Four Seasons of Love: Anthology of Poetry by Patricia A. Saunders

07 Jun

Four Seasons of Love: Anthology of Poetry by Patricia A. Saunders

From Award Winning Author of There Is Sunshine After The Rain, the author has written her latest book of poetry that is organized into four chapters that compare to the four seasons.

The poetry spans all the emotions that both men and women go through from being smitten, falling in and out of love, and grief of losing the love.

Read an excerpt from Four Seasons of Love –

Four Seasons of Love made the Amazon Top 100 in (#78) in African-American Poetry, order here:


Four Seasons of Love is an anthology of poetry that separates the emotions of love into four chapters that covers the seasons. Both men and women can relate to their first kiss, being smitten, wondering if its real and the heartbreak of loss. The author writes each poem to have the reader visualize, feel, and remember those feelings.

Take a peek inside Four Seasons of Love: Anthology of Poetry –

Book Excerpt: Dust to Dust

It was a cold winter morning

The service was beautiful

You looked like you were sleeping

When I kissed you one last time the warmth of your body gone and you were ice cold

The casket closed

We were led out of the church

Escorted into the cars

Tears flowed

Driving through a town I grew up in

Seeing places that held memories

The buildings aged, some torn down, and others changed

Entering the cemetery cars lined up

We are led out to the spot you picked

Flowers are laid upon your coffin

As the minister says “Dust to Dust” a sharp pain is in my heart.

You’re lowered into your final resting place

My heart is ripped out of my chest and lowered into the cold ground along with you

I will have no rest

I will be lost until I see you again

I know better I know you are at peace

What about me?

A cold January morning a piece of me died when I said goodbye

Dust to Dust

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”(Bible, 2019)

Purchase Four Seasons of Love: Anthology of Poetry by Patricia A. Saunders


After the passing of Patricia A. Saunders’ mother, who had Alzheimer’s, do you know what she did? Patricia decided to share her words with the world. This declaration has resulted in a new published book each year.

Purchase Four Seasons of Love: Anthology of Poetry by Patricia A. Saunders –


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