Create Crown Holders Sisterhood Audio Presentation

24 Nov


Come on in, have a seat! I would like to invite you to create an audio presentation for the Crown Holders Sisterhood. 

We are looking for uplifting, motivating stories of overcoming obstacles or lessons that will empower women! We want to learn from women who inspire, motivate and entertain audiences with their stories…their voices!

Your presentation will be posted on the Crown Holders Transmedia website. Also, I will play your podcast on BAN Radio Show. The recordings will become part of our Crown Holders web series that will be shared on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

There are NO fees for this service. But, this can not be used solely to promote a product or service. We are truly seeking to pour into and uplift the women in our community.

Read this entire page to answer most of your questions.  This page is long, but I want you to have all of the information to make the process seamless. This email breaks down the process of recording. 


You can speak on any subject that is important to you. The topics can range from parenting, caring for aging parents, being an empty nester, to how to create a product or service. You are free to speak on whatever moves you and will educate others!  Here are my suggested topics for your Sisterhood presentation:

Becoming a Visionary
Business Strategy
Career Development
Caregiving for Terminally Ill
Caring for Aging Parents
Coping with Depression after Losing a Child
Diversity in the Workplace
Empowerment for Divorced Women
Entrepreneurship Inspiration & Tips
Finance & Money Management
Finding Hope After Losing a Child
Harnessing the Power of Prayer
Health & Wellness Tips & Advice
Helping Women Return to Work after 50
How Did You Start Your Business
How to Survive Domestic Violence or Adult Bullying
How to Expand Your Brand Using Social Media
Living a Vision-Driven Life vs. a Condition-Driven Life
Living an Intentional Life
Recovering from Addictions
Relationships for Single & Saved
Social Media Influencing
Starting Online Brands & Business
Surviving a Cancer Diagnosis



1.  Select a topic that’s important to you and prepare a speech for our audience. Practice or plan what you want to say.  Select your date and time for the radio/phone interview, go.


2.  Ella D. Curry will interview you for 30 minutes during your presentation. Try to keep it entertaining and informative. If you have a book, please tell the audience WHY you wrote it and HOW it shapes their lives.

 You get to select the date and time that fits your schedule. Ella D. Curry will follow up with you via phone to confirm your radio interview on Black Authors Network Radio Show.



I need your information back as soon as possible. Submit all information to the following email address. Email me if you have questions at  [ ].

Please submit all of your information in the body of ONE email. Do not send any type of attached text file, Word document, or PDF file. My assistants will not open any attachments because of security reasons. You can attach images as .jpeg or .png files only. Do not direct us to any links to gather information. Share all information inside ONE email.

1. Give me the title of your session.
Email me the title of your session and the promotional material. You are free to discuss any topic that will educate, entertain, and uplift women. You do not have to query me. We would like to shy away from topics on politics, violent crimes, and disciplining children. Other than that…go for it!

2. Submit your bio written in 3rd person, 200 words, no more.

Include your website address and other information about your company, book, or service. My goal is to drive people to you with the interviews/podcasts. Submit your confirmation and promotional material as soon as possible. 

3. I need the following information about the speakers:

— Cell phone number for the radio interview and chat with Ella
— Title of the presentation and subjects discussed in the interview with Ella
— Book cover art or eFlyer (Large: at least 560 x 704 pixels)
— Speaker’s personal head-shot only (Large: 400 x 400 pixels)
— Link to one product, book, service, or class to sell

4. Please share links to connect with you on social media websites. List any that fit your brand. They are all optional. Give the full URL, not the shortened version: 


Thank you in advance for joining us. I will do my very best to help increase your exposure and to provide the community with tools to better their lives! Our goal is to keep this to a bare minimum of emails, so you will receive only TWO emails from my team and you are only asked to respond back twice.


Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations
Soignée Lifestyle Magazine
Social Media Expert – Internet Publicist – Brand Strategist


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