you doing” he screamed.

“Did that fool just ask me that?! He’s twenty…of course he did.” Shy thought to herself. She was still holding onto Miss little whoever’s extensions when she walked across the room and turned that damned music off. Only then did Shy realize that the girl was whimpering beneath the pressure of Shy’s grip on her hair. So what?

As Malcolm was scrambling to cover himself, Shy turned on the girl. “Whoever you are, you’ve got about ten seconds to get your crap and get the hell out of my house!” Shy hissed through clenched teeth.

With his private parts covered, Malcolm found his voice. “Ma, why you bustin’ up in my room like that?!” He asked this with so much attitude, as if he were running something.

“Boy! Are you crazy?! This is my house, and my room, if you want to get technical about it. I can bust up in anywhere I damn well please!”

Malcolm sucked his teeth. Shy’s head spun again. That kid was asking for it, big time!

“Oh, it’s like that? Well, if Shante has to leave, I’m going to bounce with her.” He puffed up.

Using his phrase, Shy stated, “Oh, it’s like that? Well get the hell out then.” From the look on his face, Shy gathered that her son didn’t appreciate her mocking him. Again, she thought…so what?

“Malcolm, I am so tired of you and your crap. This is the last time you’ll be disrespecting me and my home. Oh, and just in case this fact has escaped you, everything in this room that I paid for, is mine. You better not even think about taking anything out of here.” Shy had him by the balls with that one. She could see the wheels turning in his head. What was he going to do without his gear?

“Alright Ma, damn! I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I just got caught up for a minute.”

That was just way too easy. It was obvious where his priorities lie. Before he could say another word, Shy turned to Shante and said, “It looks like Mal’s clothes and sneakers mean more to him than you do. I bet next time you’ll think twice about whose penis you want to stick in your mouth. Anyway, peace. Get out.”

At that moment, Shante was no longer too shocked to move. Girlfriend sucked her teeth, rolled her eyes at Malcolm and stormed out.

Malcolm stood, looking both scared of what might happen next, yet bored at the same time, with the entire scene. Only someone so young could get that off.

Shy on the other hand was through with him. She had no words. Shy needed to calm herself down before she could even consider addressing this latest episode of “Mal’s drama”. If she had to look at him for one more minute, she’d have to kill the boy.

Shy heard the front door slam, proof positive that Shante had vacated the premises. She went into her room to sort out her thoughts. Although she wasn’t ready to deal with it in the moment, Shy knew she had to have yet another one of those talks with her son. Pain in the ass that he was, it was still her job to show him the way.

Despite his age, she could not walk in on a scene like the one she’d just witnessed, and then let it slide.

Shy had to take an Advil and lay down for a while. If she attempted to talk to her son while she was so pissed off, he would never have heard a word she said. Males will tune out as soon as you get loud, and Shy for damned sure was going to get loud.

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Denise R. Coleman. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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KARMA by Antoinette R. Davis

Elston is independent, successful and enjoying the fruits of his labor until a night out celebrating with the boys and a little too much to drink turns his perfect world into a nightmare he can’t seem to wake up from.  Elston becomes torn between doing what is right and facing the consequences or hiding behind a lie and that’s when Brenda Vander a total stranger appears out of the darkness into Elston’s life to help him and herself to him. Elston is thrown into a world of lies and deception and is unable to focus on what should be the happiest time of his life.

Elston is blackmailed into being unfaithful to his soon to be wife and telling lies all so he can save himself and never once does he listen to his conscious so he can make the right and just decision, therefore his life takes a spiral spin downward and fast and he starts to see everyone he passed on the way up to success on his way down.

KARMA by Antoinette R. Davis Book Excerpt  

The week of the wedding is finally here and Elston plans to go on his honeymoon because he has not formally been charged with Brenda’s murder.  The news media only aired her death for one day therefore no one is talking about it.  Brenda’s family had her funeral and as far as Elston knows he can put all of Brenda Vander behind him       Mr. Amos found a way to get excited about his oldest son’s wedding even though he is crumbling over the fact his other son is gay and living with an older man. Samantha’s mother and her sisters have literally taken over her wedding with their bridezilla attitudes. Samantha steps out of the dressing room wearing her white wedding dress.

“Ma I can’t believe this is all happening. I have dreamed of this day my whole life and it’s finally going to happen,” Samantha’ face is beaming.

“I see you’re happy baby, but the happiness has to last all through the marriage not just the wedding day.  You have to love your husband for better and for the worse and sometimes the worst is really bad.  If he loses his job you gotta love him.  If he cheats on you, you gotta love him and if he lies to you, you gotta love him,” says Mrs. Peggy.  Mrs. Peggy’s sister chimes in on the conversation,

“But if that son of a gun hits you, you gotta kill him.”   All the sisters laugh, including the sales lady.

“Elston would never hit me.  He is a mild tempered man, he would never put his hands on me, however, trust me if he ever did try something like that, trust me you did not raise a fool,” Samantha looks at her mother, “I will be sure to take care of the situation.”
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