Crossed Expectations by Lonz Cook

27 Jun

Crossed Expectations by Lonz Cook

Rodney and Lorenz continue their struggle after – Good Guys Finish Last and When Love Evolves.

Simone and Sabrina Willingham pursue their quest with twisting daggers of affection. Simone’s vile act aids her objective of Rodney, while Sabrina attempts to rekindle with Lorenz; the man she once tormented.

Rodney Witherspoon, the marketing genius, faces turmoil in business and relationship. He becomes illusional holding the midst of love. A secret can end his engagement and blackmail may crumble his upstanding firm.

Dr. Lorenz Maynard has an unworldly experience in Angola. He’s on edge, fighting needless advances and striving for medical proficiency. Saving lives turn to dancing with demons and battling suppositions of his profession.

Will Rodney and Lorenz journey with redemption?


Excerpt: Crossed Expectations by Lonz Cook

I can’t save him. Damn it! Don’t they get it? They destroy their future each time a child dies, and for a cause I still don’t understand. The kid didn’t have a chance. Why did Carlito fight the militia? What’s happening to this country? Damn, thought Lorenz after he stopped applying pressure to Carlito’s gunshot wound. “He isn’t older than fifteen,” whispered Lorenz.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Rounds zipped through the brush, volleyed from one group to the other. Breno tapped Lorenz’s shoulder and pointed west in the direction of a muzzle flash. Lorenz strapped Carlito’s bloody body on his back and followed Breno. Both men crawled once they heard shots in their direction. They kept their heads close to the ground. At the right chance, they rose to their feet and quickly ran towards the clinic to bring the kid to safety.

Lorenz slowed from running and fell under the cover of some nearby brush. Breno fell right in front of him, looking back and making sure Lorenz wasn’t hit. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” Lorenz replied.

Lorenz repositioned Carlito and moved bush to bush, pulling with his arms and pushing with his legs. Five minutes of pressing forward, beads of sweat rolled from his forehead into his eyes causing them to burn. The heat of the jungle increased the stench of Carlito’s blood.

His knees burned from scraping surface roots and crossing the same broken ground shrubs. Breno also kept moving, carefully avoiding the same cropped brush, as he tried not to shake the surrounding vegetation. He was cautious not to give his position away.

Lorenz crawled with the body, holding the child’s arms as he pressed along. Plant after plant, they traveled with fear, dodging hot rounds flying overhead. Zip! A bullet crossed Lorenz’ path, lodging into a tree right above his head. The round of shots motivated him to crawl faster. Breno didn’t stop, and being load free, he increased the distance between them. Whiz! Another round passed, and Lorenz kept repositioning to avoid stray bullets. After thirty minutes of crawling, both Breno and Lorenz gained ground, increasing their distance from the gunfire. When Breno turned to check on Lorenz, he realized Lorenz still carried the boy’s body on his back. Without a second thought, he wasted no time assisting Lorenz with the body. “Why didn’t you leave him?” he whispered.

“Wouldn’t you want to know what happened to your son?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean bring his body. A few words would have worked, don’t you think?” answered Breno, who felt safe and quickly stood. They had managed to get two hundred yards from gunfire. “Isn’t he the kid we saw in the clinic a few days ago?”

“Yes, his name is Carlito. The more of these dead kids I see, the more identical they become. I’m seeing children die for no reason, especially young boys trying to prove their manhood alongside these rebels who call themselves men. They use these boys to fight for their cause. When will it end?”

“Long after you’re gone,” Breno replied. “Long after you’re gone.”

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Lonz Cook. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

About the Author
Lonz Cook sparks readers’ imagination and captures their attention for a cover to cover read. His writing is a true art, where words influence readers to either believe or dream. Each of his books bring characters to life; driving readers to take a stance on character actions and scenes of the story. You either agree or challenge presented behaviors.

Lonz is a retired Marine – a combat veteran, a former adjunct professor, and a technology specialist. He authored numerous contemporary romance, drama, fiction novels, and screenplays.

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