Rhythm Bay Love by Patricia A. Bridewell

08 Jun

Rhythm Bay Love by Patricia A. Bridewell

Antoine Bailey AKA DJ Ant is one of the wealthy heirs to his father’s prominent real estate business. He enjoys his wealth, but life is not perfect. Antoine is ready to move past the drama of his family issues, and ex-girlfriend’s infidelity. Relocation from the San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles for a new position is a godsend. Within a year, DJ Ant’s ratings are over the top, and he’s one of the most popular DJs on the West Coast. Disputes with Jada Carson, a co-worker, becomes a challenge. Even more challenging is their conflict transitions into an attraction that he can’t resist.

Jada Carson’s life has not been easy. Thrust into the parenting role of teenage sisters, at age twenty-two she’s the head of household. Ten years later, she is the Traffic Director at a radio station where she did her college internship. After her love-life dives, so does her trust in men. Then along comes Antoine, who becomes the nail in her side. But he’s oh, so gorgeous. Although she’s attracted to him, she dismisses the notion of a relationship because she doesn’t want any part of that arrogant man. When Cupid steps in, a romance between Antoine and Jada ignites.

Will Jada and Antoine survive the turmoil that hovers over their blossoming love? Only God knows the answer.

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Rhythm Bay Love Excerpt

Chapter 2

JADA — Friday

TWENTY MINUTES LATER – Rapping on the radio station’s main studio window with a pen, Jada squinted. “Open the door,” she said in a tone one notch below a scream.

A cocky grin swiped Antoine Bailey’s mouth. He flat-out annoyed Jada, which was irritating. He lifted one hand with a scribbled note. FIVE MINUTES. Jada quickly jotted a note and pushed it against the window. NO!! NOW! He shook his head and swiveled the chair around to the microphone. Who does he think he is?

She shot the back of his head a daggered stare and watched him rock back and forth to the music, flinging both arms in the air like he was having muscle spasms. He just didn’t know. If she could do anything except go inside the studio and deal with his stuck-up egotistical attitude, she would. She huffed a long sigh. “Go ahead. Just keep ignoring me,” Jada said as if he could hear through thick glass windows and blaring music.

The door to Studio Two opened, and DJ Rocky Lopez exited. “Hey, how you doin’?”

“Oh, I’m okay. Trying to get in there.”

“You can’t get in?” he twisted the doorknob. “It’s locked. Looks like he’s busy.”

“I guess I’ll wait a while longer.”

“Yo’, hit him up on the red line. If it’s work-related, he shoulda let you in to see what you wanted.” DJ Rocky attempted to twist the knob again. Antoine wasn’t giving either of them a first or second thought. “Good luck.”

“I’m not worried, but thanks a lot.” She appreciated DJ Rocky’s advice, but she would not be the cause of any commotion. DJ Rocky already had a beef with Antoine and management about switching Antoine from nights to his dayshift.

Perched against the studio wall that was encased with glass windows, Jada tapped one foot, watched Antoine from the back, and waited for what seemed like forever to get his attention again. “Five Minutes? That’s what he said fifteen minutes ago,” she mumbled under her breath.

Why was it so hard to understand clients come first? When they buy a spot that’s supposed to air at a certain time, it had to air. His problem? Antoine knew but didn’t care if he could sit in there, play music, and make things hard for her. Well, she’d wait. And, whether he liked it or not, adding the spot was not an option.

Antoine had been at the station for over a year. A surprise to many, his rapid acceleration from newbie to one of the most prominent radio disc jockeys in Los Angeles was mind-boggling. The word was DJ Ant’s popularity had put a spit shine on Simon, the program director’s face. On the opposite side, his move to dayshift sent DJ Rocky Lopez and Jada on a tailspin.

“Wake up, wake up, L.A.! It’s time to move to the groove. This is your favorite champ DJ Ant, the Prince of Romance, bringing you the first two hours of oldies but goodies and some spicy romantic tunes for your pleasure.” Antoine lifted both hands. “More to come—musical joy at 101.3 KTLM on your dial. Here’s one of my favorites.” Running his hands through an acre of light brown dreadlocks, Antoine inhaled and leaned into the mic. In a sultry voice, he said, “Keep Your Head to the Sky” by Earth, Wind, and Fire.”

Jada’s head tilted. She inhaled and exhaled to remain calm. This was getting ridiculous. Watching him expediently multitask between the mixing board, paperwork, laptop, and sips of water, she shook her head. That man was so full of himself. Two months. That’s how long she’d been dealing with his behavior.

Antoine turned, gave her a dimpled smile, saluted her like a sailor, and held up one finger. She almost held up her middle one, but she caught herself.

“Keep your eyes off my man,” Denise snapped her fingers as she swayed over to the door wearing a pair of four-inch multicolored Jimmy Choo shoes. A scarf that matched the shoes was a perfect choice to accent the aqua blue dress that hugged her size sixteen pyramid.

“Hey, lady, I’d be happy to. He’s not my type, and I’m about to report him to Simon. He won’t let me in.”

Denise stuck her tongue inside her cheek. “He’s probably busy… or trying to get your attention.”

“Oh, stop. He’s not that busy. And why would he want my attention?”

“You never know,” Denise said.

Jada’s eyes swept over Denise’s clothes. “Look at you. I like that outfit, and those shoes are dope.” Denise and Jada had been close friends since meeting at Pepperdine University and sharing some required courses. Both grew up in urban communities and shared a lot of common interests. Jada lived in South Central Los Angeles and Denise in Compton. Jada respected her sharp friend and was thrilled when the station hired Denise for a sales position four years ago based on her referral.

“Well, I’ve chatted with him briefly. He seemed personable.” Denise turned her focus to Antoine. “I’ve got to give him props, though…he’s one fine brother.” She faced Jada and leaned toward her ear. “Some of the sistas around here got their eyes on him.”

Jada shrugged, “All they want is the package in between his legs.”

Denise gasped and placed a hand on her chest. “No, that didn’t come out your mouth.”

Jada fluffed her reddish-auburn kinky-curly hair. “What else would they want? He’s way too arrogant.”

( Continued… )

© 2020 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Patricia A. Bridewell. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Meet the Author
Patricia A. Bridewell
is a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She holds Adjunct Nursing Faculty positions at several universities, two of which are UCLA School of Nursing and Santa Monica College.

Her short story appears in the Brown Girls Books Anthology Single Mama Dating Drama, an African American Literature Book Club (AALBC) two-time Best Selling book.

Her fourth novel, Two Steps Past the Altar, was released by Tymm Publishing in 2018. Patricia’s next novel, Rhythm Bay Love, and a short story contribution to the Brown Girls Books Anthology – Confessions: Secrets and Lies Revealed will be published in June 2020.

Her church home is West Angeles Church of God in Christ. Visit her on social media and at

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