King, Duke, and Prince by Sheryl Grace

08 Jun

King, Duke, and Prince by Sheryl Grace
Peek inside, read an excerpt:

Three Brothers, Three Mothers, One Father and whole lot of drama!
“Charge it to the game cause everybody’s trying to score.”

Ten years ago, James Miller walked out of prison vowing to leave the past behind. That past included his sons and their mothers and though he told himself that he would return, he never did. Now, he has a new name, a new family, a new career and a best-selling memoir. Meanwhile, the sons he left behind navigated their way to manhood while dealing with the questionable choices of their mothers.

King relies on his looks, charm, and sexual prowess as he methodically plans to find the next successful woman to support his lavish lifestyle. Simply because he works only when he feels like it. When he finds the one, it is not business as usual. But will he reexamine his trifling ways when it nearly causes him to lose those he loves the most?

Darius has a penchant for pursuing the wrong women. However, his mind for business manages to keep him afloat despite his challenges to keep his emotions intact. Working for a stepfather he despises only builds resentment between he and his mother. What happens when the worlds of the two men collide unexpectedly, causing all to question their love and loyalty to one another?

Prince is awkward and highly intelligent. His hard-working mother is thrilled beyond measure upon receiving the news that her son has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. But Prince’s world is shattered by someone he and his mother trusted dearly. The secret is killing him. What will happen when the secret is exposed?

The sons do not know they are brothers but when they find out, they are determined to make James pay the price for leaving them behind.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of King, Duke, and Prince

“Well King, what about that blonde chick at the end of the bar?” Darius asked.

“She keeps looking this way,” King looked briefly without appearing impressed. Her sequined, tank top and black, faux-leather, mini skirt was nice without being over the top. She continuously stroked and shifted her super- straight hair which fell just inches above her waistline. She flashed several, bright, alluring smiles from her crimson painted lips in King and Darius’s direction.

“Man, she looking for an athlete and we are not…I could pretend but I’m not in the mood” King said as Darius laughed. Again, Darius always got a chuckled out of King’s reasoning.

“Besides, I have decided that contestant number three is the winner.” King said with a mischievous smile as he shifted his glance back to the professional, well-coifed lady in the booth to signal Darius to look her way as well.

“Watch this brother work!” King said as he took a final swig from his beer and headed in that direction. He suddenly stopped short of heading that way when he noticed her waitress was now at the end of the bar. King beckoned for the young lady and proceeded to ask what contestant number three had ordered to drink.

“Oh, a Long Island Ice Tea,” she responded.

“Cool. Look. Put it on my tab, and let her know that I am paying” King directed.

“No problem, Sir. Will do,” the young lady said as she sauntered back to the booth.

“Imma wait a fewww minutes before heading that way.” King said in his signature cool and self- assured tone. Darius only laughed.

“Man, you need to be taking notes, so you can get that damn Porsha off your mind and in your bed,” King snapped back as he flashed a mischievous grin.

King and Darius watched in anticipation as the waitress delivered the Long Island ice tea and conveyed the message. The woman looked in King’s direction and nodded her head gracefully to indicate her gratitude as she placed her drink on the table. She took a few sips and looked down at her computer.

King strategically waited about 15 minutes before he casually strolled in her direction. By this time, the young woman was immersed in her computer, but she was suddenly consumed upon raising her eyes by an intoxicating cologne, and the pace of her heart suddenly increased as she took in this tall, broad-chest, dark-bronzed figure in front of her. Of course, she recognized him as the one who bought her drink, and she planned to make her way over to the bar, eventually; nevertheless, seeing him up close rendered her speechless, temporarily.

“Hi, I just came over to introduce myself. My name is King,” He said as he held out his tone, muscular arm in her direction to shake her hand. Still under his allure, she did manage to reach out her hand to shake his.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Lauren” she stated.

“Thank you again for the drink,” she said politely while looking intensely at his eyes.

“You are welcomed, Beautiful” He said with a deep voice resounding in her soul and making her tingle inside although she tried all she could not to show it. He followed up with the sexiest smile she had ever seen. This is one tall glass of chocolate milk better yet Kahlua.

“Do you mind if I sit for a few minutes?” he asked. “No. No. Not at all,” she responded while trying to contain her lust.

“I see that you are busy, and I promise not to take up a lot of your time. I just wanted to meet you,” King said with every bit of his voice dripping with honey and chocolate. Darius could not hear the conversation, but he was well aware of King’s methods.

Meanwhile, the blonde chick decided to place herself in the seat left vacant by King. Darius did not pay her any attention. His thoughts shifted between watching King score, thinking about the possibility of Porsha, and thinking about getting together with Shandreka after she gets off the pole. Truthfully, he was trying to get his thoughts together. He may not like the stuff King does, but he always seemed to have more confidence in Darius than he had in himself. Then again, Darius had more confidence in King than King had in himself when it came to taking on responsibilities.

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Sheryl Grace is a contemporary fiction author and award-winning radio host of the internet radio show, The Authors Lounge. Her two novels, He Calls her Blue and King, Duke, and Prince are currently available at and Amazon. As a radio host, she has interviewed over 200 authors representing all genres. With the launch of SURA Literary Life Magazine, more authors and creatives will have the opportunity to shine.


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