To Catch A Raven by Yasmina Iro

10 Aug

To Catch A Raven by Yasmina Iro

She needed to catch a Killer, She never thought she’d find Love instead.

Yasmina Iro is proud to debut her latest trilogy Dark Goddess and its first book To Catch A Raven.

Yasmina Iro has been praised for her first work, “Shroud” for her unique voice and style and be ready to see even more of that in her latest work!

To Catch a Raven is a paranormal romance set in the fictional future and the first book in Yasmina Iro’s new Dark Goddess Trilogy. It will appeal to readers of Jeaniene Frost’s “Night Huntress” series and Laurel K Hamilton’s “Anita Blake”, while exploring a new, futuristic take on paranormal romance. To Catch a Raven will astound readers with its relatable characters, unique setting and deep, erotic narrative. The story features characters from all walks of life and sexual orientations, helping to bring more representation into the paranormal genre.

To Catch a Raven follows the story of Raiven, an immortal with a twisted past and a dark future as she works to solve the case of a Supernatural serial killer. The case comes a little too close for comfort when her best friend Justina is injured and Raiven finds the withdrawn local Alpha Kisten assigned to protect her. The only problem is Raiven wants Kisten, and she’s not allowed to have him.

Dark Goddess Trilogy – Book 1, To Catch A Raven
To Catch a Raven is the first in the Dark Goddess Trilogy. The novel follows the story of Raiven and Kisten as they fight for their future together while navigating the ghosts from the past and along the way, discover the truth about Raiven and what she is. That truth and what it means for the world as they know it, will be the ultimate challenge for this unlikely pair.

What Others are Saying:

“There are several big reveals that continue to shift the storyline in unexpected ways, something that even a jaded reader like myself can fully appreciate and still be surprised by.”

“I was in no way prepared for how totally addicting this novel would be, and the sheer magnitude of the new world, the compelling characters, the multi plots that break the mold… I was really impressed.”

About the Author
When it comes to travelling, Yasmina Iro knows a thing or two about putting on the mileage. They can often be found exploring the world, travelling to learn about new cultures and experience our beautiful planet. From their home base in the United States, they enjoy creating new worlds and cultures for their readers to explore with them. When not exploring, Yasmina can be found decorating beautiful cakes in their kitchen while caring for their blooming family or sneaking some work on their webcomics. There’s also something new going on with them and that’s the way they like it.

If you would like to connect with her, you can visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @murosakiiro.

Twitter: @Murosakiiro

About To Catch A Raven by Yasmina Iro

Normally, Raiven spends most of her time solving Supernatural crimes and when she’s not traveling for work, she’s assisting her Overseer Lucius’ efforts to maintain order in her home city of Decver. Her current case, however, has Raiven on edge and she is willing to do almost anything to solve it.

After her friend Justina is injured and Raiven learns it’s tied to her case, Lucius assigns Kisten, the local Alpha, to stay by her side as she works to catch the culprit. Suddenly, Raiven’s life becomes even more complicated, as Kisten is the only man she wants, and the one she’s not allowed to have.

As she rushes to solve the case and find the killer, will Raiven be able to maintain her resolve or will she finally submit to her own desires?

Excerpt from To Catch A Raven by Yasmina Iro

“Don’t tempt me like this, Raiven.” He pleaded, his voice high-pitched as he closed his eyes. My heart pounded from his words, but I remained silent. He slowly opened his eyes, turning his gloomy gaze to me. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’re not, the Oath is.” I scoffed, pulling my arm away and Kisten looked as if he wanted to reach for me, but he stopped himself. I reached for him instead, hugging him tightly as I kept my arms on his shirt. He grew still under my touch before gently wrapping his arms around me, careful not to touch my skin. I dropped my head into his chest, sighing heavily with my frustration. “It isn’t your fault and I would never blame you.”

“It is my fault.” Kisten leaned down, careful to lay his head on my shoulder and to avoid touching my neck. This was as intimate as he would allow us to get and the most he had touched me in more than a year. Anymore, and the Oath of Loyalty would ensure that I would pay the price. “I should’ve had Lucius release me from the Oath a long time ago.”

“Why didn’t you?” I asked tentatively, my voice soft and quiet. Kisten grew still again, and I regretted my question. We remained in silence for a long time, holding each other. I tightened my grip around him and after a moment, he sighed, returning my gesture.

“It didn’t matter to me at the time.” He spoke softly and slowly, his breath warm against my skin. I felt my heart pound, moving into my throat as he leaned into me more, almost standing from his desk. “I…never thought I’d find someone else I wanted like this.”

“You mean you’ve never been with anyone?” I pushed him back, looking at him incredulously. He looked away from me, slightly blushing. I couldn’t help the accusing smile that started on my face. “Kisten, you’re three hundred years old, and you’re telling me you’ve never been with anyone?”

“It’s not like I never wanted too.” He retorted, still blushing. I couldn’t help a small giggle at his reaction. It faded when he turned to face me, his eyes filled with loss. “I just…couldn’t ever be with them and I …gave up when they finally died. I felt like I had died.”

“I-I’m sorry Kisten.” I started to pull away from him, but he kept his arms wrapped around me, still careful not to touch my skin. I could feel his breath against my face and for a moment, I thought he was going to kiss me and despite how painful I knew it would be, my heart pounded at the thought. Instead, I felt him dig his hands into my side, pulling at the fabric of my shirt.

“Don’t be.” He whispered, his breath hot and heavy as he breathed his words against my skin, allowing his breath to caress me. His hands gripped me more tightly through my clothing and I was slightly surprised by his actions. Kisten always maintained an incredibly careful and calm demeanor, always distancing himself from me when he thought he was losing control. He growled softly, his voice sounding animalistic. “You’re all that I want now.”

( Continued… )

© 2020 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Yasmina Iro. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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