Things Sasha Learned From Her Dog Winston During The Pandemic by Marian L. Thomas

21 Dec

Things Sasha Learned From Her Dog Winston During The Pandemic by Marian L. Thomas

Sasha is a beautiful brown-eyed young girl with an amazing dog named Winston. By watching him over the years, Sasha discovers that there is so much that she can learn from Winston, including how to overcome the fear of wearing a mask, how to have fun with friends using the Internet, and the importance of washing her hands and staying healthy. Sasha finds out that her best friend is full of valuable lessons! Perfect for ages 5 and Up!

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Praise for Sasha and Her Dog Winston

Ian Farrell
The bond between Sasha and Winston will warm the hearts of both parents and children, teaching the latter ones the importance of friendship and the benefits of learning.”

Sasha’s dog, Winston, is not just an adorable pet but also, a metaphor; Winston proves that one can learn something from the most unexpected of sources, events, or sentient beings.”

Orsayor Simmons
I gave the book to my boys to read, and they loved it. We discussed the topics of fear, bullying, and being nice to others. I’m 40 years-old and children books still play an important part in my reading experiences. I highly recommend this book.

Order Things Sasha Learned From Her Dog Winston During The Pandemic by Marian L Thomas
Released December 22, 2020! Children’s Book. Available in paperback and hardcover.

About the Author
Born in Illinois, Marian L. Thomas wouldn’t say that her first career choice was writing novels. She saw herself working for a local newspaper, reporting news in a journalist fashion. In college, she wrote for the college paper as a sports editor but later became the news editor. Marian’s writing path took a detour when she drafted her first completed manuscript and called it Color Me Jazzmyne. Today, storytelling is Marian’s passion. She has penned six women’s fiction novels and has been featured on television stations such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and many print and online publications such as USA Today and Black Enterprise Magazine. Visit the children’s book website today:


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