Innocence Denied: Forced Into The Game by Julius Kane

08 Apr

A young, expecting couple leaves a poverty-stricken town for new opportunities and a fresh start in a big city. But after their terminally ill son is born the guilt and frustration takes its toll. As the financial rope tightens around them, Drake coerces his naive wife into entering the sex industry to make ends meet.

Forced to use her body to help get her husband’s business off the ground, Amber becomes exposed to all types of unsavory characters. Meanwhile, her husband Drake has a secret job she knows nothing about. Soon sex and greed begin to erode their unbreakable bond.

By the time Drakes’s overbearing mother shows up with a dark secret and a hatred for Amber, he’s doing everything he can to keep his little family from self-destruction. Amber and Drake are fighting for their lives, sanity, freedom, and most of all their child.

Innocence Denied: Forced Into The Game by Julius Kane is available on Amazon and Audible Audiobooks.

Meet Julius Kane
Julius Kane is the author of dozens of titles. His resume boasts an eclectic array of genres and categories including, fiction, non-fiction, stageplays, essays, poetry, and most recently, sci-fi. Julius Kane is a community activist and social reform advocate who currently resides in the DMV area.



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