The Little Town of Share-A-Lot by LoLo Smith

10 Jul

In The Little Town of Share-A-Lot, the egotistical mayor of a small town is in quite a quandary. The townspeople are in an uproar over her latest initiative. The business owners and community workers are on strike. The doctor won’t see any patients, the construction worker won’t build houses and the police won’t stop crime! Will the voters initiate a recall and oust the mayor?

Young readers see the mayor grapple with the question of who the most important citizen is in the town. Is it the doctor who cures the aches and cures the ills without collecting on unpaid bills? Or is it the mayor herself who has won elections for two decades, made speeches and led parades?

The Little Town of Share-A-Lot is a spirited and engaging story that uses repetitive language to teach career education to children under age 8, as well as the value of sharing and compromise.

Parents will love free companion gifts: download of 24 pages of spelling, reading and math activity sheets based on the names of the community workers and download of boy and girl paper dolls with paper clothing/uniforms for 6 community workers.

(A Spanish language version of this book is also available titled, El Cuento Del Medallon De Ora).

Purchase The Little Town of Share-A-Lot by LoLo Smith

Paperback: 28 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8639077715


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