Bound by Passion by Makayla Smyles

28 May

Hello! I’m Makayla Smyles and I’m a writer/author. It feels good to finally be able to shout this out to the world…LOL. My debut novel, Bound By Passion is a Romance-Erotica story. I’ve taken time and crafted some of the best sensual and romantic sex scenes that will take your imagination to glorious heights. The best thing, it has a great storyline as well.

Some may try condemning me for what they perceive as something nasty and sinful, and that’s fine. I’m a pretty strong woman with my own mind, thoughts and most of all, I don’t allow the opinion of others to hinder me in any way. It is just that, their opinion.

I’m not the creator of sex or romance. It existed many, many years before any of us came into existence. And for those that consider themselves as perfect Christians and sees me as some sinful person writing about something they perceive as nasty or disgusting, I have something to tell you. Pick up your Bibles and read the Song of Solomon. What do you think the conversation is about there? It’s sensual and beautiful, but you rarely hear people reading or speaking about it. And to be honest, I’ve never heard the Song of Solomon being spoken about in the church—and God knows that it should. It would probably alleviate some of the packed up tension and the moodiness that is displayed or felt way too often in that institution.

Sex, love, and romance are beautiful when presented, explored and mutually shared in a respectful and loving manner. The story between the pages of Bound By Passion might be the one that tells the story of family, faith, forgiveness, and love, and offers hope to someone. And by the way, I am someone that loves God too.


Makayla Smyles




Bound by Passion by Makayla Smyles

“There is nothing more satisfying than when one knows who they are, accept what they aren’t and knowing that they don’t need to be validated.”

Breanna Lee moved away from Brooklyn, New York, to escape her gossiping neighbors and quarrelsome family. But most importantly, she left to escape the memories of her son’s father, Munda Young. Breanna and Munda were a match made in heaven. Then one day he disappeared without any warning while she was carrying their unborn child.

Now, years later, Bre is a striving social worker and a full-time mom living in Savannah, Georgia, where she’s dating Charles Long, a man who loves her completely. Their relationship is filled with emotions, and their passion is explosive. Just when everything is perfect in Bre’s world, an unexpected visitor shows up and turns her world upside down.

Munda wants his family back, and he will do anything to win Breanna’s heart once again.

While truths unfold, Breanna and Munda become closer, and old emotions resurface. They rediscover an intense sexual relationship and a raw passion that they cannot ignore. Breanna is emotionally torn between two lovers. She knows she must make a choice. It’s a difficult decision when she craves the erotic pleasures of both men. Breana is totally happy with having her cake and eating it too.

Bound by Passion is an erotic tale of love, the importance of family and friendship, and the unbelievable heights love can take one to, but who will Breana choose?


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Bound by Passion Excerpt

Chapter One

As Charles slowly took off Breanna’s clothes, the candlelight reflected off their bare bodies. No words were being spoken between the two of them, but a mutual understanding of the emotions present was palpable.

Standing, touching, and embracing each other, the passion became overwhelming. With the back of his hand, Charles stroked the side of Breanna’s face. Looking into his eyes, she placed her hand in his and let out a soft sigh, her body trembling.

“It’s okay. I’m going to love you with gentle care and make you feel as special as you are.”

After speaking, Charles embraced her, and then led her to the bed. Sensual smells, candlelight, the sound of falling water from the fountain, romantic music, and warm oil awaited her. Charles had turned her bedroom into a romantic haven for the night.

“Come on,” he whispered as he kissed her full lips.

He placed Breanna on the bed the way he wanted her. Laying on her stomach, her body was aligned with her arms close to her sides. Once she was comfortable in her position, he massaged her with a special oil blend he’d created just for her. With his large hands, he gently caressed her luscious curves. Charles noticed her becoming more relaxed as the tension left her body.

When he reached her buttocks, he kissed each one of them, while continuing his journey. He then patted her ass and directed her to roll over on her back. Charles took a deep breath and stared. Bre’s caramel-colored breasts stood firm and held his attention. Charles sucked on her nipples, and as he placed his hand between her legs, he discovered the wetness he’d created.

Overcome by the intensity of his longing, Charles closed his eyes while soft words escaped his lips. “Ahh, Breanna.”

He wiped the sweat forming across his forehead and stood up; however, he quickly bent back down to taste the juices pooling between her legs and calling him. Bre pulled her legs closer to her body so her pussy was completely exposed. After Charles played with and sucked on her clitoris, helping her achieve an intense orgasm that rocked her entire body, he backed away to recover his strength.

Pouring more oil into his hands, he massaged the front of her body, stroking one breast at a time as he stared at her naked shape with hunger in his eyes. Bre lay completely focused on Charles and how he was making her feel. They both knew this moment was about more than sex; the time he was taking to touch, soothe, and relax her body required a deeper level of intimacy.

When he finished massaging Bre, Charles pulled her body against his and gently touched her all over. A desire of passion overtook them; it wasn’t long before they made love. Much more meaning was present now than ever before, and a passion unlike any they’d ever experienced had built. Tears and sweat flowed from their bodies. No matter how tight they held each other, it seemed as if it weren’t close enough. Their souls engulfed in insurmountable desire. Kissing, loving, and touching her all over, Charles’ deep passionate expressions were intense. Their lovemaking was phenomenal. It was a reality they shared, and it was beautiful.

Without warning, a stream of tears rolled down Bre’s face. Charles understood her emotions, and he held her body even closer as he continued to make love to her. His manhood moved back and forth as its shaft stroked her clitoris with soothing stimulation. As the thrusting became stronger and harder, their bodies moved the bed. Bre wrapped her legs around Charles’ body. As the intensity grew, they held each other even tighter. Charles pounded harder and harder. His thick cock swelled with excitement as their moans grew louder and louder. A long, hard growl erupted from Charles. As his dick exited Bre’s warm pussy, he released his seed, completely covering her sweaty breasts. Even being left without strength and energy, it was a good feeling for her.

Just as Bre fell into a comfortable sleep, the phone rang. She pulled herself together for a moment before realizing the origin of the sound. She slowly rolled over and saw the big red numbers: 7:16 am. “Who’s calling me so early on a Saturday morning?” she said.

She carefully lifted Charles’ arm, which was wrapped around her, and reached over to pick up the phone. Before she had a chance to speak, Breanna heard loud fussing and the sound of children talking and moving about. “Oh, Lord, why did it have to be this morning?” she asked herself and rolled her eyes.

Shaking her head, she got out of the bed and walked into the living room. Those noises reminded her of why she’d moved so far away from her family. Every day there seemed to be some crisis paired with the recurring fussing and fighting. Before the words “hello” or “good morning” left her lips, a frantic voice shouted into her ear.

“Girl, I need a break! These kids and that damn man are getting on my last nerve, and I’m about to lose my mind!” Betty shrieked before bursting into tears and breaking out in hysterics.

Bre quickly became fully alerted. Something terrible was happening, and she knew her sister needed her complete attention. A real crisis was going on and she needed to find out what was going on. “What’s wrong, Betty? Try to take a deep breath and calm down so you can tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m just tired of it all!” she said. “Dealing with a cheating husband, trying to take care of these kids, and working two jobs is killing me.”

Breanna understood her pain. Here she was in Savannah, Georgia, and Betty was all the way in the Bronx, New York, which seemed worlds away. She knew Tony, Betty’s husband, always had been a disappointment. He completely lacked ambition, and Betty never had much of it herself. As long as he was out on the town, smoking, drinking, sleeping with different women, and doing whatever he thought was a good time, he was happy. He was a man with no job, no class, no respect for anyone, and no common sense. Bre always thought Betty needed to get rid of him.

They talked for almost an hour; it seemed to calm Betty down. After the call ended, Betty’s situation continued to bother Bre. Something terrible was going on because she’d never known her sister to breakdown like that. One thing was certain: Bre had seen her go through crap with that asshole of a husband for far too long. Breanna was able to visualize Betty’s light skin now. Her pale and her warm brown eyes tainted with red. She imagined her sister’s narrow face soaked with tears. Bre’s heart ached for Betty.

Thinking about what Tony might be putting her sister through pissed Bre off. She wanted to go there and kick his ass. Why Betty continued to stay with him was a mystery. Bre understood Betty was compelled to marry Tony because she was pregnant, but he always did her wrong, even when she did her very best attempting to please him.

Bre was startled by a cool sensation on the back of her neck.

“Hey, it’s just me, Breanna,” Charles said as he made his way in front of her. He knew she was preoccupied with deep thought by the look of distress displayed on her face. “Is everything okay?” he said, pulling her into his arms.

“Everything’s fine,” she said, avoiding all eye contact.

He looked at her with disbelief and exhaled a soft sigh. After a few moments of silence, he offered a suggestion. “Let’s go down by the creek this afternoon. It’s where I go to clear my mind of life’s stresses and worries.” He knew something was troubling Breanna, even though she chose not to tell him.

She offered a half smile and nodded her head in agreement. The lingering thoughts and worry of her sister’s disturbing call made Bre wonder if she’d be good company, but she knew Charles’s concern for her was genuine.

“Babe, I’m gonna go home and take care of some things, but I’ll be back soon,” he said. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and a tight squeeze before leaving.

Since she was awake, Bre thought she might as well do something aside from sitting around and worrying. When she thought about how upset Betty was, she was unable to avoid hurting for her. Though Breanna was younger than Betty, she was stronger. Betty was always a bit quiet and didn’t mind being walked over at times, but Breanna always had a voice and the inner strength to support herself.

Despite Bre’s pleas, Betty married Tony. It wasn’t fair for Breanna to deal with the problems Tony caused for her sister and their kids; however, she realized she wasn’t able to shut Betty out because of who she’d married. They were sisters. Still, Bre would not let the day go to waste. She had to keep busy, so she wouldn’t spend the day worrying.

She stepped into the shower and allowed the warm water to rush down her skin. As she lathered herself, the soft, relaxing fragrance from her body wash quieted her troubling thoughts about Betty. Just as she finished rinsing the lather from her body, she heard a faint knock at her door.

“What else is there to happen this morning?” she said, grabbing her towel and wrapped it around her wet body. She yelled, “Who is it?”

“Breanna…it’s me, Charles.”

“Wait just a minute.” Breanna made sure the towel was secure and covering her body as she opened the front door for Charles. “Come on in.”

After Charles’s tall, muscular frame walked through the door, Bre closed it behind him. She took note of his well-defined back muscles as he walked past her. Charles was a very attractive black man who would probably please any woman.

“I thought you were coming a little later?” she said as the water dripped from her body.

Turning to Bre and unable to say a word, he gazed at her with his mouth slightly open. Charles was admiring her small, wet body that the towel outlined. He longed to make love to her again. With a grin, he said, “Were you expecting someone else?” Big dimples formed in his cheeks as he smiled.

She didn’t find his question amusing at first.

“Come on, girl. I’m just kidding around with you. Loosen up a little.”

After that, she had to laugh along with him.

“Go put on some clothes so we can get out and relax.”

As she walked back to her bedroom, he patted her butt with lust displayed on his face. She dressed in thin, light clothing for the hot day and took extra time on her long, thick hair. When she finished getting herself ready for the day, Bre went back into the living room where Charles stood admiring the pictures of her and her son, Alex, hanging on the walls.

“I’m ready, Charlie.”

“Breanna, I was thinking about a few things,” he said, turning to her in a quick motion.

“What things?” she said, frowning.

Charles walked directly in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Girl, relax and loosen up. You get too serious and cause unnecessary tension on yourself. You stay in defense mode. Stop being so uptight,” he said, frustrated.

There was nothing for Bre to do besides apologize for snapping at him.

“Come on. You’ve had a rough day so far, but I’m gonna help make it better,” he said, smiling and extending his hand to lead the way out.

When she placed her hand in his, he pulled her into him and gave her a kiss before they walked out the door.

Charles and Breanna were quiet during their drive to the creek. Every once in a while, they each would glance in the other’s direction and smile, but the silence remained. When they arrived, Bre was able to smell the freshness of the nearby water. She’d never seen this area before; it was beautiful. Tranquillity flowed throughout her body, thanks to the calm, quiet air. Breanna was completely taken by the beauty surrounding her, and Charles watched as she took a deep breath and smiled.

“Thanks, Charles.”

“Everything is gonna be okay, Breanna.”

Somehow, she believed he was right.

Charles grabbed the basket, blanket, towel, and a bottle of giant bubbles from the back seat and began walking. She wondered what the bubbles were for, but she didn’t ask. The suspense was intriguing.

“Come on, slowpoke!” he said.

His movements were languid and soothing. Charles never missed a beat in his steps. He spread the blanket a few yards from the bank of the creek and set the picnic basket down by the roots of a dogwood tree. He then put the bubbles down on the blanket.

Nestled in perfect positions near the flowing water, the dogwood trees─with their soft pink and white blossoms─painted a beautiful picture. It was a perfect visual for a magazine, portraying a secluded romantic weekend getaway. It seemed as though all Bre’s troubles dissipated into the air and evaporated in the rays of the hot sun.

“Friends are scarce, Bre. You’re a beautiful black woman who needs and deserves a loving, caring friend like me. Don’t think I’m only calling myself your friend because of last night. This is much more than sex. You don’t have to be so tough and defensive all the time.”

“I didn’t close you out,” Bre said. Her voice was faint voice; she lowered her head.

“No, you didn’t close me out completely, but you tried. You keep up this tough act to keep people out of your business, but people aren’t all the same. There are some good people who actually care.” Charles paused for a moment then shook his head and laughed. “You’re something else, Breanna. I saw a side of you this morning I’ve never seen before; it was the emotional side of you.” He moved closer to Bre as he gently rubbed her arm. The tone of his voice became serious. “What I’m trying to say is that I want to be there for it all, the good and the bad. Bre, I want to be the man who’s always there for you.”

Breanna knew Charles was genuine in what he was saying, and it meant a lot. Perhaps he was the breath of fresh air she needed in her life. She was discovering a new part of herself, and she liked it. Still, she remained silent.

Charles got up, stood over her, and told her that if she still needed a hug, it was available. Her eyes filled with tears as emotion overcame her. She wanted it desperately, but she wasn’t completely comfortable letting her shield down.

“Come on, Breanna.”

Charles pulled her into his arms and held her tight, but in a gentle manner. She took a shallow breath and then moaned a low sigh of relief as more of her tension dissipated. He continued to hold her as he slowly stroked her hair. For the first time in a very long time, she sensed a level of security from a man. He slowly stepped away from their embrace, then led her onto the blanket, leaned over, and grabbed the bottle of bubbles.

“I want to show you the kid in me,” he said with a grin. He pulled the wand out of the bottle and dipped it back in to make sure it was soaked with the bubbly liquid. “Watch this.” He gently blew on the wand.

Bubbles flew everywhere as the sunlight glistened on them, making rainbows. Bre and Charles jumped around in them and laughed light heartedly like children. After playing with the bubbles, they ate the sandwiches he’d packed, talked, and laughed. It seemed as if all Bre’s worries were long gone. They were learning more about each other, and she even became comfortable enough to tell him a little about her past, which was another reason she’d moved from New York to Savannah. She was now laughing and talking with Charles while having no thoughts of Betty and her troubles. Charles’s efforts to help her relax had succeeded. He’d touched a part of her that was silent for years. Before Bre realized it, hours had passed. She wasn’t certain if she was ready for this to end. She hadn’t been this relaxed in a long time.

Charles got up. “Come let me show you something, Bre.”

Without hesitation, she got up and followed him until it appeared they were unable to travel any farther. He paused as he looked from left to right. She looked in the direction he was looking, wondering where he was leading her.

Charles reached for her hand and led her forward again. “Careful, I don’t want you falling. It’s already taken me more than a year just to get you to trust me this much, so I sure as hell don’t want you to fall and blame me. You’d never speak to me again.”

They both laughed.

“Oh, stop it. I’m not that bad,” she said.

“Well, that’s the thing. You think you’re not, but you are.”

Breanna was silent while thoughts dashed through her mind. Once again, Charles burst out with a loud laugh as he shook his head.

He looked down at her and whispered, “I’m still gonna be your friend.”

“Well, I may not want to be your friend, Mr. Charles,” she said, joking.

They kept walking until they reached a spot where they were able to sit and dangle their feet in the crisp water. She was overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquillity of the creek; it was perfect. Though the morning had given her no positive indicators, the day turned out to be better than she’d expected.

Charles always appeared to be caring and loving, but today Bre learned more about him. During this peaceful time, she thought about many things. She realized she’d cut herself off from people, and it had been her intention to do so. She hadn’t realized how much of a wall she’d built around herself. To Breanna, just saying a friendly “hello” in passing was enough interaction.

Bre remembered when she first arrived in this town. It seemed as if everyone wanted to get involved in her business, but she put their nosiness to a quick halt. She was young and believed the only thing she’d ever known was fatigue and anger. Breanna wasn’t about to take the least bit of crap from anyone. After growing up in a community where everyone knew everything about everyone, she didn’t want that kind of life anymore. Privacy and calmness were all this young woman wanted.

“Hey, what are you thinking about over there?” Charles said.

“Nothing. I’m just enjoying the peace and beauty of this place.”

“Come on, you can tell me what you were thinking. Go ahead…tell me you were thinking about jumping on me,” Charles said in a playful manner.

“Why would I want to fight you?” Bre gave him a look.

“Who said anything about fighting? I was thinking about something else,” Charles said, grinning.

Once again, he let out a loud short laugh. She knew he was giving her a hard time purposely, so she’d relax, let loose, and enjoyed herself. Breanna found herself laughing along with him.

When they both stopped laughing, they found themselves gazing into each other’s eyes. There was no exchange of words, and there were no sounds, aside from the calm breeze and the water flowing through the creek.

As Charles continued to gaze into her eyes, he lifted his hand and stroked her face. “Breanna, you are so beautiful.”

Attempting to calm her emotions she remained silent, but gave him a slight smile and touched his hand as it stroked her skin.

After an hour or so more, they agreed they should be leaving. Bre took one last view at the beauty, making sure she’d always remember it. She frames the moment in her mind forever. As they headed back, they walked close together and held hands. The blanket was still where they left it, along with the remaining bits of sandwiches they hadn’t finished. Together, they packed everything and headed to the car. On the ride back home, they were quiet, but thoughts rushed through both of their heads.

When they arrived back at Breanna’s home, Charles made sure she was inside and safe before he turned and walked away. Bre stood at the window and watched him drive off. Once he was out of sight, she walked back outside and stood on the porch to take in another breath and reflect on the day.


( Continued… )

© 2018 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Makayla Smyles. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.


Sex, love, and romance are beautiful when presented, explored and mutually shared in a respectful and loving manner. The story between the pages of Bound By Passion might be the one that tells the story of family, faith, forgiveness, and love, and offers hope to someone.



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About the Author
Makayla Smyles is a native of the sunny state of Florida, where she attended Florida A&M University. Makayla has always had a passion for reading and writing. She chose the Erotica Romance genre for her first novel because of the beauty of love, sex, and passion, which is often misrepresented. In her writings, Makayla expresses and portrays a side of the African-American lifestyle that many fail to see, understand, or recognize.

Not only does Makayla have a passion for writing, but she also has a passion for feeding the hungry and helping those in need. She feels that this is her way of giving back to society and remembering that we, as people, have a responsibility to help those who aren’t always able to help themselves. She believes that none of us get anywhere without the help of others in one way or another.






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