Crown Holders Unplugged Series – Part 1

08 Jun

Catch up on the Crown Holders Unplugged Series on BAN Radio Show!

If you missed any of our latest BAN Radio Show interviews, you can listen to the replays today. Listed below are the featured authors from our online literary program.

After you listen to each of the interviews, please support the author by sharing the show with the readers in your network and share with your social media friends too. Thank you!


Book your radio spot today:

Join us on the Black Authors Network Radio Show (BAN Radio) in June and July with host Ella D. Curry to discuss your new business, books and any other adventures you want the world to know about.

The Black Authors Network Radio Show (BAN Radio) is a weekly online radio show that features authors, entrepreneurs, influencers and literary leaders twice per week to give the listeners a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment.

We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of multicultural, diverse genres of books in all aspects of business and social networking.

We welcome all new authors, community leasers and business owners to our radio show to showcase quality products, provide insightful information and to share in the power of our collective voice.


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