Write for Crown Holders

17 Nov

Crown Holders Transmedia Submission Guidelines
Join our team of writers, see details here:

The Crown Holders Transmedia team of contributors are a network of writers who are strong, intelligent and driven! Their mission is to uplift, support, and encourage the Morning Tea and Sankofa Lit community.

They are Believers! With their combined wisdom, they give a perspective on life from all ages and from all walks of life.

If you would like to submit your story or inspiration for the online magazine, monthly newsletter and our blog, please read the entire page and submit your material to Ella D. Curry, the editor.

Crown Holders is now a verified Amazon Influencer! I’m loving the new stores. Check out our new book shelves:

Check out our influencer store for Kids Lit:

I’m always looking for beautiful ways to showcase my clients and their amazing books! Have fun exploring our talented writers and poets.


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