Mind Your Business: Crown Holders Master Class

08 Jun

Mind Your Business: Crown Holders Master Classes. Listen to the Crown Holders Conversation:

Featured Authors and Coaches

  • Connecting the Dots Life Coaching with Terri Martinez
  • Victoria Christopher Murray, Author, Editor and Co-founder of Brown Girls Books
  • Joylynn M. Ross, Literary Consultant & Publishing Coach at Path To Publishing

Crown Holders Transmedia Presents The Legacy Keepers & Empire Builders, see them all here:

Crown Holders Master Classes – EDC Creations has more than 15 years of golden content and I’m going to re-purpose it to bring some light and love to your newsfeed! Look for the Black and Gold to be inspired, educated and entertained.

We were always royalty and it’s time that people wake up, recognize and acknowledge the greatest we represent!


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