Gallery Books New Releases

21 Apr

How are you? I’m delighted to share a sampling of provocative, thought-provoking page-turners coming from Gallery Books this Spring/Summer, 2019.


New York Times bestselling author and Strand Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award honoree J.A. JANCE returns with THE A LIST (on-sale April 2). When Dr. Edward Gilchrist’s fertility practice hits hard times, he starts cutting corners by secretly serving as the clinic’s sole “donor.” Years later, a former client’s son needs a kidney transplant and the desperate mother enlists Los Angeles TV anchor Ali Reynolds’ help to find any potential blood relatives. One life is saved, but countless others are put in jeopardy when multiple donor-siblings are discovered—many the spitting image of Gilchrist himself. Gilchrist’s resulting downfall lands him in prison and kindles a burning desire to destroy those who wronged him. Five freshly-tattooed initials run down his forearm – this “Annihilation List” an indelible declaration of war, with the letter “D” crossed out to mark his first chilling victory. Ali and her team at cyber-security firm High Noon Enterprises (including Artificial Intelligence fan favorite Frigg) must race to save the others inked onto Gilchrist’s deadly scorecard.



In MINE (on-sale May 28), by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author COURTNEY COLE, Tessa is prepared for a hurricane—but Lindsey is the storm she doesn’t see coming. The perfect read for fans of Big Little Lies and The Wife Between Us, this provocative page-turner explores the emotional complexities of infidelity and revenge through the shifting perspectives of two wronged women in an ill-fated love triangle.

When Tessa drops off her kids with their grandparents, she is eager to enjoy a much-needed weekend alone with her husband, Ethan. But his flight back from a business trip is delayed by a hurricane heading toward the coast, so Tessa resignedly settles in to ride out the storm alone. Her world is shattered in a moment by a chance look at Ethan’s iPad, revealing a cascade of racy text messages and photos from a beautiful, much younger woman. Lindsey, a broke 26-year-old student at a nearby nursing school, has fled her past to make a better life for herself and her young son. When she meets Ethan on a dating app, she falls head over heels for him—wedding ring and all. But one fateful night, when Lindsey steps through her lover’s front door for a rendezvous, Tessa is waiting. And she wants answers.




CAROLINE LOUISE WALKER‘s sophisticated, sharply observed, edge-of-your-seat stunner of a literary debut, MAN OF THE YEAR (on-sale June 11), is perfect for fans of Herman Koch’s The Dinner and Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door. With compelling characters, wickedly clever twists, and a deadly mystery at its heart, this deft, disquieting novel lays bare the inner conflict of a husband and father who will stop at nothing to protect his family and legacy.

Dr. Robert Hart, newly-honored as Sag Harbor Man of the Year, has long been the envy of his friends and Hamptons neighbors. His medical practice is thriving. He has a beautiful second wife, a sprawling old house, and a meticulously maintained boat floating in the marina. His wayward son, Jonah, is back on track, doing well at school, and finally worthy of his father’s attention. Yet, beneath the trappings of success and seeming sense of calm, danger lurks.

Tensions start to simmer when Robert’s wife, Elizabeth, invites Jonah’s charismatic college roommate, Nick, to stay for the summer. As he perceives the pair getting too close for comfort, Robert’s practiced veneer begins to crack. Both dreading and desiring the truth, he tells a string of little lies that – rather than driving Nick away – leads to a disaster that imperils all he holds dear. Robert’s ever more paranoid perspective is seamlessly interlaced with the inner thoughts of those around him—his devoted office manager, his no nonsense best friend, his wife with a secret world of her own—to reveal the complex reality just outside of Robert’s tragically narrow gaze.




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