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In the Dark by Unoma Nwankwor

In the Dark by Unoma Nwankwor

You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Psalm 18:28.

Do you find yourself wondering about the expiration date of your “meantime place?” Are you struggling to hold on when you have no idea what God’s end game is?


Multi-published award winning author, entrepreneur and Purpose Champion, Unoma Nwankwor takes readers on a hopeful exploration of Jeremiah 29. Along the way, she provides strategies to remain anchored during the uncertainties of life. Storms come to move us out of place, but as Christians we must not only survive but thrive with persevering confidence.

Blending undisguised personal testimony, biblical references and in your face realisms, this book shows readers how to push past the stagnation of life’s uncertainties by successfully navigating the dark places, walking the walk of faith with hope for a favorable end, having peace by learning to trust God and relinquish control to Him. We can’t dominate our areas of influence in excellence if we give up every time we hit a rocky patch. This book will leave you equipped with tools and tips needed to help you push through the process by maintaining confident expectations for today and tomorrow.

Bonus: With the paperback, you’ll receive the Light Pearls in the Dark Prayer Journal. It contains 40 days of praise/worship song suggestions and anchor verses that will help you strategically defeat the enemy’s plan of sowing doubt in your dark place. It also provides space for you to write personalized prayers. Record your testimonies in accordance to the fulfillment of His promise.

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Yesterday’s Tomorrow by Danielle Seck

Who says a girl needs her mother to teach her how to drive down the road toward womanhood? That may not necessarily be true, but for Alyx, she can’t help but wonder if her mother could have at least helped her avoid some of the potholes; potholes that often leave her broken down and inoperable.

It doesn’t matter that growing up Alyx’s mother turns a blind eye while Alyx is one punch away from getting a black eye as a result of the torment her mother’s boyfriend, Tony, puts her through. As  if that isn’t enough, Tony invites his son to participate in the destruction of Alyx’s childhood. In spite of it all, even as an adult Alyx longs for the love and comfort of her mother. But at some point a girl has to realize that when someone doesn’t love her, perhaps she needs to let the relationship go, even if it is with her mother.

Bound and determined to jump behind the wheel without a license and find her way to her destiny on her own, Alyx does what everyone expects of a girl who ended up in foster care as a child; she gets lost. For once in her life she’s relieved when she meets a man who she feels she’s headed in the right direction with. When he turns out to be someone totally opposite than who Alyx thought he was, she finds herself at a fork in the road. Decisions have to be made. It’s a matter of life and death; and not just for Alyx.

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Destiny’s Dilemma by Karen J. Anderson

Destiny’s Dilemma, a historical novel, tells the story of an African American woman in 1912 having to choose between a life of segregation with her family or leaving them to experience freedom the rest of the world offered.

Zorida Hughes Williams moved home to take care of her dying mother and found that some things had changed in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. Some things had stayed the same, like Hells Half Acre, an area where saloons, prostitution and gambling ran wild. Like most of the residents, she wanted to keep her head down and stay away from trouble, but trouble came in an unlikely form of an Anglo Baptist preacher.  He set out to fight corruption and almost got them all killed.

Does she stay in the one of the most racist sections of the country and care for her dying mother while fighting for something she believes in or does she go back to her “good life” back east to escape it all?  If Zo leaves she will have peace and the luxury she has grown used to. If she stays she will have the final days with her mom, but also have to fight through Hell’s Half Acre.

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The Mysteries of Eva Miller Revealed by Eva D. Miller

The Mysteries of Eva Miller Revealed
by Eva D. Miller

Former American Idol contestant Eva Miller takes you on an inspiring journey of both tragedy and triumph. Through her courage and faith Eva set out on a mission to unravel the mysteries that shrouded her life, she never knew what could possibly await her. Join her as she shares her story of abandonment, abuse, and deception as the mysteries of Eva Miller are revealed.

About the Author
Eva Miller
was born in Los Angeles, California. She spent most of her childhood between North Carolina and Ohio. As she approached her teenage years, the Universe sparked a change within Eva and due to certain events in her life, she decided it was time to leave Ohio for the sunny state of Florida. Upon arriving in Florida, she began to thrive. It was here that she completed high school and went on to attend Florida A&M University.

After a few years, she felt it was time again to move to a new location to begin to gather the lost chords of her life. The location for the beginning of that journey would be Atlanta, Georgia and in 2004 she arrived to seek out many potential opportunities. She has been a contestant on American Idol, tried out for various roles in reality television, and has been used an extra in various productions around the city. Those experiences sparked her interest in film making and perhaps even bringing a production of her own life to the big screen. Before then though, the world needed to know her story and who she is. From there, she became an author in 2010, releasing some of her life’s memoirs in her book “The Mysteries of Eva Miller Revealed.”

Eva is now a mother of a beautiful daughter, a fiancé to her mate of ten years, and works to aid in various humanitarian efforts around the entire globe. She has been especially recognized for her vigorous work with adoption rights, women’s empowerment, and bringing awareness to multiple causes around the continent of Africa.

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Ella Curry Featured on Book Look

ELLA CURRY WAS FEATURED ON:  The Book Look,  Season 2, Episode 1, January 2013

The Book Look is back for Season 2 with new authors, celebrities and contributors! In Episode 1, host Monda Webb and contributors Kwame Alexander and Charisse Carney-Nunes cover Nicole Sconiers’ Escape from Beckyville and Walter Mosley’s The Gift of Fire while hearing from Rev. Bernice King on the new book about her mother, Desert Rose: The Life and Legacy of Coretta Scott King.

Several emerging authors are put on BLAST (Book Look Author SpotlighT) including Trice Hickman, Stephany Greene and Jaunique Sealey; the AALBC Bestsellers List is presented; and EDC Creations’, Ella Curry is recognized for her ongoing contributions to the world of African American literature.

Charisse Carney-Nunes is the award-winning author of several children’s books including, I Am Barack Obama, I Dream For You A World, and Nappy. She is also a literary advocate, and the Executive Producer of The Book Look a webseries airing here on

The Book Look Social:
Join us on The Book Look – your online TV source for celebrating books and events relevant to the African American community.


Intimate Conversation with Dr. Natalie A. Francisco

Intimate Conversation with Dr. Natalie A. Francisco

Dr. Natalie A. Francisco serves as Co-Pastor alongside her husband, Bishop L. W. Francisco III, and Minister of Music at Calvary Community Church (Hampton, VA). She is author of Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship: Lessons for a Life of Virtue, Value & Victory and founder/executive director of the Women of Worth & Worship (WOWW) Conference and Institute.

Ella: Dr. Francisco, tell us about your passion for writing. Why do you write? What drives you?
I developed a love for reading and writing in grammar school and excelled at it throughout my educational pursuits and career. My passion has always been centered around educating and empowering others, particularly women, and my writings have been in alignment with my heart’s desire to serve others.

Ella: A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence: My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…
My writing offers the following legacy to future readers… Women of all ages who read my book will discover it to be a resource that will motivate them to uncover their dreams and desires in order to live a quality of life that is honorable to God, self-fulfilling and of service to others.

Ella: Please introduce us to your book Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship.
Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship: Lessons for a Life of Virtue, Value & Victory is a wealth of information tailor-made to address the questions that women have regarding spirituality, relationships, marriage, parenting, maintaining balance and so much more. I share the triumphs, tragedies, and lessons learned from my life to captivate women and catapult them into their destiny. Biblical principles, self-reflective journal exercises and practical wisdom intermingle to create a mentoring memoir that readers will enjoy time and time again.

Intimate Interview
Ella: Where are you from? What is your favorite genre? How did you start your journey?
I am a native of Hampton, Virginia who loves to travel. Being in full-time ministry has afforded me the opportunity to visit many nations as well as to establish and assist ministries across the United States and around the world for which I am extremely grateful.

My favorite genre of books to read would be the categories of Inspirational and Self-Help. Michelle McKinney Hammond, who happens to be one of my favorite authors and a personal friend, inspired me by her own writings to launch out and do the same. I have helped to write and edit books as well as church, leadership and Christian school manuals for our church, Christian schools and other organizations, but had never given much thought to publishing my own works until I was encouraged to do so by another friend, Rev. Connie Jackson. I will be forever grateful to her, Michelle and my family for the gifts in me that they have helped to nurture.

Ella: Who are the main characters in your book? Can a non-fiction title have a character?
I am the main character and serve as the storyteller to introduce the reader to the profound moments in my life that helped to define who I am and what I was created to do. The transparency and candor utilized allow women to see themselves within the pages as they identify with real life issues that we often face. I have even included anonymous women who have asked questions of me concerning relationships, parenting skills, career choices and the pursuit of purpose in their own lives. I love the fact that the lessons I’ve learned and the wisdom shared have proven to be helpful in the lives of countless women, and men for that matter, that have benefited from reading my book.

Ella: How does you book shape or add value to the reader’s life?Many who have read my book have already expressed how it has impacted them to the core, causing them to re-evaluate their perspective, relationships and habits while rediscovering who they are and pursuing what brings them joy. Here are just a few comments from others:

“In a time when many have abandoned the call to “teach the younger women…” Natalie Francisco emerges as a true Titus woman. As a modern day Proverbs 31 woman, she proves we can all be the women God created us to be if we are armed with the right truths to work with. So take the time to read, to absorb and then apply these rich lessons to your own life. But don’t just stop there. Share the wealth with others. Wisdom for Women of Worth and Worship is a jewel of a book that has the potential to change the world one home at a time.” – Michelle McKinney Hammond

“Your book is really wonderful. To be honest I have so many friends releasing books that I just had the opportunity to read yours. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! This is not a read through in a few sessions. It is a life manual that one needs to take the time to soak in. Kudos my dear! Love it! Love it!” – Pastor Tracie Davis

“I have been truly blessed by this book. It has helped me to understand that some of the things I felt I was dealing with alone, I’m really not alone. It helped me to realize that you have to let go of any fears that you have and be able to step into whatever your calling is with boldness, knowing that your worth and value as a woman of God is very important. The lessons in the book help to strengthen you and help you to be able to deal with some of the issues that are going on in your life. Also, I think men can read this book. The principles don’t change. The lessons can help men understand what their wives or significant others are going through.” – Rita LaVeist

“Your book is a wonderful resource for all women — the cover alone is very impressive. I’ve added it to my collection of suggested reading for the women’s groups that I facilitate weekly. I’m running a series of therapeutic support groups called Healthy Women/Healthy Relationships. We are delving into a lot of the topics that you cover and I’m sure that the ladies’ experience will be enhanced by reading this book. I especially like the moments of meditation — they really help to re-focus the mind and deepen self-awareness. GOD has blessed you with great insight and a beautiful gift of expression through writing. May the LORD continue to richly bless all that you do for HIS glory. May HE enlarge your territory and keep you in HIS perfect peace.” – Minister Pamela LaVeist-Bell, LCPC

Ella: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?My greatest accomplishment would be for my book to contribute to the positive transformation of women who are empowered to excel beyond their wildest dreams personally, spiritually and professionally after reading it. God-consciousness, self-discovery and service to others would be the three-fold cord that I would desire for readers to hold onto without ever letting go.

Ella: Who would this book really “speak to” and why?I initially wrote the book as the curriculum for my Women of Worth & Worship Institute classes. I soon realized that women regardless of age, race, ethnicity or socio-economic status should read, learn from and enjoy it. I have even been told by husbands, fathers and brothers of those who purchased the book for the special women in their lives that they have learned much from reading it and that the principles I share are also applicable to them.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
I was pleased to find out that my book was listed as number 13 on Black Christian Book Company’s Top 50 Bestseller List of Black authors and Independent publishers soon after its release. In retrospect, however, I would have to say that receiving emails and reviews from others concerning their perspective of my book and how it has left an indelible mark upon them, fills my heart with unspeakable joy.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?
It is important to write about whatever moves you, for in doing so, others will be moved as well. I have found that people readily identify with fiction or non-fiction stories with subject matter that will speak to the heart and feed the mind. Writing then must be passionate and intellectually stimulating, and the writer must be first partaker of what he or she desires to communicate to others.

Ella: Name 3 things that it takes to make a successful author, in your opinion.
In order to be a successful author, one must enjoy reading and writing, networking with others, and consistently promoting one’s own book.

Ella: What book already published is similar to your book in its writing style?
A number of books written by my friend Michelle McKinney Hammond are similar to my own in that the writing style is transparent, candid and thought-provoking, causing the reader to have an epiphany of sorts after encountering the book.

Ella: What can we expect from you in the future?My next published book will be my dissertation written in 2000 entitled The New Demand for Christian Education: Targeting the Urban, African-American Community. I am also planning to write a book about effective parenting in the near future. In the interim, I will continue to offer year-round mentoring classes and seminars both onsite and online, as well as annual conferences and community outreach efforts to educate, encourage and empower women as well as middle and high school young ladies.

For more information regarding Dr. Natalie A. Francisco and the ministries in which she is involved, contact:
Dr. Natalie A. Francisco, Founder/Executive Director
Women of Worth & Worship, LLC
P. O. Box 9853
Chesapeake, VA 23321

Book Details

Wisdom for Women of Worth & Worship: Lessons for a Life of Virtue, Value & Victory by Natalie A. Francisco, Ed. D.
(Foreword by Michelle McKinney Hammond)

Websites: or

Purchase the paperback version or eBook format at:

(Also available at,,, and (Coming soon online to Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders and wherever fine books are sold.)


Intimate Conversation with Miss KP

Intimate Conversation with Miss KP
The Dirty Divorce Trilogy

Miss KP began writing in high school as an outlet to express her emotions as a teenager. She would write poetry and has even written unpublished songs. However, after feeling as if she had much more to say, she decided to purchase a laptop and began working on her first novel, which we now know as Dirty Divorce, Part 1.

Just months after a good friend introduced her to publisher, Azarel; Miss KP’s dreams came true. She became a published author with the Life Changing Books (L.C.B) family with a #1 hit behind her name. Along with being an author, Miss KP works in the fashion industry as a Merchandise Manager in prominent department store.

A native Washingtonian, Miss KP currently resides in Maryland with her eight year old daughter, and is awaiting the release of her second and most anticipated novel of 2010, The Dirty Divorce- Part 2. For more information on Miss KP or her books, visit her website at:

Ella: Introduce us to your book, Dirty Divorce 2 and the main characters.
Drugs turn out to be a way of life for Rich, a powerful, sexy Drug Lord hailing from Washington, D.C. His desire for fast money and the extravagant things that it brings puts his family in harms way. Soon, his ego forces him to leave his castle and empire to expand business on the West Coast. His decision to leave his love ones behind at the mercy of his enemies turns out to be catastrophic. One by one, each of Rich’s children spiral out of control.

Pregnancy, rape, and abduction all hit the family structure one day after another. With Rich putting his focus on money, sex, and insignificant things in life his wife Lisa, throws some new drama into the relationship as well; a side-piece and divorce papers. This creates an even bigger wedge between Rich and Lisa. The hate that Rich and Lisa develop for each other causes the divorce to get down- right dirty. Can their love out way their hate to save their family or is it too late?

Meet the Main Players in Dirty Divorce 2
Rich– Handsome and definitely a lady’s man. Father and husband that is ruthless and some think he’s heartless but he’s real. He lacks respect for women and his infidelity causes major issues in his home. His only love is for his money and his daughter. He keeps his son and wife on the back burner which causes major problems.

Lisa- Rich’s wife. A docile, fragile wife and mother that struggles with what’s important in life– the love of money or her happiness. She deals with Rich’s infidelity for the finer things in life but realizes when it’s too late the price of street life has a hefty price tag.

Juan- Rich and Lisa’s son. Has extreme hate for his dad due to his lack of respect for Lisa but doesn’t realize he’s more like his father that he knows.

Denie- Rich and Lisa’s daughter. Teen girl that loves her father no matter how much he neglects her. He can do no wrong until it effects her and their relationship is tested.

Carlos “Los”- Rich’s Cousin. Handsome street Colombian that holds rank in the street. His father Uncle Renzo makes things happen on both coasts and is the reason for the major cash flow that Rich and his family benefits from. Carlos and Rich’s loyalty is tested by the ultimate betrayal and causes the family to dismantle.

Marisol- Carlos’ wife. Beautiful but ruthless. A true ride or die chick. Will do anything for her husband.
A close friend to Lisa.

Ella: Who are your favorites? Are your characters from the portrayal of real people?
I would have to say that Lisa would be my favorite character in Part 1 because of the transformation of her character. It was intriguing to have her go from being this gullible wife to this deranged woman that was lost and willing to do anything for revenge. The characters of the book are fictional characters but the situations are real.

Ella: What role do you give the mean spirited characters? Do you have such characters?
The mean spirited character in the book is Rich, but he is consistent. Sometimes we have to look inside to see what makes people tick and why are they the way that they are. When people treat others with lack of respect and there are no consequences, do we blame the victim for allowing it and not standing up for themselves.

Ella: What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write a book?
As a teenager I would write as an outlet because I experienced a lot at a young age. My father’s absence through my teen years contributed to a lot that I went through. One of good friends was going through some relationship issues and made a powerful statement, she said, “I feel as though I’m being punished for everything my father did wrong to women, why do my relationships keep failing?” From there I said I want to write a book with a storyline that speaks to the troubled black family.

Ella: Who do you want to reach with your book and what is the message within?
The Dirty Divorce I feel anyone can relate to. Everyone either knows someone who has been through a divorce or has been through one themselves, even if they are a product of divorce. Everyone in the family is affected by the break up, whether dirty or not. The abuse in the home becomes a way of life and you take the risk of your off springs either becoming a product of their environment or finding a way out. I want people to see that even though this book is fiction, it’s somebody in this world going through the same things and what are we going to do differently in our lives to make a change in our current behaviors.

The one thing I always say is, I don’t want anyone to lose the message. The cars, the money, and the big house might seem all good but we need to know the consequences that come with it. The streets are always watching and you have to live a life in fear of the day it could all come to an end; whether if it’s the Feds or the next man trying to get on top it eventually comes to an end. Infidelity comes with the territory as well.

Know that these are all the things you sign up for street life, but the main message is not only what I just mentioned, it’s the effect on the family and the children. It’s a vicious cycle because we are teaching our children that this is the only way, and as young girls we choose the hustler as our boyfriend, and as young men we choose street life as the way because this is all we know.

Ella: What are some of the specific issues or problems addressed in this book?
Divorce has been such an easy way out these days, the younger generation doesn’t fight anymore for their relationships so this is definitely a topic everyone can relate to. Also the relationship between a mother and her son as well as a father and their daughter. How the decisions that we make as parents and how they affect our children.

Ella: Share with us your upcoming releases and online contact info.
The Dirty Divorce is a trilogy and Part 2  was released on November 24, 2010 and for updates on future release information or to contact me I can be reached on Twitter:
Facebook:   or visit my website at:  

Purchase Dirty Divorce 1 and 2 written by Miss KP, HERE.

Publisher: Life Changing Books
ISBN-10: 193423074X
ISBN-13: 978-1934230749

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