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Intimate Conversation with Antoinette R. Davis

Creative, a dreamer, loving and helpful, those are just some of the words used to describe Ms. Antoinette R. Davis. “Nette” as she is called by her closest friends and family members, has always had a way with drama. She is a dreamer and she encourages others to do the same.

Antoinette attended Baltimore City public schools and went on to Strayer Business College where she majored in Business Management.. Antoinette stepped out on faith in 2009 and started her own business first selling artwork that’s when a friend at the time asked her to write poetry for some of the artwork she was selling and from there the writer in her was re- birthed.

In 2010, Antoinette started writing poetry on book markers, journals, planners and put together her first poetry book that included a CD of poetry to music. Antoinette shocked her family and herself when she completed a CD of spoken word entitled “A Scent Just for Her.”

All of her writings seemed to gravitate to the spiritual side in her and when asked why she simply replied, “That’s where my heart is now. It’s a pleasure writing with you in mind,” Antoinette loves to be creative and let her mind takes her and the readers places they can only imagine.

Antoinette’s novels are thought provoking; she discusses issues people want to read such as domestic violence, race and love and she takes pleasure doing so. Her mother speaks to the support of her writings, “I knew my daughter was creative at an early age and I am very proud of her and the love she has for people. You can find her hidden in every novel she creates.”

BPM: It is such a pleasure to have you join us to discuss, The Key to My Pain. Describe yourself in three words.


BPM: What drove you to publish your first book or create your first series? How long have you been writing?

I have been writing 10 years now. I was going through a bad time and I needed to channel my pain into a different direction and writing helped me to do that and once I did that I wanted to help others with my writing.

BPM: Describe what you do outside of writing to expand your business or brand.

I promote through social media. I’ve done speaking engagements at centers for women and book signings and I throw parties and invite book clubs and other authors.

BPM: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your body of work/books?

You need an editor. You cannot edit your own book no matter how careful you are.

BPM: How did you choose the genre you write in? Have you considered writing in another genre?

I chose fiction because I wanted to take people minds places, exotic places, dark places and I find that you can do that with fiction with a twist of realness.

BPM: Tell us about your most recent work. Available on Nook and Kindle?

The Key to My Pain is the title and it deals with depression and abuse in a household. It gives a story of men dealing with mental abuse from childhood to adulthood.

BPM: Introduce us to the people in the book! Give us some insight into your main characters.

Okay, Carolyn is a loving submissive wife who is being abused by her husband but she refuses to leave him. Rodney Jr. is the eldest son who is determined to be a professional basketball player despite his father’s firm stances on him not playing ball but becoming a respected professional.

Rodney hates his mother because she won’t leave the man that is tormenting the family and then there’s Rodney Sr. A big black mean son of a gun. He’s a womanizing whore, LOL. He has women all over Baltimore and the babies too. He even slept with the neighbor and her sister. When he walks into the house so does the devil and if you don’t talk right or look at him right you’ll catch a right and left hook.

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Let The Truth Be Told (4 Book Series) by Antoinette R. Davis

Let Truth Be Told Vol 1 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

From Book 1: Claudia Ellison is straight out of Baltimore; she’s just graduated from college and ready to bring major changes to her social and financial situation however there are some missing pieces. Claudia wants a husband, a baby and a successful career but living in Baltimore, Maryland men are not plentiful and the one man her heart longs for is in the federal penitentiary and the men she’s been dating are not up to part.

Claudia befriends the new First lady of her church and leans on her for advice and guidance when her world starts spinning out of control but it seems the First Lady of the church wants to put her own spin on Claudia Ellison.

Let Truth Be Told Vol 2 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

Vol 2, This is a thrilling novel about an upstanding family enthralled with lies. Claudia just said I do to pastor Terrence Madden and saying Good-bye to her worldly way of living.

Transitioning into the First Lady has it’s challenges especially now that Claudia has a baby and a career. The Ellison family faces one obstacle after another and they are holding together by a thread. It’s going to take everyone in the family to pull together if they expect to survive.

Let The Truth Be Told Vol 3 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

We left off in Vol 2 with a new addition to the Ellison family, Constance Ellison. Hold on tight because she did not come in peace she came to take down her half-siblings with the help of a surprising source. Constance refuses to let go of the idea that her father left a will and his illegitimate child was left out of it. Constance came to get what is hers and take more in the process. Constance will touch each one of her half-siblings, one by one in an attempt to ruin them all.

Let The Truth Be Told Vol 4 (Let The Truth Be Told) by Antoinette Davis

Constance is ready to strike and the time is now. She has set everything into motion and Michael’s incarceration is just a mild technicality for her. Constance has new plans with a new love and her new lover will surely to shake the foundation in which the Ellison are standing on.

The near-death experience Phyllis had made Terrence revisit his former occupation but only this time he’s working it from another angle. Lisa is done with trying to hide her sexuality and after a few sequences of events, she steps out of the closet completely and into an unexpected love affair that has her in a whirlwind. New unlikely alliances will be formed and some truths will be told however, lies will lead to a loss of life.

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The Mountain We Climb by Dr. Wayne Swan

This Book is the Road Map to the Kind of Life You Deserve

Most people want to accomplish great things—improve their own lives and make the world better in some way. You might be thinking, But why does it have to be so hard?

Life can seem like a constant battle—helping a loved one who just won’t listen, paying the light bill when there’s not enough money to go around, finding happiness when everyone around you says it’s impossible.

Yet some people make “impossible” things happen: someone becomes a millionaire; somebody breaks a world record; someone else reaches the summit of a mountain; one person inspires millions while many struggle to even influence a single person.

What Draws Out the Greatness We Have Inside?

Contrary to popular belief, we all have the potential to do great things, to create the kind of life and happiness we desire. If you felt even the slightest doubt as you read that, you need to read this book!

You don’t have to be told that there is a lot of negativity and opposition in life; if not from the people and things around us, then from our own insecurities from within.

Seeing the accomplishments of others gives us hope . . . it inspires and motivates us. We are able to see that “doing the impossible” is in fact possible. But this isn’t enough. We need to know how!

The Secret

There is one thing that every person who achieves something great has, and it is how to tap into the mother lode of power and unstoppable greatness that lies mostly dormant within us all! The answer is having a GUIDE.

Many things seem impossible to us; especially when trying to solve them with no real guidance, no know-how to doing it right. The smart way to proceed is by learning from those who can show you the road map. The Mountain We Climb is your secret road map to the life you deserve.

“I can only compare the experience of reading The Mountain We Climb to being guided through life’s challenges by a wise mentor, a loving father, and a caring best friend. Dr. Swan has achieved that rare feat of successfully combining inspirational and practical guidance with a moving personal story.” — Liana Hall, Esq., Writer and Mental Health Activist

The Mountain We Climb by Wayne Swan
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DR. WAYNE SWAN – Speaker, Mentor, Certified Divorce Coach

Dr. Wayne Swan is a Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Certified Divorce Coach. He regularly speaks to and works with clients in Bermuda as well as internationally in places such as: Africa, Europe, UK and the USA.

Wayne has accomplished the feat of reaching the summit of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Returning to the base of the mountain a different man, he shares his revelations and learning for overcoming “impossible” odds in life, as they apply to mountain climbing or life’s daily struggles.

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