5-Week “Negotiate Like a Pro” Master Class

31 Oct


5-Week “Negotiate Like a Pro” Master Class Training Focused Negotiation Training for Women. Get Ready for Big Deals in 2019!
Event information:

Negotiate Like a Pro 5-Week Online Master Class Training
Hosted by by Raye Mitchell, Esq.

Focused Negotiation Training for Women. Get Ready for Big Deals in 2019!
Nov. 14, 2018 – Dec. 12, 2018

We invite you to discover some new and exciting negotiation tools, secrets used by the pros but tailored to the unique challenges facing women master negotiators.

You will learn:

* How to Protect Your Health and Well-being in the Process
* How to Apply the ABC Power Tool (Always be credible)
* How to Talk to Anyone, Especially Difficult People
* How to Negotiate Salary and other Money Deals
* How to Negotiate #MeToo and other Workplace Issues
* How to Build Guardrails, Manage Risks through our unique “5WH Drill”
* How to Increase and Transform Your Agility and Influence Quotient.™


Claim Your Seat at the Negotiation Table! Schedule of Weekly Events:

Week 1: How Women Negotiate – Define Your Style, Power, and Opportunities

Week 2: How to Master the ABC’s of Negotiation- Protect Your Health, Well-Being, and Credibility.

Week 3: How to Transform your Negotiation Style through the “5WH” method of preparation

Week 4: How to Go Beyond Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to Raise Your Agility and Influence Quotient™ (AIQ)

Week 5: How to Negotiate Highly Charged Issues-#MeToo, Salary, and Workplace Disruptions



Raye Mitchell, Esq. is an award-winning humanitarian and author, and health and wellness advocate committed to helping women and girls enhance their journey through life. She is a Harvard Law School graduate who commits her works to help women and girls navigate the #MeToo movement, and protect their health and wellbeing in the process. Raye is an above average sized woman, unexpected bodybuilder, and committed advocate dedicated to the positive body image movement and challenging beauty stereotyping, and knocking down body size discrimination. Raye offers training and workshops focused on health, wellness, having fun and helping women and girls discover new and better ways to change outcomes, and sculpt a life above average.


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