The Year of the Nurse: Celebrating “The Lady with the Lamp”

06 Mar

As nurses celebrate a pioneer in the industry, the world is threatened with a crisis that would have professional nurses recall the framework of Florence Nightingale, ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. Nursing got a highly favorable value because of her. Nightingale’s birthday, May 12, marks the celebration of International Nurses Day.

Healthy People 2020 reports, “Global health plays an increasingly crucial role in both global security and the security of the U.S. population.”

We know the part that frequent hand washing plays on decreasing infection. In the case of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the World Health Organization (WHO) includes respiratory hygiene as a mechanism to safeguard health. WHO recommends, “covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.”

For travelers’ information, the CDC confirms “cases associated with travel and person-to-person.” Symptoms are fever, cough, or having difficulty breathing. If you are experiencing these symptoms and suspect you may have come in contact with the virus, as of February 26, 2020, the CDC recommendations include “seek health advice by telephone from a healthcare provider or local health department to determine whether a medical evaluation is needed. “

As WHO announces 2020, “The Year of the Nurse,” the CDC releases a statement, “Public health and healthcare systems may become overloaded, with elevated rates of hospitalizations and deaths.”

D. Michele Jackson’s blog tour considers the framework of Florence Nightingale as she advocates for wellness by “manipulating the client’s environment.”

How very little can be done under the spirit of fear. — Florence Nightingale

Celebrating twenty-five years as a professional nurse and author of Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us. Having studied Sociology at the historically Black college: Tuskegee University and graduating from Charter Oak State College with honors, it is as a Columbus State Community College graduate registered nurse opportunity lends itself.

As a novice legal nurse consultant, Donna represented herself pro se. The experience allowed the drafting of legal documents during historical time. It afforded her a voice advocating for health as she submitted arguments to the United States Supreme Court and Congress supporting amending the Nineteenth Amendment. “Thy word is a light unto my path.”

D. Michele Jackson shares her experience in a novel based on a true story, Joy: Jesus on You. (ISBN: 978-0-9796998-7-0)

For more information on D. Michele Jackson visit:

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