Dr. Severine C. Bryan, Bryan Financial Empowerment LLC

07 Jun

Dr. Severine C. Bryan, Financial Empowerment Educator at Bryan Financial Empowerment LLC was on BAN Radio Show with host Ella D. Curry!

Listen to the Crown Holders Conversation with Dr. Severine, go here:

About Dr. Severine Bryan, Bryan Financial Empowerment 

Dr. Severine Bryan is a Financial Empowerment Educator who is passionate about financial literacy and has spent the last 17 years sharing her knowledge and educating her audience via presentations, newsletters, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other media.

Her goal is to help individuals and small businesses with the day to day of their financial lives by offering financial education/coaching on debt management, credit, and basic money management. Dr. Bryan has always been a teacher at heart. As she tells it, she can remember at about age 8 lining up stones on her veranda and “teaching” them their ABCs.

After going through a divorce, walking away from the home she owned for 13 years, and rebuilding her finances, (including paying off $24k in student loans in 16 months) Dr. Bryan is determined to help as many people as possible. Another trigger for her wanting to share her financial knowledge is seeing predatory lenders taking advantage of those who are financially uneducated.

Her earnest desire is to help those who find themselves in a financial quandary become good stewards of their money. She is adamant that anyone can learn to manage their money. Her own financial journey has shown her that managing money, whether it is a small or large amount, is achievable. 

Dr. Bryan earned a doctorate with an accounting focus from Walden University and tutored English, Algebra, Accounting, and Calculus throughout her college years; which speaks to her love of teaching/knowledge-sharing!  She also has over 24 years of accounting and leadership experience; having worked in accounting and leadership positions with several major Fortune 500 companies. 

Dr. Bryan has one daughter who attends Georgia State University. In her spare time Dr. Bryan loves to bake. She relaxes by dancing and listening to Jazz and Praise & Worship music. She is a voracious reader who is never without a book in hand or on her Kindle. 

For more information visit:   

About Bryan Financial Empowerment, LLC DBA 

Bryan Financial Empowerment (#SevTalksMoney) is a financial coaching business helping individuals and small businesses with their day to day financial affairs such as budgeting and cash flow management. Striving for debt-freeness comes with many challenges. We are here to be your partner on this journey to financial freedom!  

We aim to educate by sharing tips to increase our clients knowledge of financial topics so they can improve and strengthen their financial lives; on the road to financial freedom. Our goal is to challenge, expand, and increase our reader’s knowledge by sharing realistic strategies and workable solutions. Dr. Severine Bryan is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

For more information visit:


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