KARMA by Antoinette R. Davis

29 May

Elston is independent, successful and enjoying the fruits of his labor until a night out celebrating with the boys and a little too much to drink turns his perfect world into a nightmare he can’t seem to wake up from.  Elston becomes torn between doing what is right and facing the consequences or hiding behind a lie and that’s when Brenda Vander a total stranger appears out of the darkness into Elston’s life to help him and herself to him. Elston is thrown into a world of lies and deception and is unable to focus on what should be the happiest time of his life.

Elston is blackmailed into being unfaithful to his soon to be wife and telling lies all so he can save himself and never once does he listen to his conscious so he can make the right and just decision, therefore his life takes a spiral spin downward and fast and he starts to see everyone he passed on the way up to success on his way down.

KARMA by Antoinette R. Davis Book Excerpt  

The week of the wedding is finally here and Elston plans to go on his honeymoon because he has not formally been charged with Brenda’s murder.  The news media only aired her death for one day therefore no one is talking about it.  Brenda’s family had her funeral and as far as Elston knows he can put all of Brenda Vander behind him       Mr. Amos found a way to get excited about his oldest son’s wedding even though he is crumbling over the fact his other son is gay and living with an older man. Samantha’s mother and her sisters have literally taken over her wedding with their bridezilla attitudes. Samantha steps out of the dressing room wearing her white wedding dress.

“Ma I can’t believe this is all happening. I have dreamed of this day my whole life and it’s finally going to happen,” Samantha’ face is beaming.

“I see you’re happy baby, but the happiness has to last all through the marriage not just the wedding day.  You have to love your husband for better and for the worse and sometimes the worst is really bad.  If he loses his job you gotta love him.  If he cheats on you, you gotta love him and if he lies to you, you gotta love him,” says Mrs. Peggy.  Mrs. Peggy’s sister chimes in on the conversation,

“But if that son of a gun hits you, you gotta kill him.”   All the sisters laugh, including the sales lady.

“Elston would never hit me.  He is a mild tempered man, he would never put his hands on me, however, trust me if he ever did try something like that, trust me you did not raise a fool,” Samantha looks at her mother, “I will be sure to take care of the situation.”

Mrs. Peggy’s younger sister looks at Samantha and laughs.  “Honey they can put up a good front and then before the ink is dry on the marriage certificate, they change and do a three sixty.  I’m on my fourth husband and he just like one through three.”  They all laugh again.

Mrs. Peggy looks at Samantha’s face and stops laughing. “Stop it yawl, yawl is scaring my baby.  Elston is not like other men he’s different.” Mrs. Peggy looks at her sisters and winks at them. Samantha smiles at her mother.

“That’s right, my Elston is one of a kind and in a few days he’ll be all mine,” says Samantha. Samantha goes back into the fitting room to change back into her clothes while Mrs. Peggy and her sisters continue to have a good laugh about marriages and men.

Meanwhile, while everyone is preparing for the wedding Elston’s father and his brother Latham are still not seeing eye to eye on Latham’s boyfriend so Latham reaches out the Elston right before the wedding.

“Hey big brother, what’s up I haven’t heard from you in a few.

“Am I still in the wedding or not?”

Elston senses some tension in Latham’s voice, “Of course you are.  You’re my only brother.  Do you really think I would leave you out of my big day?”

( Continued… )

© 2016 All rights reserved.  Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Antoinette R. Davis.  Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

Meet the Author
Creative, a dreamer, loving and helpful, those are just some of the words used to describe Ms. Antoinette Davis. “Nette” as she is called by her closest friends and family members, has always had a way with drama. She is the dreamer and she encourages others to do the same. In 2010 she started writing poetry on book markers, journals, planners and put together her first poetry book that included a CD of poetry to music. She shocked her family and herself when she completed a CD of spoken word. All of her writing seemed to gravitate to the spiritual side in her, when asked why she simply replied, “That’s where my heart is.”

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