Black Dresses Stain by Chalet A. Jean-Baptiste

21 Feb

Black Dresses Stain by Chalet A. Jean-Baptiste

For any woman who’s ever loved someone. This books celebrates the stories of women who has loved and lost, adored and despised, been loyal and betrayed.

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Black Dresses Stain by Chalet Jean-Baptiste is for any woman who has ever loved a man. Every woman who has ever loved and hated; adored and despised; been loyal and betrayed; been in love and left alone; and had to find themselves again has issues they hide, emotions they deny and feelings that are difficult to reconcile – especially in today’s society.

The stories portray different woman and their lives – each of them struggling to carry on while hiding insecurities, secrets, and lies. Each of them triumphs in different ways. Each of them takes you on a journey – to feel what they feel but can never say. Embrace each character, breathe for them, and let yourself live again!

Chalet Jean-Baptiste was on BAN Radio Show

Listen to the BAN Radio interview with host Ella D. Curry and Chalet Jean-Baptiste. Chalet is the author of Black from Scratch, Black Dresses Stain and ReLive. Listen from the BAN Radio page:

This was one of my most powerful shows of 2019! We addressed so many issues, such as generational curses/conflicts, losing one’s self in relationships, the damage of sexual molestation, finding forgiveness, family secrets, etc.


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