Snatched Away by Denise R. Coleman

29 May

In a world where gun violence has become a day to day occurrence, Snatched Away captures the painful reality of the families left behind. Malcolm Weber, a bright, kind, intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him, is struck down in the prime of his life. His mother and best friends are left behind to grieve without understanding why someone would commit such a heinous act. When his two closest friends, DJ and Rumor decide to take matters into their own hands, it’s a race against time to stop them before they commit the ultimate act of revenge.

Note from Denise

This story is fiction, I have not had that particular experience. This is actually a story about gun violence, which unfortunately, my family has experienced far too often. This is just one scene in that mother/son relationship.

Snatched Away Sneak Peek

She turned off the oven and threw the charred remains of the pizza in the sink. It made no sense to her how irresponsible her kid could be. It also made no sense for her to yell upstairs for him, because the music coming from his room was so loud, the walls were vibrating.

Shy wanted to kick his ass. She ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time. When she burst into his room, what she saw, made her dizzy. Her very own eyes had to be deceiving her. No, her ridiculous son was not laid back, butt ass naked with some little ho on her knees, with her head between his legs?! Shy screamed.

Maybe because the music was so loud, or maybe it was because they were both so involved in what they were doing, neither of them even heard her come into the room. Well, they sure knew she was there when she snatched the girl up by the back of her head. “Get your triflin’ little ass up!” She screamed, prompting Malcolm to jump from his prone position on the bed.

“Ma! What are you doing” he screamed.

“Did that fool just ask me that?! He’s twenty…of course he did.” Shy thought to herself. She was still holding onto Miss little whoever’s extensions when she walked across the room and turned that damned music off. Only then did Shy realize that the girl was whimpering beneath the pressure of Shy’s grip on her hair. So what?

As Malcolm was scrambling to cover himself, Shy turned on the girl. “Whoever you are, you’ve got about ten seconds to get your crap and get the hell out of my house!” Shy hissed through clenched teeth.

With his private parts covered, Malcolm found his voice. “Ma, why you bustin’ up in my room like that?!” He asked this with so much attitude, as if he were running something.

“Boy! Are you crazy?! This is my house, and my room, if you want to get technical about it. I can bust up in anywhere I damn well please!”

Malcolm sucked his teeth. Shy’s head spun again. That kid was asking for it, big time!

“Oh, it’s like that? Well, if Shante has to leave, I’m going to bounce with her.” He puffed up.

Using his phrase, Shy stated, “Oh, it’s like that? Well get the hell out then.” From the look on his face, Shy gathered that her son didn’t appreciate her mocking him. Again, she thought…so what?

“Malcolm, I am so tired of you and your crap. This is the last time you’ll be disrespecting me and my home. Oh, and just in case this fact has escaped you, everything in this room that I paid for, is mine. You better not even think about taking anything out of here.” Shy had him by the balls with that one. She could see the wheels turning in his head. What was he going to do without his gear?

“Alright Ma, damn! I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I just got caught up for a minute.”

That was just way too easy. It was obvious where his priorities lie. Before he could say another word, Shy turned to Shante and said, “It looks like Mal’s clothes and sneakers mean more to him than you do. I bet next time you’ll think twice about whose penis you want to stick in your mouth. Anyway, peace. Get out.”

At that moment, Shante was no longer too shocked to move. Girlfriend sucked her teeth, rolled her eyes at Malcolm and stormed out.

Malcolm stood, looking both scared of what might happen next, yet bored at the same time, with the entire scene. Only someone so young could get that off.

Shy on the other hand was through with him. She had no words. Shy needed to calm herself down before she could even consider addressing this latest episode of “Mal’s drama”. If she had to look at him for one more minute, she’d have to kill the boy.

Shy heard the front door slam, proof positive that Shante had vacated the premises. She went into her room to sort out her thoughts. Although she wasn’t ready to deal with it in the moment, Shy knew she had to have yet another one of those talks with her son. Pain in the ass that he was, it was still her job to show him the way.

Despite his age, she could not walk in on a scene like the one she’d just witnessed, and then let it slide.

Shy had to take an Advil and lay down for a while. If she attempted to talk to her son while she was so pissed off, he would never have heard a word she said. Males will tune out as soon as you get loud, and Shy for damned sure was going to get loud.

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Denise R. Coleman. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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