Morning Motivation: 31 Daily Devotions for Everyday Life by Ashley Sauls

27 Jun

Morning Motivation: 31 Daily Devotions for Everyday Life by Ashley Sauls

Our morning thoughts set the tone for our entire day. These thoughts intermingle subconsciously, influencing conversations and actions-whether good or bad. We are encouraged in Philippians 4:8 to think thoughts that are true, honest, pure and lovely. Our minds can only be open to these thoughts if we apply the Word of God to our thought life. Depending on the season we walk, it can sometimes be challenging to find the good and positive. And yet, when we take a moment to invite morning motivation into our lives, those challenges become an easier path to walk. Allow the wisdom of this devotional to remind you of your value in Christ and thus provide a pure foundation to face daily challenges with strength and love.

Genre: Religion/Devotion
Target Audience: Readers from all walks of life willing to take action in improving their daily lives by partnering with God.
Subject Matter: We set the temperature of our day by the thoughts we engage in. If we do not like the temperature, we have been given tools through God’s word to make proper adjustments.


Ashley Sauls, Author of Morning Motivation
Ashley Sauls is an author and professional speaker adept in using her words to inspire people toward successful living. Focused on incorporating a healthy balance between the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of life, Ashley’s down to earth delivery makes difficult concepts less stressful to grasp for her audience.

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