Kiss & Tell: A Novel by Shana Burton

07 Jun

Kiss & Tell: A Novel by Shana Burton

Closed doors don’t always keep secrets.

Alexis Woodford fled Charlotte, NC, stripping herself of mistakes and regrets holding her captive from the drama-free life she longed for. With her skeletons tucked discreetly in the confines of her new home on Bald Head Island, Alexis forges on, guilt free…and smitten with her neighbor – scrumptious actor Roan Carter.

Impossibly addicted to the benefits of bachelor life on Bald Head’s beachfront community, Roan Carter finds himself caught up in monogamy with feisty Alexis, quickly romancing and pledging forever to his stunning bride in a seaside wedding. When his past crashes the honeymoon, will Roan lose the love of his life forever…or will it be Alexis’s own indiscretions which pull them apart?

Excerpt from Kiss & Tell: A Novel by Shana Burton

The days and hours seemed to run together. Alexis now measured time by a new standard. If she cried to the point of having a headache, it generally meant that she’d been crying for at least an hour. Her clothes emitted a stench after three days of consecutive wear, which was her cue that she needed to bathe. Alexis knew that Lola could not go more than two days without hearing from her. Once the phone started lighting up with Lola’s name, it meant at least forty-eight hours must’ve passed.

Days were hard, but nights were nothing short of agony. She had yet to break the habit of reaching for the spot in bed where Roan usually slept in. Every time her hand was met with a smooth, empty surface in the place of where Roan’s warm body would be, the crying started over again.

“How can you call yourself my friend? Why didn’t you tell me? How could you let me marry Roan knowing the truth?” Alexis demanded to know after summoning Terrence to her house. She knew that lashing out at Terrence wasn’t going to change anything, but it certainly would make her feel better.

He trailed behind her into the kitchen. “You’re kidding me, right? I’ve been telling you since day one that you have no idea who Roan really is. I stood right in this very spot before you ran off and got married and begged you not to marry this dude, remember?”

Terrence wasn’t saying anything that Lola hadn’t said, nor was it anything Alexis hadn’t told herself. Her propensity for ignoring the obvious when in love kept her from listening.

“I may have had suspicions, but you knew, Terrence. You knew! You let him make a fool out of me. Your whole family did.”

“I’m not the enemy here, and neither are my folks. It wasn’t our place to tell you. It was Roan’s. I didn’t betray you. Roan did. Don’t forget that.”

She plunked down on the ottoman and sulked. She didn’t need Terrence rubbing salt in her wounds.

Terrence dragged Alexis over to the papasean and sat down next to her. “If it counts for anything, I wanted to tell you the truth, but that meant breaking my word to my brother. I promised to keep his past a secret, and my word is bond.”

“Do you want a cookie for keeping your promise to Roan?” she asked, unmoved by his misplaced loyalty.

“No, but an apology for trying to blame this all on me would be nice.”

“God, this is infuriating!” Alexis cried out, balling her fists. She could scream, yell, and cry all she wanted, but nothing was going to change the fact that she was clueless about the man she married and whose child she was carrying. “How did I go from one crazy nut-cake to another one?”

“It’s called skipping the vetting process.”

Feeling defeated, Alexis leaned back in the chair and dared to ask Terrence the question that had been weighing on her since she found out.

“Do you think it’s possible for one man to be in love with another one, live and lay with that man for years, and not be gay?”

( Continued… )

© 2020 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Shana Burton. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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About the Author
Shana Burton
, a two-time Georgia Author of the Year nominee, is the national best-selling author of ten books, including the award-winning Flaws series (Flaws and All, Flaw Less, Flawfully Wedded Wives, and Flawbulous). She is passionate about writing stories that deal with faith, love, and redemption. Her latest book, Kiss & Tell, was released in March 2020.


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