Border Love by Alice Wootson

17 Sep

Danger hits when least expected…so does love.

Border Patrol Officer, BROOKE HUDSON, is assigned to Brownsville, Texas on the Mexican border. She’s troubled by sending all undocumented immigrants back. She seeks guidance from God in all things.

DARIEN MCKEE is reassigned to Brownsville from Yuma after he almost kills a driver who left a truckload of undocumented immigrants to die in an isolated area. Darien has given up on God.

Brooke and Darien are assigned as partners. A relationship starts to develop when a bomb destroys headquarters and bombs target other government offices. Brooke and Darien are assigned new partners, but continue to share meals. The attraction grows.

Brooke’s new partner, Alonzo, has trouble following protocol and gets them both shot while on duty.

Darien hears about it and rushes to the area where officials are investigating. Brooke is missing. They learn she was taken across the border. Darien is determined to find her. In desperation, he turns back to God. Then continues his search. He goes across the border on his own.

Together they face trouble and triumph over it. Brooke and Darien realize that love through God can provide strength to go on despite adversity.


Reviews: Border Love by Alice Wootson


“This was an intense read! From the moment I picked this book up, I was hooked. A wonderful blend of romance, action and inspiration. The setting too was unique, the border agent angle was a clever twist on the classic romantic suspense. Great characters, well written, fantastic story. What else is there to say?” –Read R.J.


“Alice Wootson writes a compelling page turner in Border Love. The two main characters, Brooke and Darien, are Border Patrol Agents in Brownsville, Texas. They each come from other assignments and want to do a good job regardless of being haunted by their past.” –Reader V.


Excerpt: Border Love by Alice Wootson

Chapter One

Brooke Hudson drew her gun and crouched behind a thick bush, grateful for the tropical climate of Brownsville, Texas. She pressed her face so close to the ground, she could smell the musty odor of the rotting leaves that covered this section of land.

The footsteps that caused her to take cover came closer. Birds scattered from the ground into the air announcing the path of the person coming. The steps were slow, but the person didn’t try to keep them quiet. Brooke frowned and shifted softly until she was facing the sound. Even illegals who got lost knew to move quietly. Unless they were armed and didn’t care if they encountered somebody.

She thought of a week ago when an officer’s body was found thirty miles north of where she was now. She pulled her mind back to the sounds and shifted further back into the brush until she was behind a vine-covered tree. She waited.

When the noise was almost on top of her, she stood, back against one tree and behind another, and aimed her gun at the noise moving closer. She waited and watched. A final thrashing through a thick clump in front of her sent a ground squirrel scampering across the tiny clearing and brought the person almost out of cover.

“Dente! Halt! No te mueve! Don’t move!” Brooke ordered just as a young woman stepped into view. “Are you alone?” Brooke quickly scanned the area surrounding the woman then looked back at her, frowned and shook her head slightly. This wasn’t a woman. This was a girl. She’s not even in her teens.

Brooke quickly moved in front of the tree providing her cover and pressed even harder against it. Again she checked the surrounding area, slowly this time. Mexico was only a few hundred yards on the other side of the road, but nobody this young would be crossing alone. Somebody was with her. How many? And where were they?

She took a deep breath, then slowly released it. Next she went to the girl, quickly secured her hands behind her back, then stepped away, again using the tree to protect her from behind.

From that position, she threw questions at the girl in Spanish and in rapid succession. She slowed her interrogation when the girl’s eyes filled with fear as she kept her gaze glued to Brooke’s gun.

Brooke tried again. No matter how she worded the questions, the answers were the same. The girl got separated from her family when they heard somebody coming as soon as they came through the opening in the fence separating the countries. Her mother and father told her to run across the road and she did. Then she couldn’t find them and her little sister and brother. The girl sobbed and Brooke controlled the twinge that poked at her.

She had her prisoner sit on the ground while she once again stood with her back against a tree. No unusual sounds reached her. She waited a little longer. Satisfied that they were alone, Brooke moved the girl to the road. Once there, she scanned the area again. Then she called for pick-up as per procedure. They were too far from her vehicle for her to chance moving through the brush with a prisoner; even a young prisoner. Brush could provide cover for others just as it did for her. Moving along the road could be even more dangerous.

She had the girl sit beside a bush. As Brooke waited, she tried to ignore the girl’s soft sobs. The quiet woods did nothing to hide the sound, but Brooke felt she would have heard it in the middle of Fourth of July fireworks. She wished the patrol car would hurry. She wished the girl were older. She wished somebody else had caught this prisoner. It was only her imagination that made the waiting seem like hours.

Once the car came, the girl’s crying got louder. It only took a few minutes to put her in the backseat and for Brooke to get in front with the driver, but time seemed to crawl. It continued moving in slow motion during the ride back to Brooke’s car. During the ride, she avoided looking at the girl. She wished she’d parked a few feet away rather than several miles from where they were picked up.

She drove to headquarters, reported for debriefing as per procedure, filed her detailed report, then went to get cleaned up. During it all the image of the girl’s face stayed with her.

Forty minutes later Brooke still sat on a bench in the empty locker room. Agents coming on duty for the second shift had reported to their assignments long ago. Those going off duty as she was, were gone, too. Still she sat.

Maybe I’ve been doing this too long, she thought. Maybe I’ve just burned out. A pair of large brown eyes, haunted look deep within, came back to her mind. She shook her head. I’ve only been at this for six years, but today it seems like thirty. She leaned forward and placed her elbows on her knees, then leaned her head down. Maybe even forty.

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Alice Wootson. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense


About Alice Wootson
Alice Greenhowe Wootson is a retired teacher and award-winning author of thirteen novels. She is also a prize-winning poet. She’s a member of The Philadelphia Writers Conference, Mad Poets Society, Romance Writers of America and The Authors Guild. She meets with book clubs and readers.

Alice is a member of several ministries at her church: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

She uses any spare time she can find reading, traveling and spending time with her husband, her sons and grandchildren. She is always working on her latest novel or piece of poetry.


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