First Husband by Lutishia Lovely – Book 10 The Hallelujah Series

26 Feb

First Husband by Lutishia Lovely, Book 10 The Hallelujah Series

Lance Elliott was a child prodigy. He read adult books at the age of five, mastered five instruments by the time he was twelve, graduated with a Master’s Degree at twenty-one and by the time he was twenty-five had received a doctorate in divinity. A few years later he was offered an Associate Pastor position at one of the most prestigious and conservative ministries in Washington D. C. Now, five years later and with the head minister nearing seventy, there’s talk of Dr. Elliott taking the reins. He’s being pressured to marry his longtime girlfriend. Everyone believes she will be a good partner and a great first lady. Everyone but Lance. And the woman keeping his secret.

Malachi Clark IV was born into ministerial royalty. His great-grandfather was a founding board member of an influential religious organization boasting thousands of churches and almost two million members. No one doubts that Malachi IV would not only eventually replace his father in the pulpit, but will also marry and produce Malachi V to continue the legacy. No one except Malachi. He’s doubted his ability to fulfill this obligation since the age of seven, when he learned the word for why he felt different from other boys. When he met an openly homosexual man, and knew that he was gay.

When these two men meet, their lives change in a way that affects everything they know and everyone they love. In gaining each other they have a lot to lose…maybe even their lives.


Lutishia Lovely Bookshelf:

Excerpt from First Husband:


The Hallelujah Series (in order)
Sex In the Sanctuary
Love Like Hallelujah
A Preachers Passion
Heaven Right Here
Reverend Feelgood
Heaven Forbid
Divine Intervention
The Eleventh Commandment
A Date With Destiny
First Husband

The Shady Sisters Trilogy

The Perfect Affair
The Perfect Deception
The Perfect Revenge

The Business Series

All Up In My Business
Mind Your Own Business
Taking Care of Business


About the Author
Lutishia Lovely is a multi-faceted creative artist and the national bestselling author of more than two dozen novels. Her latest release, A Date With Destiny, is the 9th installment of the wildly popular Hallelujah Series.Other Hallelujah novels include Sex In The Sanctuary, Love Like Hallelujah, Heaven Right Here and Divine Intervention.

Lutishia also wrote the Business Series (All Up In My Business, Mind Your Own Business, Taking Care of Business) and the Shady Sisters Trilogy (The Perfect Affair, The Perfect Deception, The Perfect Revenge). Her novels regularly appear on bestseller lists including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Black Christian Book Review, and have been nominated for several awards, among them Best Contemporary Fiction (Sex In The Sanctuary) by the Southeastern Arts Association, Best Multi-Cultural Fiction (A Preacher’s Passion, Heaven Forbid) by Romantic Times Book Review and Best Mystery/Suspense (The Perfect Deception) by African-American Literary Awards Show. Lutishia’s novels were voted one of 2014’s Top Reader Picks by Black Pearls Magazine. In 2015, she received a Legends and Leaders award from the same publication. A Literary Quest award from the Cameron Jackson Library was presented in 2011.

While writing currently takes up much of her time, Lutishia is an award-winning actor, screenwriter, song writer and producer. Her professional memberships include the Author’s Guild, Romance Writers of America and OSB Screenwriters. Follow Lutishia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @ LutishiaLovely, and visit her website,


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