His Redemption by Sage

29 May

Avery is a preacher at a long-standing, 200 year old church. His only goal is to grow the church membership, serve his members and please his wife.  A displeased wife leads to painful repercussions for Avery. His lovely wife Gretchen is the dedicated and doting mother of the church, but there is something sinister lurking beneath her finely shined veneer.

Gretchen is not who she appears to be in front of the church and someone who knows her secret is threatening to expose it to the entire congregation.

As bodies begin to pile up, Detective Reginald Benston, a decorated 20-year veteran of the force, decides to take charge. He has seen many murders and solved numerous cases, but nothing has prepared him for this particular case.

Detective Benston is racing against time as he tries to solve the murders before another victim washes ashore.

But…what if it were all an illusion?

You decide.

In the middle of the book the reader is given the option to skip beyond the Epilogue and join the characters of the book on a new adventure or continue reading the book until the explosive ending.


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Genre: Sci/Fi Thriller



Chapter Excerpt: His Redemption by Sage

Gretchen was exhausted from healing her husband. She laid next to him, watching him sleep peacefully. It drove her crazy that he drained so much of her energy trying to keep the facade of a doting church mother.

She looked at the reflection in her vanity mirror and shuddered. She could barely see herself. He was taking all of her essence and she couldn’t have that.

The wish she granted to her father, on his deathbed had taken its toll on Gretchen. She promised her father that the church would live on. Not only live on, she promised that it would grow beyond measure.

So far, she was living up to her end of the bargain, but she was tired.

She wanted to reveal the truth, but she knew exactly what would happen, the same thing that happened to her grandmother when she was exposed as an ancestor of Lilith. It bothered her that no one would ever know how powerful she really was.

There was no way she would be willing to throw her life away and all that she and her family worked hard for. Her father knew what her mother was; yet he was still willing to be seduced by the temptress.

He loved the power, strength and agility that she possessed. He thought that he could change her, throw her into the church, and make her wear dresses past her ankles and her long wavy hair in a tight bun. She was the quintessential mother of the church, the pastor’s wife.

No one knew that she was the reason why he survived as long as he did. Her father was in his late 70s when he passed away. For years, her mother allowed him to drain her energy and essence. It was purely selfless.

Gretchen watched, as her mother became a shell of the woman she used to be. Once glamorous smile and thick long hair had faded, but still the good old deacon held on to his Godly woman. He put her on a pedestal and loved every minute of it.

She listened intently as her mother warned her of their powers. They evolved from a long line of strong, sensual women with the supernatural power of an African Goddess. Their only gift from a life of anonymity and she was not about to lose that to her idiotic husband.

She stared at him as her eyes glowed in bright red, “I’ll kill you first”. She said to the sleeping man, shaking her head with confidence.

The good ole pastor would come up missing if he messed with her plan.

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved.  Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Sage.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Meet the Author
Sage was born and raised in Maryland. She has been married to her best friend, for over ten years and they have two amazing sons. She is also an Autism advocate and a parent of an autistic child, which inspired her to write a non-fiction book on raising a child on the Autism spectrum, The Optimistic Autistic: Our Testimony.

Sage has vowed to produce books that encourage the reader to deliberately read; not just for entertainment but to read with the intention of solving the mystery along with the Detective.

Her belief that, “if you don’t see the books you’re searching for write them” has inspired her to write with a purpose and a passion.



Introducing the Black Bird Detective Series

Sage presents a series of novels with a lead female Detective, who has had her fair share of issues. While she solves the murders occurring in the small town of Cold Creek, she also solves the mystery of her own life.

The Black Bird Detective Series is guaranteed to keep your heart racing and your head spinning with excitement.

Black Bird Detective Series website:


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