Duplicity: The Mince Family Saga Continues by Nanette M. Buchanan

07 Jun

Duplicity: The Mince Family Saga Continues by Nanette M. Buchanan

D.Q.Enterprises has become a Fortune 500 Company. Darrell (‘Rell) Mince has managed to follow his father’s blueprint in building a family empire. The Mince men- Darryl, ‘Rell, and Derek are set in the wealth D.Q. Mince envisioned before his death. Life-changing events have caused them to become cautious.

Darryl and Derek have partnered to manage Quintech Designs, while ‘Rell continues to be the President of D.Q. Enterprises. Just as it seems that all the family secrets have been revealed and the lies have been dispelled, revenge finds them as targets.

There are those who have been watching as D.Q.’s true heir builds the Mince family empire. An empire that they felt should in part, be theirs. The question is who else feels the way Tonya Mince feels?

Tonya finds she is not alone in her quest to conquer, destroy, and finally take it all. A phone call and a visit have Tonya convinced she may need help. If she has help, she’ll have to share…and that’s not in her plans.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Duplicity: The Mince Family Saga Continues

“Good morning, I didn’t expect to hear from you this soon.”

“As I told you, I would look at your assets and what you acquired from your ex-husband. I do see you have stocks that were sold….”

“Yes, without my knowledge!” Tonya firmly interjected.

“Ms. Mince, stay calm, please. Those stocks are doing very well. It may be an advantage.”

“It is no advantage to me if it is not connected to D.Q. Enterprises.”

“Ms. Mince. You have no claims to D.Q. Enterprises. Your agreement before the separation clearly stated you would not receive any other payments or be connected financially to D.Q. Enterprises after your husband’s death.”

“And was that told to me by you, or did you simply say it would be best if I signed the papers? Let’s not play games. You talked me into giving up what could have been mine today.”

Disgusted, Tonya threw back the covers on her bed. The clock read ten thirty. There was enough time to get dressed and meet the lawyer for lunch if necessary.

“Mr. Monroe, I’ll need to understand fully what I have. I also need to know what I gave to that bastard son and his mother.”

“Ms. Mince you didn’t give them anything. What was left to Darrell, Derek and Dershai is in D.Q’s will. There is really no need to dispute it.” The lawyer paused waiting for her to respond. “What I’m simply saying Ms. Mince is, D.Q’s will was written years before his death. It seems he may have done this at the same time as your separation. There is nothing to argue. He wasn’t sick or dying then. I’m sorry, there’s nothing to dispute.”

“I want what’s mine. After thirty years of marriage, and I get nothing? I know you don’t think that sits well with me.”

“Ms. Mince, why don’t you read the email I’ve sent you? It explains what those stocks have done over the years and what you have in assets. I believe D.Q. gave you the best without giving you the business. You’ll see you are gaining more than you anticipated.”

Tonya opened her closet door. She took a step back from her clothes hoping she heard his response correctly.

“Did you say I’m gaining?” The thought of beating D.Q. at his own game gave her a smile but stock in another company wasn’t what she wanted. “I’m sure D.Q. didn’t think there would be any assets. Why would he sell them for me to profit? It can’t be much.”

“Yes, you’re sitting in a good position. If you’d like to come into the office we can talk about the dividends and other stock options. I’ve got to say it again, D.Q. sold the stock to a great company and they’ve been very attentive to your shares.”

“I haven’t gained enough Mr. Monroe. I will get my foot in the door of D.Q. Enterprises one way or another.”

She hung up the phone without a goodbye. Her rudeness wouldn’t upset Mr. Monroe. He had been her lawyer for more than fifteen years. She was a difficult client but she paid well. There was a time when she thought he was working for D.Q.

She smiled as she remembered the conversation they had. D.Q. questioned why she needed a lawyer. She smirked as she told him every woman needed more than one man to be on their side. Mr. Monroe stood by her even when she knew she was wrong. Over the years she didn’t explain her actions and he knew not to ask.

( Continued… )

© 2020 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Nanette M. Buchanan. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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About the Author
Nanette M. Buchanan is a native of Newark, New Jersey now residing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Her pen to pad accomplishments includes three volumes of poetry, five children’s books, and eleven published novels. When asked what genre’ best describes her novels, she teasingly answers, “Reality Fiction”. Readers will attest they all have suspense, mystery, and a dramatic twist.

Now retired, Nanette has begun speaking about the realities that many face. As a motivational and inspirational speaker, it is her goal to open a dialogue that will mend deep-rooted issues for many.

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