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26 May

Shattered Vows: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 3 by Natasha D. Frazier

Rico gambled with his marriage when he cheated on Chloe. Breaking his vows and risking everything for temporary pleasure, he lost his wife’s respect and trust.

Rico returns to God, searching for a quick fix to win Chloe’s heart back, but his heart is the one that is changed. He is a self-proclaimed changed man, willing to go the extra mile to restore his marriage, but he just may be too late.

Has Chloe given up on him? She has forgiven him before, but this is different. “I’m sorry” isn’t enough when vows have been shattered. With the law and the Word of the Lord on her side, she finally gathers enough courage to walk away.

But then tragedy strikes. Is it enough to make Chloe stay, or will she start a new chapter in her life?


Listen to a reading from Shattered Vows: Love, Lies & Consequences:



“With this being book 3 in the series, the book definitely kept your attention. There was a great balance of happy, sad & keeping God involved in your decisions. I like the way author takes us through the view of both husband & wife.”

“Loved the interwoven storylines and how everyone seemed to learn from their mistakes. The way forgiveness is expressed is inspiring.”

“It is tough to read books that end the way Shattered Vows ended. When we pray for God’s help, we must trust that His ways are greater than our ways. I am truly convinced that it is nothing but the love of God that gets us through the tough times. The love of God is what caused each character to have a heart of forgiveness. Thank you Natasha for sharing the love of God through your writing.”



“I want my wife back,” Rico said after careful contemplation of his question.

“Umm hmm. Well seeking direction from God is definitely the best start, but much is going to be required of you; so let’s start from the beginning. Tell me what happened. What is it that brought you to this place? Your wife leaving you and all. And please tell the entire truth. These sessions will only work if you’re honest,” Pastor Lewis reminded Rico.

Rico leaned back in his seat, blew out a chestful of pent-up air, rubbed his hands along his pants and thought for a moment. Sessions? Plural? He had been hopeful that he would get his answer today, but he was more than desperate, so he was willing to do everything it would take to start anew with his wife.

“Long story short, I met this woman who was absolutely breathtaking. I took her out a few times, talked to her on the phone repeatedly and I began to fall for her. She seemed so perfect. When I realized what I was getting myself into, I ended it. But I guess it was too late because she ended up pregnant with my baby,” Rico shared shamefully.

Pastor Lewis studied him for a moment. He noticed Rico’s eyes were lit up when speaking of this woman and that concerned him. He jotted down some notes on a pad.

“What compelled you to start seeing her even though you were married?”

“Man, I mean, sir, I don’t even know. It was never supposed to go so far. It was casual at first, but she became serious.”

“Wait one moment. I am a pastor but I’m also a man. So you and I both know that if she was becoming serious, you were giving her a reason to be. Did you tell her you loved her? That you would leave your wife and marry her? What was it?”

Rico shook his head at the thought of everything he’d told Raegan. It felt awkward to share those things with the pastor. Actually telling someone everything he did made him feel dirty, because he knew he was wrong. He didn’t want the pastor to think of him as some dirty womanizer, because that wasn’t who he was. He was just a guy who got caught up in the moment, in his opinion.

“She didn’t know I was married; I never told her,” Rico admitted, averting his eyes from the pastor’s gaze. He didn’t want to see the look on his face. He was certain it would be disapproving. “Like I said, it was never supposed to go that far. I told her I loved her and that I could see us having a future together,” Rico told a half-truth. He felt terrible about lying to the pastor, but he couldn’t bring himself to say that he told Raegan that she would one day be his wife when he was already married.

Pastor Lewis had had these types of sessions many times and he knew that Rico wasn’t being completely honest with him.

“So how did she find out you were married? How did your wife find out about her?” Pastor Lewis continued to question. Not much of that was important, but he wanted to see just how honest Rico would be and how serious he was about getting his wife back.

“I left my phone at home one day when she called. My wife answered it. I had her name saved under an alias,” Rico recounted. The more he talked about it, the worse it sounded. If he were in Chloe’s shoes, he didn’t know if he would take him back.

“The baby?”

“She lost the baby but before she did, I signed over my parental rights, hoping that would help smooth things over with Chloe. Hoping we could get past it,” Rico explained, remembering the pain both from signing over his rights and his wife telling him that the baby didn’t make it.

Pastor Lewis placed his pen on the notepad, locked his fingers together and rested his forehead against them for a moment. His head was starting to hurt from the drama that Rico had in his life. He took a moment to silently pray for guidance. When he finished, he rested his clasped hands on his desk.

“Tell me this. What was it you felt was missing in your marriage that you had to seek companionship elsewhere?”

Rico could have talked about the fact that Chloe worked a lot and attempted to shift the blame to her being away, but that wasn’t it. The fact that Chloe wasn’t there gave him the opportunity. He could have admired Raegan from afar and kept moving. He didn’t have to seek her out on Facebook. He didn’t have to ask her out. He wasn’t sure why he did it, and he told the pastor so. What he needed now was for the pastor to tell him how to fix it and to stop asking all of these questions.

“I don’t mean no harm, Pastor, but I need you to tell me how to get my wife back. Don’t you have some type of Scripture in your arsenal for situations like this?” Rico got straight to the point. He felt like he was getting nowhere fast with the pastor’s line of questioning.

“Son, what you need is Jesus.”

( Continued… )

© 2017 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Natasha Frazier. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.


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Book 3 in Love, Lies & Consequences Series. Genre: Christian Fiction



About the Author
Natasha D. Frazier accepted the call to write in 2011. Since then, Natasha has authored three devotional books. Her first book is The Life Your Spirit Craves, a 30-Day devotional and journal that encourages readers to seek, accept and pursue their God-given assignment.  Her second book, Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence, encourages readers to make devotion a part of their everyday life by seeking God daily through prayer and reading His Holy Word. Not Without You has been nominated for the Henri Award. The Henri Award recognizes excellence in Christian literature.


The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommies is a 52 week devotional for mothers that encourages them to see God at work in their lives through their role as a mother. Both devotionals in The Life Your Spirit Craves series won the Readers’ Choice Award presented at the Christian Literary Awards.
Natasha is also the author of the Love, Lies & Consequences, Christian-fiction series that focuses on real and relevant issues in today’s society, such as pre-marital sex, adultery, blended families and more! Currently, the series contains three published titles: Love, Lies & ConsequencesThrough Thick & Thin, and Shattered Vows. She is also the author of How Long Are You Going to Wait andKairos: The Perfect Time for Love.

Natasha D. Frazier resides in Houston, TX metro area with her husband, Eddie Frazier, Jr. and their three children, Eden, Ethan, and Emilyn. Her greatest joy and commitment is to her family who she hopes to inspire above all else. One of her many mottos in life is: Faith removes limitations.

Natasha and her family are members of Higher Dimension Church in Houston, TX. Natasha is also a member of the Houston Area Alumni Chapter of Jackson State University and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.



Kairos: The Perfect Time for Love by Natasha D. Frazier

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens….Ecclesiastes 3:1

Kensi Jacobson believed in that truth with all of her heart, but when she’s up for a promotion for her dream job as assistant editor-in-chief of The Big Apple Chronicle, she hits a roadblock. She put in the work and trusted God for what she believed was her season of elevation, but her boss’ idea of a promotion was to send her to Pepperton, TX for another assignment.

This new assignment pairs her up with a handsome widower, Darren Shaw, who helps her learn that delay and disappointment can sometimes become a catalyst for something greater. Seemingly burdened with the fact that she is the only one in her circle who isn’t married with children and a career that isn’t headed in the direction she planned, she begins to wonder when her time and season are coming. Will Kensi learn that Kairos – God’s perfect timing, is much more powerful than Chronos – her chronological timetable, and trust that things will fall into place at the right time? What begins as a crush to her ego and life plan may become the perfect time for love and everything else she’s wanted.


Listen to a spectacular author’s interview and reading from Kairos: The Perfect Time for Love by Natasha D. Frazier:



“I was a happy camper reading “Kairos: The Perfect Time for Love” by Natasha D Frazier. Kensi Jacobson had her life all planned. But, God knows what we need even before we do. To that end, He arranges situations to let us know, He only gives good gifts. This love story was a great reminder of that.

The characters in this story faced real-life issues. I must say, the Jacobson family was off-the-chain, especially Mama Marie Jacobson. This lady had me laughing aloud as I read. Thank God, Darren was a praying man and understood what he was up against. I enjoyed how the author chronicled Kensi and Darren’s love story.

This story was well written and the author’s writing style was fluid and impactful. Thanks for a good read, author Natasha D. Frazier. Grab your copy. ”

“I loved the story of Kensi and Darren! A true testament of God’s timing and God’s purpose. God always open doors for us as part of His will for our lives. Sometimes our faith is definitely tested. We tend to get so comfortable and think that we get tired of waiting but that may not be the plan for us. Kensi found that out in her quest on the love train but in the end Darren and her found each other at the perfect time!
The music selections throughout helped fit the scenes perfectly. Definitely gets a five star rating from me!”

“I was captivated by the storyline in this book from the beginning to the end. I did not want the story to end! Even though the book was fiction, everything seemed so real as I was reading. Natasha was so descriptive with some of the key details that I felt that I was actually there with the characters. I have read one other book by Natasha and can’t wait to read the next one!”



“So we have to agree that there are certain things that only women can do. I don’t think that women should be silent or anything like that. We all have a role to play, we just need to know what it is. So what are your thoughts when it comes to submission in marriage?”

Is everyone going to interview me over dinner? Kensi wondered, because that surely felt like an interview question.

Just then the waitress appeared and took their orders. When she left, Kensi answered his question.

“All right, so you want to know what I think about submission. Great question. I think that as long as a husband is following God, and by that I mean living according to God’s Word and doing what he’s supposed to do, as his wife, I could easily respect and submit to him. Now if he isn’t handling things the way he should, I’m not sure how I would respond in such a situation. But I do agree with the principle. In every organization, someone has to be the leader and I don’t think it should be any different in the household. What are your thoughts?”

“Hmm,” Darren moaned and nodded. He liked what he heard.

“That’s not an answer.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking about what you said. I think that men were created to lead. God created Adam first and gave him charge over every living thing before He created Eve. I think that husbands and wives should run their households together, but the ultimate responsibility rests with the husband to do what God calls men to do: Obey Him and love their wives as Christ loves the church.”

The waitress returned with their food. At the interruption, Darren reached across the table for Kensi’s hand and prayed over their food.

Kensi thought he looked even more handsome, seeing as though he appeared to be a man after God’s heart. She was happy that their evening didn’t turn out to be about work. She was enjoying their conversation and becoming even more intrigued by him.

As they continued their talk about their beliefs and careers, Darren was in total awe of the woman sitting before him. To meet a godly woman who was beautiful, confident and driven was a treat for him. He’d been so caught up with work and what he’d lost in Jessica that he hadn’t even allowed himself to look at anyone in a romantic way before now. Kensi could be the perfect woman for him, except that she was only there temporarily and moving to Pepperton seemed to be the farthest thing from her mind.

( Continued… )

© 2018 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Natasha Frazier. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.


Kairos: The Perfect Time for Love by Natasha D. Frazier

About the Author
Natasha D. Frazier penned the award-winning Love, Lies & Consequences series, along with several devotions and other fiction titles. She hopes that her writings will inspire readers to become all they were created to be and encourage them in their daily walk with God. Whether devotional or fictional, she desires to leave a legacy to inspire readers to take their lives to the next level.

Born and raised in Greenville, MS, Natasha graduated magna cum laude from Jackson State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting and from Texas A&M University with a Masters of Science in Accounting. Natasha has since earned her CPA license and worked in both public accounting and the federal government. Natasha is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and the Houston Area Alumni Chapter of Jackson State University. Natasha currently serves as a pre-k small group leader at Parkway Fellowship Church. Natasha resides in Richmond, TX with her husband, Eddie and their three children.


Natasha D. Frazier, Author of:
The Life Your Spirit Craves
Not Without You
Love, Lies & Consequences
Through Thick & Thin: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 2
The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommies
Shattered Vows: Love, Lies & Consequences Book 3
How Long Are You Going to Wait?
Kairos: The Perfect Time for Love


Frazier Website:

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