Requesting Book Club Interviews

15 Nov

Interviews for the Black Pearls Magazine Book Club Edition

Hello  All Social Clubs and Readers,

Black Pearls Magazine  is celebrating the rise of  social clubs, book clubs, author circles and literary groups!   We would like to showcase all member, presidents, social club creators, and book reviewers on the front page of Black Pearls Magazine

Bi-Monthly, we will publish a printed version of Black Pearls Magazine!  It would be an honor to include you in the next edition.  If you do not belong to a specific group, you can still answer the questions as an avid reader!   We want to hear your story as well! We are dedicated to the promotion of quality literature. 

This email seems long, but it includes the interview questions too.  There is still time to get  you and your club on the front page.   There are no deadlines; submit the interview when  you have the time.  

Please send photos of the group AND of the president alone, so that the readers can really enjoy the organization.  Feel free to share this interview with as many readers or bookclubs that you know!


Book Club Questions for Legacy Book

Please select at least 6-7 of the questions to answer.  You may answer them all if you like.  Submit the actual questions AND the answers back in the BODY of a email.  Include the names of all the officers in the interview.

Q:: Give us the history on your organization or blog. Share with us your leader’s name and any other officers in the group. What year did you start? Where are you located?  How many members do you have?

Q:: What is the purpose for your organization? Do you host events during the year or provide services for the community?

Q:: As a loyal reader, what are some of the things you want to see more of or less of in books?

Q::  Has there been any books that helped shape your life or gave you inspiration during a trying time in life? Q::  What legacy will your club or blog leave for those watching in the community?

Q::  Are you satisfied with the legacy black books will leave our future generations?  Do you think the writings of today’s authors are leaving the same legacy as authors from other generations? If so, who?

Q::  Do you feel as if African Americans are represented in a good light in the books you read?

Q::  Do you think digital books will ever replace a printed book? Does the price of ebooks play a big part in the purchase?  Would you ever stop buying printed books?

Q::  What are some of the changes you have seen in the last 5 years, in publishing, that you dislike?

Q::  Speak directly to the writers of the world, what advice would you offer them on capturing a reader’s attention and keeping it?

Q::  How may we find out more about you or your group?  Please share your FB link, website address and public email address. 

*** How to Submit the Interview ***

1.  Send the interview questions AND the answers back in the body of ONE email. We will send back all interviews that do not fit these requirements!  Do not send any type of text or Word document. The only thing you need to attach are photos. Send all interviews to this email address ONLY:  Follow all of the instructions please.

2.  At the beginning of the interview, include a bio written in 3rd person, 80 words or less. At the end of the interview include your email address, Facebook, Twitter and website information.

3.  Spell and grammar check the interview BEFORE sending it to EDC Creations.  Make sure all hyperlinks are correct.

Thank you in advance for considering a spotlight in the Black Pearls Magazine. We look forward to promoting you and your group to our 165,000 opt-in EDC Creations Newsletter readers too!  

Ella Curry, President of  EDC Creations Media

Black Authors Network Radio-Founder

Black Pearls Magazine Online -Founder

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