A Life Not My Own by TM Brown

27 Jun

A Life Not My Own by TM Brown. Non-fiction. Memoir.

In A Life Not My Own, Tina Brown shares her personal experiences of child abuse and neglect, her struggles as a teenager and in her young adult life.

The book started as a journal and was her attempt to address many of the secrets she had pushed to the back in her mind. As the memories continued to resurface, she was forced to address the issues that ultimately led to her sharing her past with readers around the world as a powerful force of inspiration.

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Struggles of the Women Folk (Tethered Angel) by TM Brown
This is the story of Georgie. She is a young black girl growing up in the 1940s in a small, rural town in Virginia. Life is hard and she dreams of better life. She experiences great loss and heartache. She loses friends and family, as well as the love of her life. And still, she remains strong. This emotional and inspiring story has a gritty dialogue. TM Brown’s signature writing style is captivating. You will find it difficult to stop reading once you begin… You can purchase on Amazon here:

2016 Florida Authors & Publishers Association (FAPA) President’s Book Award WINNER for Struggles of the Women Folk

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

If Oprah Winfrey reads Struggles of the Womenfolk by T.M. Brown, it will probably be made into a movie one day. I say this because I know Oprah feels strongly about a lot of things, and two of the things she feels most strongly about are the struggles of women and the struggles of black people who grew up in the particular time and era of the South after slavery and before the civil rights movement. I was ten years old in 1968 so I missed the worst of the post-civil war life depicted by T.M. Brown in Struggles of the Womenfolk, but I remember the atmosphere of hate and oppression. Struggles of the Womenfolk opens in 1944 and the author captures the tone of the time and era brilliantly.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and compare Struggles of the Womenfolk to The Color Purple. Struggles of the Womenfolk worked better for me personally because it is less poetic and more realistic in my own humble opinion. T.M. Brown lets the characters tell their story and many of them are not poets, though their lives are the stuff that poetry is carved from. The dialect and dialogue are accurate. The depictions of black life at that time are accurate and direct. Struggles of the Womenfolk may be fated to become an American classic and for me it confirmed something I have always suspected: no matter how bad it is for the men, it is worse for the women. A great American novel.

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Tethered Angel by TM Brown
This is the Part 2 of Struggles of the Women Folk. Angel is Georgie’s daughter who explains to you what occurs before, during and after her abduction. The story takes place during the turbulent 1950s.

Accompany Angel as she travels the world with Miss Emily Barker and her mother’s husband Ricky, as her challenges are compounded by her coming of age experiences:

“The silence of the house and the solitude of my secret were such a treat. I felt my body easily reaching climax and knew that at any moment I would be there. My mind filled with dreams of the day when someone, anyone, would be pleasing me and there would be no need for this substitution for affection. How I prayed for the day when a man would make me feel like this. I could only imagine how much more satisfying that would be.”

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Book Review – 5.0 out of 5 stars by Calidream Publishing
I’ve enjoyed reading Tina Brown’s books, and this sequel to “Struggle of the Women Folk” did not disappoint. Brown creates a beautiful original story that’s told with such compassion and gentleness that I was drawn to her young character, Angel. As I journeyed with Angel through her travels with the malicious Mrs. Barker, I was drawn into Angel’s world and her psyche. My heart ached when Mrs. Barker- a troubled-soul, kidnapped Angel and forced Ricky to be her love slave, as they journeyed from one place to the next. So desperate Mrs. Barker was to have a family of her own that she nearly ruins the life of poor Angel, who was manipulated by her. With the help of a new friend Gretchen, Angel just may escape the crippling hands of Mrs. Barker who soon meets her Maker, in a way that will shock readers!



About the Author
TM Brown was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a graduate of Southern High, UMBC, and Regis University, holding a BS in Psychology and a MS in Systems Engineering. Tina is also the mother of two amazing people and the grandmother to the cutest little boy ever!

If you’re looking for someone to showcase at your book club or social gathering, then you’ve come to the right place. Tina loves meeting new people and sharing her inspirational stories of encouragement. Tina invites you to visit her website at


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