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Swirl Girl: Coming of Race in the USA by TaRessa Stovall

SWIRL GIRL: Coming of Race in the USA reveals how a hard-headed Mixed-race “Black Power Flower Child” battles society—and sometimes her closest loved ones—to forge her identity on her own terms.

As the USA undergoes its own racial growing pains, from the 1968 riots after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, to the historic 2008 election of the nation’s first Biracially Black president, TaRessa Stovall challenges popular stereotypes and fights nonstop pressures to contort, disguise, or deny her uncomfortable truths.

Stovall is a truth-telling “Black Power Flower Child” destined to resist the world’s attempts to define her.

“I am passionate about not allowing another Mixed-race child to grow up limited to the ‘single story’ that characterizes our lives,” Stovall says. “I wrote SWIRL GIRL to better reflect the diversity of people who are ‘And’ in a world of ‘Either/Or.’”

Enjoy a FREE Sneak Peek of SWIRL GIRL…here.

Early Praise for Swirl Girl: Coming of Race in the USA by TaRessa Stovall

Zjien Relician says:
TaRessa Stovall, thank you for baring your soul, telling your story…and concentrically, the story of so many others…of us.

You grabbed our hands and hearts, and with unwavering and unabashed conviction, traversed the turbulent and often unrelenting waters of racial identity, racism, discrimination, self actualization, externalized self loath of others, forgiveness, and transparent self reflection. It was an emotional roller coaster; but it was so worth it! EVERYONE: If you have not read this book as of yet, I strongly suggest you click the link, and get you some. You will not regret it!

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Nights Over Egypt by Barbara Keaton

Nights Over Egypt by Barbara Keaton

Two people searching for the same thing …

Ashalon is a professor of Egyptology at Cairo University in Egypt and he is none too happy to learn that another American is coming to his country to conduct a dig among the ruins of his ancestors. He vows to make it difficult for this foreigner, who has been given permission by the Supreme Council of Antiquities … at least until he meets the American, Corina Camden.

Professor Camden is searching for mummified remains from the Twenty-first and Twenty-second dynasties and is hard pressed to hear her every move in Egypt would be supervised by some professor.

Corina and Ashalon are each surprised by their reaction to each other as they set across the blazing desert, captivated by their love of antiquities and unknown passions.

Nights Over Egypt is a story of archeological digs, rich culture and buried passions.

Book Review from The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
4.0 out of 5 stars In Search of an Egyptian Tomb or Egyptian Love

For years Corina Camden has been the baby everyone doted on and the geeky little girl of the family, with the exception of one night when she was transformed into a raving beauty to attend her high school prom. Her date was arranged by her older brother with plenty of threats and instructions. The date was magical a one for Corina considering the response she was getting from her classmates and her escort. She listens intently to him as he describes his Egyptian homeland and his desire to be an archeologist, echoing similar desires she herself has dreamed of doing.

Fast forward several years and Corina is all grown up and a well-known professor of archeology in the United States. She has been offered the chance to participate in an excavation in Egypt among the Royal Tombs of Tanis. The honor is one that hasn’t been granted in ten years and will establish her as a serious Egyptologist. It is of little consequence Dr. Ashalon El Asab will be supervising the dig; she only hopes they can get along.

Upon meeting Dr. El Asab, they each get a vague feeling of familiarity. There is one thing for sure; they are both instantly attracted to each other. However, Corina recognizes a personal involvement could only lead to trouble, so she resolves to fight the feelings. Working in close proximity with fireworks looming in the background, the dig may result in more then ancient artifacts to secure.

NIGHTS OVER EGYPT is an endearing love story that casts an African American woman in a very nontraditional role in a country rich in history and culture. I was captivated by the obvious research Barbara Keaton put into this project and the vivid imagery she used to bring Egypt, its people and its heritage to life.

If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought Keaton herself was of Egyptian decent. Her character development was excellent with even the secondary characters showing budding potential for an additional story or two. This is definitely a must have for the romance enthusiast. —-Reviewed by Brenda M. Lisbon of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

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Ten Acts of Kindness by LoLo Smith

Ten Acts of Kindness by LoLo Smith

This book presents a powerful message that we can change the world one act of kindness at a time. Through this book, children will learn how easy it can be to spread kindness. From sharing toys to including everyone in a game on the playground, this book shows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

A kindness slogan is found on every other page. This book is perfect for age 4-9.

If you value raising kids that make the world a better place, then this book is for you. Kids will love this book because they will feel empowered to change the world, one act of kindness at a time!

From the Author, LoLo Smith
I do not mention the words bully or bullying in Ten Acts of Kindness. If we teach children to be kind to one another, then we don’t have to teach them not to be bullies!

I have the characters dressed in superhero costumes because I want children to feel powerful like a superhero and empowered to change the world one act of kindness at a time.

Purchase Ten Acts of Kindness by LoLo Smith
Perfect for ages 4-9
Paperback: 28 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8639094033
Available on Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback


The Little Town of Share-A-Lot by LoLo Smith

In The Little Town of Share-A-Lot, the egotistical mayor of a small town is in quite a quandary. The townspeople are in an uproar over her latest initiative. The business owners and community workers are on strike. The doctor won’t see any patients, the construction worker won’t build houses and the police won’t stop crime! Will the voters initiate a recall and oust the mayor?

Young readers see the mayor grapple with the question of who the most important citizen is in the town. Is it the doctor who cures the aches and cures the ills without collecting on unpaid bills? Or is it the mayor herself who has won elections for two decades, made speeches and led parades?

The Little Town of Share-A-Lot is a spirited and engaging story that uses repetitive language to teach career education to children under age 8, as well as the value of sharing and compromise.

Parents will love free companion gifts: download of 24 pages of spelling, reading and math activity sheets based on the names of the community workers and download of boy and girl paper dolls with paper clothing/uniforms for 6 community workers.

(A Spanish language version of this book is also available titled, El Cuento Del Medallon De Ora).

Purchase The Little Town of Share-A-Lot by LoLo Smith

Paperback: 28 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8639077715


Sista CindyElla Mae (The African-American Cinderella) by Loretta Smith

Cinderella wasn’t the only person who grew up in a dysfunctional family. In this book, you will meet Sista CindyElla Mae who is also mistreated by her step family.

Sista CindyElla Mae has to cook, clean and even do homework for her two stepsisters. She holds onto her dreams in spite of setbacks and wins out in the end with the help of a very unusual Godmother.

Purchase Sista CindyElla Mae (The African-American Cinderella) by Loretta Smith

Paperback: 36 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8640334364
Children’s Folk Tales and Myths
Children’s Growing Up and Facts of Life Book


El Cuento del Medallon de Ora/The Tale of the Gold Medallion by LoLo Smith

EL CUENTO DEL MEDALLÓN DE ORO enseña a los niños pequeños sobre los de beres de los trabajadores de la comunidad y el valor decoopartir.

THE TALE OF THE GOLD MEDALLION teaches young children about the duties of community workers and the value of sharing.

Purchase El Cuento del Medallon de Ora/The Tale of the Gold Medallion by LoLo Smith

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