Karma Series by Antoinette R. Davis

06 Mar

Karma by Antoinette R. Davis

He’s independent, successful and enjoying the fruits of his labor however with all of his new found success Elston Amos finds himself in a compromising situation after a night of celebrating with the boys that leads to a deadly outcome. He is torn between doing what is right and facing the consequences or hiding behind a lie. That’s when Brenda Vander a total stranger walks into his life from out of the shadows of darkness.

Brenda decides she wants Elston for herself and she will do whatever it takes to have him. Brenda seduces, manipulates and finally pushes Elston to the end of his rope with her lies and interference into his personal life so Elston devices a plan to get rid Brenda once and for all and get his life back on track so he can marry Samantha his true love of over ten years however the plans go all wrong and now Elston is life has taken a turn he was not prepared for.

Elston’s lost soul leads him to a pathway of destruction.

Elston Amos has just landed the job of his dreams; all of the effort and hard work he and his father sacrificed for has paid off. Elston plans a night of celebrating with his long-time frat brothers and friends; however, things turn deadly for Elston after a night of drinking and driving. What was a celebration has turned into a tragedy for Elston’s future, but there is one woman who can save Elston; however it could cost him his soon to be wife and his house in the suburbs.

Brenda Vander, a total stranger, walks out of the shadow of darkness and right into Elston’s life with a secret she uses to blackmail him with to get what she wants. Brenda seduces, manipulates and finally pushes Elston to the end of his rope.

Elston devises a plan that will remove Branda from his life permanently; however, his scheme fails and now Elston must face a judge and jury.

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Karma II by Antoinette R. Davis

Greatness can rise from the ashes of horror.

Elston Amos learns the truth about Brenda Vander’s murder; and the fate t of his future. Elston is trying to pick up the pieces of his life; however, there are still skeletons in his closet that are making it difficult for him to live in his skin comfortably.Amongst the turmoil, lies, and deceit Elston has created, he decides to run for Mayor of Baltimore City and give back to the community he grew up.

A family crisis will rock the Amos family and Elston has to deal with one crisis after another. Elston thinks his ride to City Hall will be a breeze but a bittersweet reality shakes the core of his manhood and the foundation of his marriage becomes quicksand. Elston must now face the consequences of his past actions and it all resembles KARMA.

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