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FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels by Author/Poet ME

FOR YOU WOMAN: Spirit Jewels by Author/Poet ME

For You Woman: Spirit Jewels introduces an innovative creative writing style of Poetic Intellectual Art that incorporates a mix of profound insights and spiritual wonders of Love, Life and Relativity. Its central subject matter of Love is forged upon the FOUR ways we experience Life: Mind, Spirit, Body and Soul. For You Woman: Spirit Jewels manifest as Creative Masterpieces of Poetry, Prose, Short Stories and Propositions. That is capped with a chapter on The Art of Love.

Spirit Jewels is a phonetic metaphor of a ‘Spiritual’ adventure of enchanting philosophical visions and revelations of our most intimate, intense and powerful needs with shrewd poetic twists that seduces the senses. Majik and mysticism permeates the avant-garde life-force that this book generates. It’s a truly unique, gourmet, reading experience.


Is Love the True Religion?

What if a normal young man were kept away from women for thirty years? Meet ME, a man who loves women with the same innocence and passion he had when he was forced to give them up thirty years ago. During those years, he wrote about women and love, bestowing flesh on his dreams, and out of that struggle to remember and keep alive the passion of youth has come a unique volume of stories, poetry, and articles aptly titled, For You Woman: Spirit Jewels. Raw, optimistic, and powerful, For You Woman helps readers remember how it was to love without restraint or caution, believing that love is sacred, the gateway to God.

Time stopped for ME when he was shut away from women, and his musings on life, God, Goddess, love, passion, eroticism, and fulfillment provide the reader with abundant food for thought. Framed in the Black English of the ghetto and the prison, For You Woman loses nothing in translation. While the language is raw and untutored, the subject matter is love in all its forms and all its faces, written of with great passion and delight. Grammar police, of which I am one, may not approve, but as Marshall McLuhan, professor, philosopher, and public intellectual suggested, “The medium is the message,” and it is proved in this case.

The author, calling himself ME, is a philosopher of love and truth whose writing skills and insights were honed in the belly of the underworld. As a retired bank robber, ME is, in his own words, an intellectual thug, a spiritual gangsta whose crystallized experiences provide shrewd twists, unique perspectives and visions. He is an artistic scholar, a hopeless romantic, a mystic voyager, and a spiritual awakener of and for mankind’s destiny.


Book Review written by Dan Neumann  

An Inspiring, Engaging, Entertaining, Enlightening Book

Nathaniel Thurston (ME) wrote a body of poems, essays, and micro-stories that you’ll end up reading like a devotional. Each poem is typically only a page or two long at the most, but you’ll be tempted to digest and reflect on its truths for a time before going on to the next page. The elephant in the room, of course, is Thurston’s 30-year residency in jail. For some of you purchasing “For You Woman,” that may be the reason why you’re interested in the book in the first place.

I’ll tell you now that it comes through strongly that these writings amount to a legal prison break. He has broken through the bars and the bondage of incarceration by communing with the spirit of God/Goddess/Love– freeing his mind and soul. This book reminds the reader that sex shouldn’t be sought for carnal lust, but for the unparalleled spiritual connection it can afford if we’re in the correct state of mind.

Thurston is more-or-less speaking to females in general in his poetry, but don’t let that discourage male readers. These poems will inspire you to recognize the divinity in women (and even woo them). Due to the maturity and the unadulterated veracity of the message, “For You Woman” is NOT bedtime reading for youngsters.  –Review Written by Dan Neumann




The contents of this book are designed to appeal to your HIGHER MIND, to your elusively hidden divine intelligence. Its subject matter is designed to advance maturity. As Intellectual Spiritual Art it is NOT by editorial protocol. Whereby you will notice the author’s SIGNATURE Imprint is his lower case i’s. In order to absorb the maxims of profound truths that is contained herein, it is suggested that you re-read very carefully these contents. You will marvel in what you discover and will be inspired in the way it grows on and with you. So study the concepts and the wisdom it offers, while enjoying such artistic wonder. It’s all you.

For You Woman is a tribute, a celebration of you Woman for that female essence – the Soul of our existence. That other half of ‘godness’ that’s so special, beautiful, so precious to we men. Me salute you, ‘cause you’re ‘like that!’ You deserve to be enshrined in your Immortality.

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This Too Shall Pass by Patricia A. Saunders

This Too Shall Pass
by Patricia A. Saunders

This book of poetry spans the journey of life, death, grief, love, and weathering all storms. When life has thrown you curveballs and you think that it’s over, no one is there for you, or no one can love you, it is in those moments when you have to hang on. There is hope, there is love, and there is a second chance. You just have to believe that this too shall pass!

Excerpt: This Too Shall Pass

POEM:  Bang, Bang 

Bang, Bang!
As kids we played cowboys and Indians
Got older and it was cops and robbers
Bang, Bang! was so innocent
Parents would buy toy guns
Boys would pretend to shoot, get hit, fall down and die
Some things changed over the years
The games became reality
Guns are brought to schools
Drive-by shootings are killing little babies
Bang, Bang!
Someone call 911
There are killings taking place everywhere
Churches, movie theaters, college campuses, Shady Hook, Planned Parenthood
Unarmed or armed
Bang, Bang!
You’re dead!

POEM:  I Melt
When I see your eyes
I fall in love all over again
Never thought I would feel like this
Though I carried you
Saw you grow within me
Seeing you lie on my chest
I Melt

When you open your eyes
Looking at me as you nurse from my breast
I smile because I love you
You are my legacy
You are my world
I Melt

The blessing of the birth of a child
Some take for granted
Some don’t want to go through it
I look at you and I can’t imagine
Your tiny fingers touch mine
And I …
I Melt

POEM: 5-Year Sentence
You had the cancer scare
You had it cut out
You had treatments
You learned how to breathe again
You were exercising
Being healthy is what you always were
Doctor said you have a 10% chance it can come back
5 years is what they told you
Let’s count together 1-2-3
So as your friends were dying off
From different types of cancer
Your mortality was in question
You started saying you lived a good life
You needed to finish everything you put on your bucket list
You were scaring your spouse
Where was your faith?
A tear ran down your cheek
You said, “I have 5 years!”

( Continued… )

© 2016 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Patricia A. Saunders. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Patricia A. Saunders’ Bibliography:
§  Loving Me
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About the Author
Self-published, award winning author, Patricia A. Saunders was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area nearly 20 years ago. She received her Master’s in Management from the University of Phoenix in 2011. After the passing of her mother who had Alzheimer’s, Patricia decided that all the words that she kept to herself were to be released.

In March of 2016, she released her fourth book This Too Shall Pass, this book of poetry touches on the subject of suicide, death, love and faith. Her work has been featured on In the Company of Poet, Women Owned Business Club Magazine, and Coach Deb Bailey Secret of Success Talk Radio. She performs locally at spoken word events and Capital Jazz SuperCruise Open Mic with Grammy Award Winner Eric Roberson. Her segment on In the Company of Poets “Patricia A. Saunders I am a Poet” won an Ursula Award.

Patricia is a proud member of the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment and she is a monthly blogger to Blessed & Curvy Ms. Saunders recently was one contributing writer of 300 women across the world for Sister with Ink Voices (Hill-Dudley, 2013).

Patricia works as a supervisor for a corporate financial organization. In her spare time, Patricia enjoys writing poetry, traveling, spending time with family and wine tasting.  Her books are available at your local book retailers and at  and


POEM: Stop the Violence by Carlet Horne

Stop the Violence by Carlet Horne

On December 14, 2012, our nation experienced a horrific tragedy.
Twenty children lost their lives. It didn’t have to be.
A gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire
The “What, When or Reasons” of which we none know why.

Now, people are sitting back, Speculating, Placing much blame.
When the truth of the matter is without Adam Lanza’s explanation,
We will never know what pushed his buttons.
So, the truth will forever with him remain

Everyone wants to blame the problem on guns.
I’m sorry to inform you that guns make up only one part.
They don’t have the ability walk up and kill anyone.
They have no arms or legs, and they’re just not that smart.

For, it takes a person to design and produce the guns.
Then, others to market and sell them; Free they don’t come.
And…now the guns are in the hands of a woman or a man
To be used for the purpose of good or evil in the land.

The shootings on that day were absolutely senseless.
Surely, there had to be another way.
Another way for that young man’s problems to have been solved.
It’s time for this nation to come together and pray.

It’s time for us as a nation to assess the reasons why.
Why did so many young children have to die?
Why were their lives needlessly sacrificed?
For someone’s right to bear arms, they paid the ultimate price!

It’s time for us as a nation to take more responsibility.
Time for us to face the facts. This is how we’ve allowed things to be.
Time for us to decide that things can’t stay as they are.
It’s time to take our children back…Our future doctors, lawyers, presidents and superstars.

It’s time to Stop the Violence.
This rampage must come to an end.
If the children are our future, then this world is their oyster. They are the pearls inside.
We must fill their lives with love and hope until within their hearts and minds they reside.

Copyright © 2012 Carlet Horne


Poetic Expressions: The World Goes Around by Allen Kai Ho Reyes

The World Goes Around  by Allen Kai Ho Reyes

As one continues to meet new kinsman
Some of the new become good companions
Others become mere associates and acquaintances
Still others are passerby in life maintenance

Whatever the being
Whatever your actuality
Whatever the eventuality
Whatever your reality
Whatever your spirituality

Thank the Creator for allowing us to touch each other
Thank God for allowing us to learn about self through others
We’re spirits and souls in time and space passing one another

We’re in a shared journey as one world brood
Keep the peace as our stream flows one blood

One love blanketing one ground
As the world goes around.

© Allen Kai Ho Reyes


Poetic Expression: Happiness by Opal Craine

Happiness by Opal Craine

It’s when you know how to enjoy the small moments in everyday; it’s appreciating the randomness of it all in every way.

It’s the jolly you feel from a good hard laugh, the refreshing feeling of a good hot bath,

It’s good conversation over dinner for two, it’s someone you love saying I love you too.

It’s being enlightened by a beautiful mind, expressions of gratitude towards an act that’s kind.

It’s the cataract victims’ brand new sight-enjoying the beauty of a full moon’s light.

It’s cancer hiding its face in remission, a good man taking your daughter’s hand with permission.

It’s working hard to lose the excess weight, finally getting compliments and being asked out on dates.

It’s conception for the woman who’d been unable to conceive or a goal that was reached that seemed impossible to achieve.

It’s the experience of staring death straight in the face, renewing your strength and finding you place.

It’s a timely sermon from your favorite preacher, the sense of accomplishment of a mentor or teacher.

It’s the excitement of catching you first fish, thankfulness for a love one cooking your favorite dish.

It’s finding an old friend and feeling home again, it’s swallowing your pride and making amends.

It’s Dad with girls when he finally gets a son, it’s appreciation for family and special loved ones.

It’s the joy of a parent on graduation day, after struggles, and trials-they turned out okay.

Happiness is accepting that situations will come your way-believe in someone greater who can make the storms obey.

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. Poem written by Opal Craine, Ladies of the Round Table Bookclub


Thankful by Doris Washington

Thankful  by Doris Washington

Let’s be thankful for the times we come together
Not only for the holiday feast,
The Turkey,
The dressing,
And the pumpkin pie,
But also to cherish the time
In seeing each other again,
Till the time we come together-Again.

Let’s be thankful
And remember it’s the moments we share,
The Love we give,
The Love of family,
The Love of friends,
Near or far.

Let’s be thankful for every moment,
For each day,
And remember as we give to others in need,
We too will be blessed.

For its the Love of family,
The Love of friends,
And the Love of Giving.

Let’s Be-

Thankful copyright (c) Doris Washington, November 2010. All rights reserved.

About the Author/Poet
Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, author, poet, and disability advocate who resides in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and son John. Doris takes the inspiration from her poetry from an unfortunate incident that involved her 18-year-old son with autism, and two police officers in December 1993. This incident impacted Doris’ life greatly. She was empowered to advocate for a statewide program for police officers to be aware of and recognize persons with special needs. And it was through this period of Doris’ life her writing began.

Her son is her inspiration to write. She has written over 450 poems about her closeness with God, spirituality, autism awareness, inspirations, positive thinking, social issues in our world, and greetings. She is an entrepreneur of  DORIS’ POEMS. She does poetry readings at nursing homes, and residential home facilities, churches, and the community. Her poems continue to inspire many. Her desire hopes that her poetry will be an inspiration for the world.


Poem: What Matters Is Love by Doris Washington

Remember when you feel at times there’s no love, always ask yourself am I carrying love in my heart. What am I doing to help someone? As we take a look inside our own heart, then as we spread it to the next person we are helping the world be a better place. For with love we make a difference, even a small gesture we make a difference in someone’s life.

Spread the love no matter how big or small. For what matters is Love. I have a poem I thought I would share with you. I hope you will enjoy. This poem is titled What Matters Is Love. This poem is also from my book Faith, Hope & Love. And please share this poem with others.

God Bless,
Doris Washington

What Matters Is Love
(Excerpt from Faith, Hope & Love Poems of Inspiration from Doris Washington)

What matters is what’s in your heart.
For it’s all about Love.
Just to keep it with you always.
To see with compassion, mercy,
Tolerance and understanding.
For it’s all about Love.

What matters is to be ready to forgive,
Even when the heart is tired and weary,
And to stand no matter your trails, no matter your
Circumstance, no matter your position with the Grace of God.
For it’s all about Love.

What matters is to know the respect you give to others,
Will also come back to you.
And to pray at all times, even if you feel there’s no
Love around.
For it’s all about Love.

What matters is giving always with a humble heart,
Placing less value on things,
And more value into helping others.
For it’s all about Love.


What matters is what’s in your heart.
For it’s all about Love!

What Matters Is Love  copyright (c) Doris Washington, April 2008. All rights reserved.
Email:;   Web Site:

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Many Doors To Open by Doris Washington

Sometimes the Lord closes doors,
So another door opens.
Sometimes it’s a test of your faith
In Him to know
He has greater things in store for- You.

And when you find your dreams are deferred
That’s the time to believe in them even more.
Always go forward with Faith that no matter
What happens there’s a reason for it.

A closed door can be an open door
To where you are to go.
Only He can shut doors that no one can open.
Only He can open doors that no one can close.

For as you trust in Him
You’ll find there’re
Many Doors To Open

Many Doors To Open copyright (c) Doris Washington, January 2010. All rights reserved.
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A Godly Marriage by Arnita L. Fields

God gave man an awesome role to cover his wife and to band around his home.
The husband’s presence in the home, lets the whole world know that he takes
his position seriously, and that God has given him control.

His wife respects and praises him and neither are ashamed.
There’s total peace in their home and no shifting of any blame.

The husband loves his wife and cherishes her with all of his heart.
He teaches his children God’s statures to give them a godly start.

He is the priest of the home and a good provider too.
He manages his affairs with integrity, as a Godly man should do.

The husband does not allow outside forces to come in to disrupt his home.
Even with small concerns he does not try to handle them alone.

He and his wife share and are honest from their start.
They open up their extra baggage and also the doors to their very hearts.

Their marriage is a success as Godly marriages should be.
With obedience, faith and their special love with God the Father

Poems taken from the book, “And the Beat Goes On, Includes Poems from a Restored Marriage” Copies can be purchased from the following websites.  Purchases books at  and 

Arnita L. Fields, a woman after God’s own heart, has been blessed with the opportunity to write and publish four books of Christian poetry to date. She is currently working on her first novel and a new poetry collection which both will be released late 2010.

Because of her passion and desire to see marriages operating in God’s divine order, Arnita has returned to school to get a degree in Psychology and Marriage Counseling so she will be better equipped to help couples move past the hindrances that seek to destroy marriages today.

To contact Arnita you may email her at  or you may reach her on her Face book, Twitter and My Space pages.

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Take a Poetic Journey- Taking It A Step Further

Taking it a step further…takes a motivational force
Taking it a step further…
Is the difference between self destruction or a positive course.

Taking it a step further…takes inner strength, courage and faith.
Taking it a step further…
Is to continue not knowing, those who love you and those who hate.

Taking it a step further…is to move on and on
Taking it a step further…
Is to create a path, build a bridge, or make a road
When the highway’s gone.

Taking it a step further…is planting your feet firmly,
Keeping your eyes on higher ground.
Taking it a step further…
Is to do the best no matter what the test or who is around.

Taking it a step further…is a walk of success
Carrying a role model’s load.
Taking it a step further…
Should become a part of your foundation,
Growth, and accomplishments
A part of your soul.

(c) 2008 Quiet Times, Nanette M. Buchanan

Books by Author Nanette M. Buchanan
• Bruised Love
• Family Secrets, Lies & Alibis
• A Different Kind of Love

Books are available wherever books are sold and online:

Contact Information
• Website:
• View the Video Postcard:


Poem: In Due Season by Doris Washington

President Barack Obama gave a inspiring speech for his first State of the Union Address last night about keeping the hope, and going forward that through these most challenging times in our country and the world we can and will restore our economy. Hold on to ‘hope” even though things may be difficult right now, that today does not have to be your tomorrow. And as we go forward to putting our dreams in action the economy will get better. I have a poem I hope will inspire you that is titled In Due Season. This poem is also from my book Faith, Hope & Love. May you be inspired. And please share this poem with others.

In Due Season
(Excerpt From Faith, Hope & Love Poems of Inspiration by Doris Washington)

When I think about all the blessings
He brings.
When I think about His Grace- His Love,
I can only stay where he wants me to be.
I cannot doubt him,

No matter what,
No matter the challenges.
And when the storms come,
And it seems as though they will not pass,
I look up to Him to know

He’s my help,
He’s my friend.
And whatever desires,
I know He will grant.

Always- In Due Season

In Due Season copyright (c) Doris Washington, April 2008. All rights reserved.

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American Dream Redefined

The American Dream Redefined

Used to be in the fifties
“A car in every carport, a chicken in every pot”
For the man without color
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the fifties
Till the ground; plant, reap and share the crop
For the man with color
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the sixties
Graduate from high school, go to Ivy League College
For the man without color
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the sixties
Graduate from high school, go to City College
For the man with color
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the seventies
Graduate from high school, get drafted into war
For the men with color and without
Oh-Oh, dream deferred

Used to be in the seventies
Graduate from high school, go to war, come home sick from war
For the men with color and without
Dream becomes a nightmare

Used to be in the eighties
Music changed, people changed
Drugs and thugs ruled the streets
For the gang members and young recruits
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the eighties
Sports players got paid big
For the young kid in school wanting to be “like Mike”
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the nineties
Rappers get paid big cause Hip-hop made the scene
For the young teenager trying to find himself
That was the American Dream

Used to be in the nineties
Corporate bosses called the shots
Winter and summer homes, tropical vacation spots
That was the American Dream

Twenty-first century has arrived
People take the Country back
Man of color is the Boss
The people and the Man turn things around
This is the American Dream redefined

Keep Looking Up – SomeOne’s Coming Back Soon
1st Irma 1:27

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You Weren’t There / Remember When

You Weren’t There / Remember When

You weren’t there
when I sold Girl Scout cookies,
nervously knocking on the doors of strangers,
hands shaking as I counted change.

You weren’t there
when I graduated from High School
after struggling through each semester,
spending many late nights studying for tough final exams.

You weren’t there
to question my fiance’ about his intentions,
or to walk me down the aisle
on my wedding day.

You were’nt there
for the birth of your grandson,
whose long fingers and big feet
make me think he’ll grow up to be as tall as you.

Remember when
you were nervous about selling Girl Scout cookies
and a little voice inside whispered,
“You can do it”?

Remember when
you didn’t think you would graduate
because the finales were too difficult
and a little voice inside whispered,
“Study a little harder”?

Remember when
you were walking down the aisle
to wed the man of your dreams
and a little voice inside whispered,
“Maybe he’s not the right guy”?

Remember when
you were giving birth
and a little voice inside whispered,
“Stop all that screaming and PUSH”?

Well, that little voice inside was me.
I was there with you all along baby girl,
guiding you from up above.

by Linda Hayes

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HONOR THY FATHER by Mozell Fleming

Father’s Day Salute

by author and poet Mozell Fleming

These words are meant to honor you because I understand, all the lessons you taught to me. To help me to become a man.

Often look back into our past and I marvel at the years gone by. How time has had so little effect of the vision of me in your eyes.

You’ve often had to navigate treacherous waves left in my wake. You’ve manned the bilge and held the line in hopes…I’d get it right this time.

You taught me all I needed to know. You believed in work, you let it show. You’ve done your part at every turn. Now Dad I say I’ve finally learned…

Life’s to short to throw away.

With time and love and money too you’ve done your part to see me, through. The best things I’ve learned, I’ve learned from you.

To you….I owe my existence my dreams. Like all great men you’ve overcame great things. As your blood and genes do flow in me I promise to make myself happy. And should my glow reflect on you…….I hope to make you happy too.

Thank you father, this is to honor you.

Mozell Fleming author of Arrivals Departures and Flights of Fancy
PublishAmerica, 2008

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Poetry Spotlight: Resilience By Dana Rettig

Resilience By Dana Rettig

I am resilient.
I am more of a child than a woman.

I am seen, not heard.

I am resilient.
In my love’s hindsight, I am not allowed to have the last word.

I am resilient.
If you cut me, I won’t scream because my pain is laughter in his ears.

I am resilient.
My weakness is his strength but my knowledge is his main fear.

I am resilient.
I can’t spend time with my loved ones because his jealousy over clouds his thinking.

I am resilient.
It seems as if I am flying high on cloud nine, but internally; I am truly sinking.

I am resilient.
He uses me as a ragdoll for his entertainment.

I am resilient.
I am not certain when I will ever find peace again.

Yes, my love is full of smoke.
He can get away with murder just by flashing his sweet smile.

My love is full of smoke.
He knows that for him; I’ll walk a mile.

Again, I am resilient.
My life does not matter because it no longer applies.
I do not have a voice, because he does not care about my lonely cries.

COPY RIGHT 3/2/2009; All rights reserved. Request permission to reprint.

Dana Rettig is a spoken word artist/poet/author/playwright from Chicago, IL. If you liked her poem, “Resilience”, you send questions/comments, to email address: Congratulations Dana on a wonderful piece!

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Women, Don’t Forget Your Worth

Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.
They don’t take “no” for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.
They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.
They are happy when they hear about
a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member,
yet they are strong when they
think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
They’ll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.
The heart of a woman is what
makes the world keep turning.
They bring joy, hope and love.
They have compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their
family and friends..
Women have vital things to say
and everything to give.

Note: the author is unknown to me. This came to me as an email forward. If you know the author, please have them contact me for an interview. This was a brillant poem!

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World Poetry Month Tribute with

Listen to a World Poetry Month Tribute with Poets

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Featured Author and Poet: Rosemarie Wilson

Meet author and poet Rosemarie Wilson

Rosemarie Wilson was raised on Detroit, Michigan’s east side. The youngest of four brothers, she became involved in the community at a young age. As a Girl Scout from kindergarten through high school, she learned valuable lessons by helping others. Raised in the Baptist church and educated in the Detroit Public School system, Rosemarie graduated from Cass Technical High School and spent two years at West Virginia State College.

Upon returning to Detroit, Rosemarie obtained her bachelor’s degree from Davenport University (formerly Detroit College of Business). In 2005, as a staunch advocate of fidelity, Rosemarie’s conscience was awakened with her induction into the literary world as the editor of “Saved, Single and Satisfied” written by Shaunda R. Hill.

Since that time, Rosemarie has been active as a guest on the Write the Vision “Raisin’ the Praiz” radio show on Detroit’s WHPR FM, 88.1. Her poetry has also been featured in Jolie Magazine (, the Soul S.I.S.T.A.H.S. Café of Reading and Poetry ( and the Key of Gee Newsletter ( For the past 19 years, Rosemarie has been employed at top law firms in Michigan and freelances in her spare time. She is the proud parent of a miniature daschund Remy Black.

In MY Own Words…

Hello Black Pearls family! My name is Rosemarie Wilson, author of One Single Rose . . . Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core ( Today I will be sharing with you a piece from my poetry collection entitled “Fair Game”, discussing the State of African American Relationships. Today, it seems like men and women don’t value or respect committed relationships. Wrote a poem about it, wanna read it, here it is:

Fair Game
Before partnering, unmarried men were fair game.
Took someone’s man—feel quite the same?
No longer comfortable hanging with single women,
Working hard at becoming happily married with children.

Would it sit well if a woman pursued your man?
He’s not married and fair game from what you had me understand.
Reluctantly disclosing a former outlook that’s changed,
Looking back on reckless views that now appear deranged.

Should people respect a relationship just recently committed?
Should former ways of thinking be promptly acquitted?
Desiring the respect that’s never been shown.
Praying that women leave committed men alone.

Loving your man, in him you’ve laid trust.
Going for broke, all or nothing, together forever or bust.
Been together two joyous years.

Laughed and loved barely shedding any tears.
Now your man is starting to act slightly foreign.
Called a woman’s name as he slept and was snoring.
Repeated calls to him ring on an unanswered phone.

Wait it out, or maybe drive by his home?
He told you Monday afternoon that night he’s working late.
Monday evening he ate from another woman’s plate. . .
Who considered your man as fair game.

She embraces your old ways now you think it’s a shame.
What goes around comes around, you didn’t quite believe.
The same way he came may be the same way he’ll leave.

© 2009 Rosemarie Wilson; All Rights Reserved

From her first poetry collection entitled:
“One Single Rose…Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core”

Put negative energy behind you and let it push you forward to greatness! — One Single Rose

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In Full Effect by John D. Evans

In Full Effect

You thought you could
Just take away my title
And curb my position
You thought that you
Could minimize me
Reduce my stature
Belittle who I am
Shun my offerings
You thought that
You did something
Had me where you
Wanted me to be
On the bottom
But good luck
The title
Does not make me
The position
Does not make me
The office
Does not make me
The desk
Does not make me
It is what’s inside of me
That makes me and
Still I rise

by John D. Evans
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008

When your inspiration seems to fade and depression tries to creep in,
Just close your thoughts to the negativity and welcome the love.

Happy Easter!

The Evans Poetry Collection
P.O. Box 2177
Oak Park, IL 60303877-4


Literate Nubian


“Promoting Global Peace from 2006 to eternity!”

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Poem: Here by John D. Evans

Celebrating the beauty of the world!

April is World Poetry Month


My being here is
Not an accident
It’s not by happenstance
Luck or mere chance
It’s no coincidence
Small occurrence
Incidental event
It’s a wonder
So amazing
A miracle
I’m here

by John D. Evans
All rights reserved. Copyright 2008

The Evans Poetry Collection
P.O. Box 2177
Oak Park, IL 60303877-4
Literate Nubian
“Promoting Global Peace from 2006 to eternity!”

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Poem: 40 Years A Journey by Ronald Sorenson

40 Years A Journey

Promise land eye thee
Outside how we see
Past the future does not bring
Hear inside we bleed as one
Divide the fall this for all
Unite we blend stand tall
Broken wounds hearts heal
Seek in breath peace a call
Blind a frown looking down
Feel loves touch lift us up
Land of promise no stop
Dreams all there we have
Dr. King slain not in vein
Rise from pain all to gain
Flesh to earth life in soul
Blended seek goal is love
Overcome from one to we

-Ronald Sorenson
A.D.D. Poet

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2008

Ron Sorenson the former homebuilder has been diagnosed with A.D.D (Attention Deficit Disorder). Recently he began a diet and exercise program to manage his ADD. The side effect of this non-prescription treatment of ADD has been a creative explosion. Ron now creates poetry that has received recognition and applause from academic institutions such as Rutgers University, Stanford University, Jonn Fee Okford University, San Francisco Art Institute Suzanne Olemsted Addmissions,The Bereavement Society and his celebrity fans include Jonny Depp, Red Hot Chlie Peppers Jewel, many more and names of some that would not or frienship open and not private anymore. Ron began writing poetry for Kathy. She noticed his talent and with the positive reinforcement he began spreading his poetry to others. Ron is now referred to as the “A.D.D. Poet.”

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Poem: Persistence True Dream by Ronald Sorenson

Persistence True Dream

Martin Luther had a dream
Barack Obama different not he
Unite start thee one for us to be
Together bond make strength
Land of promise mountain climb
Overcome begun job to be done
Change direction drive within
Peace fights not love endures
Stand to lead Americans unite
Hear listen ear different are we
See heart feel how same are soul
Red all blood we do bleed heal
Believe in the dream beats one
Life and earth a time in need we
World compassion help our part do
Forget not remember love binds all
Tomorrow better day please pray
Day embrace inauguration
January 20, 2009

-Ronald Sorenson
A.D.D. Poet
All Rights Reserved. June 3, 2008

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Black History and the BAN Network

TITLE: Black History and the BAN Network

Black History
These are the ancestors of choice;
And when things were not right
They lifted up their voice;

They sacrificed in times of struggle
Took the bill in the hustle;
Made a dream for the country to wonder
Moves these people made struck like thunder;

More opportunity was open,
The chains on minorities broken;
No more limits no pressure,
From King to Obama now we go get the measure;

Black History I still treasure,
Ancestry held out in pain;
Just to make more opportunity
For minorities to do more things;

See we cannot blame,
Our peoples struggled thru some times;
And I was not even alive when they were
But I can vibe it in this rhyme;

Black History
allowed opportunity to make it thru college,
That was the reason
I got good wisdom and knowledge;

And Black History was motivation
To be a great person for the nation;
And change was already done in a sense,
President Obama hey that’s no coincidence;

Black History leaves rights open in spots,
Success is on the rise we must always keep that hot;
Yeah this heritage yes this is for me,
I am so grateful for our month in BLACK HISTORY;

Written by Math Man, Author and Poet Stanley Pitchford
Copyright 2009; All Rights Reserved!

Author of books DESTRUCTION via THE MIRROR IMAGE parts 1 and 2
Note: part 1 is red and part2 is orange and includes poetry
Readers can catch me at my

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April is World Poetry Month

April is World Poetry Month
Poets from Around the World Unite on Blog Talk Radio

Poets around the world call for a World Poetry Month. Fifteen poets from such places as Saint Paul, Minnesota; Rye, England; and South Africa, Johannesburg will unite and discuss the need for a World Poetry Month. Fifteen talented poets from the E-community – Empowered by Poetry – will be interviewed on April 13th and 20th from 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time). Ella Curry of EDC Creations, John D. Evans, Dominant Muse of the E-community and founder of The Evans Poetry Collection, and select poets from around the world will unite and call for a World Poetry Month designation for the month of April.

The poets will engage in educational, inspiring, and meaningful discussions on poetry and they will explain how poetry empowers. All visitors can chat live in the chat-room during the show live at: . Let’s make this epic event an exciting and unforgettable one.

“When we take a stand for poetry, we take a stand for beauty. When we take a stand for beauty, we take a stand for peace. Celebrate World Poetry Month and get one step closer to World Peace…” says John D. Evans, Empowered by Poetry group leader.

The theme for the show is a statement of declaration: April is World Poetry Month – A Discussion of Poetry with Poets from Around the World.

If you should have questions about the guests or about the World Poetry Month effort, contact John D. Evans at 877-4MY-TEPC (877-469-8372).

If anyone is interested in calling with questions for the guests during the show, please call (646) 200-0402. Continue to shine my talented friends.

John D. Evans, Group Manager
Empowered by Poetry

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American Dowry by Mozell Fleming

American Dowry by Mozell Fleming

Stentorian love songs

Black again to shatter the lies
they told to discourage you…
truth lies.

Beauty that they failed to see
failed to recognize.
Lost in Pandora’s eyes.

Be wary

When fools become wise
the truth is set free.

No longer can Styx run over me

only when…. I look into eyes.

Eyes that are ready to see.

One fell away


The other shunned

Self-esteem, pride, and the dreaded past
was then, is again …at last

The truth set free

Hidden behind the lies
of the carrion that came to devour me… mine
to prick my soul to bleed my eyes

The tears that ran like rain
and I swore to God that I would not fall
I’d never love again…

Then, I looked at you.
Your skin so smooth and fit so tight
I could scarcely attempt to breathe.

I asked myself if you
were there with me
now as well as then… again I look

Again I see
The forbidden fruit that grew

From the lies

From the death
Life found

The seed of all the good
that they have overlooked
I’m delivered a child from gorgons’ womb

A peach…from history…. Hymeneal race

All one need do is see.

by Mozell Fleming January 9, 2009

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My Creator, My Love by Irma L. Williams

My Creator, My Love
Irma L. Williams – 6/2000 ©

I’ve fallen in love with You
I’m not sure of what to do
My heart is swollen with adoration
Filled with awe and gratification
I know now that this has happened
I won’t be able to live without You

You touch me in places
I didn’t know existed
Parts of me that will yield only to You
Areas that are “off limits” to man
Pit holes and pot holes that no one can
Reach but You

Your Words shine light in those places
As they are spoken they fill the spaces
That once were so void and so neglected
Because most of my life I had been rejected

You say I’m fearfully and wonderfully made
More beautiful than a star lit night
And more priceless than shade
On an August day in Atlanta

None else is allowed where I let You go
No one else can get close
To the me that I give to You
Only Your Hands are Big enough
Yet gentle enough to hold me without
Dropping me and saying,
“Oops, I was just playing”

Yes, Someday I’d like to be married
But I’m not sure there’s a Tom, Dick or a Harry
That I will love as utterly as You

My God, how I love You!

Irma L Williams – 6/2000 ©

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America Is Singing, Again by Irma L. Williams

America Is Singing, Again
Irma L Williams – 1202009 -©

Not since the movement that swept across the land
Not since the Marches when we held each others’ hands
Not since the protests we held within our streets and
Not since some of us suffered to be beaten

As I turn my head and my ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing again
The sound I hear comes not from the mouth
The songs of millions of hearts in unison, and loud

Not whining, not moaning, Not complaining or groaning
The sound of human kind standing up and owning
The responsibility to love one another and
The right to live a better life

All races, all creed, all Nationalities young and old
Mothers, Brothers, Fathers and Sisters, friend and foe
As I turn my head and ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing, again

It has been written “when the unjust rule, the people are sad
But when the just are in leadership, the people are glad”
America is rejoicing, almost skipping along
America is singing a brand new song

As I turn my head and my ear to the wind
I hear the voice of America singing, again
Do you hear it? I know you do
I can hear your heart singing too

As I turn my head and ear to the wind
I can hear America singing, again

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Poem: Learning Time

Learning Time

If you’re not learning
How to be a leader
You are in training
To be a follower

If you’re not learning
How to be a success
You are training
To be a failure

If you’re not learning
How to get ahead
You are training
To sit in the rear

by John D. Evans

The Evans Poetry Collection

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Poem: A Long and Mighty Walk

A Long and Mighty Walk

From the birthplace of humanity
A time when men were free
With nature growing and creatures roaming
A mighty walk I see
The first made by a woman,
First Mother of the Mother Land,
80,000 to 200,000 years ago
In Africa’s Sub-Saharan
I can hear the washing of the shores
And the Kings still roaring
Animals with fancy names
Help me to tell this story

Primitive, yet civil, was the first society
Following Mother’s lead
Mother-Right, this age, did see
From the Great Lakes region
Around 200,000 years ago
Our ancestors, known as the Twa,
Paved the way for others to grow
Up and down the Nile ruled black masters of lands
Creating, trading, and delegating working hands

Ageless is this epic of human migration
Women and men of might and will populated new nations
The journey from Africa to Eurasia
Pre-dates recorded time
As they ventured, every mountain was new
And each forest was a find
I see a rush of Ethiopians darting in my mind
From the Sudan, Egypt, Arabia
Asia, India, and Palestine
Successfully, they sailed the Nile River to Crete
Sustaining old and creating new
Cultures as they deemed be

The Nile Valley was, indeed, the Cradle of Civilization
The ancient Egyptians of Ethiopia thrived
And built a mighty nation
Around 6,000 years ago, the Egyptians ruled
Studied astronomy, music, medicine,
And chemistry in Mystery Schools
In addition to rhetoric, calculus, art, and geometry
All of the world’s religions
Were borne in this spiritual community
From about 6,000 BC until 300 BC,
The Egyptians saw 27 dynasties
Later, overrun by the Persians
This great people were rarely free
The most inquisitive of all creatures

Are we, mortal beings
Ever-seeking the origin of life
And the creator of all things
Over 40,000 years ago, the case was the same
Our forefathers embraced beliefs
Though they were later destroyed or changed
Pyramids reached for the sky
Way before Pythagoras was born
Warriors exercised powers, but
From their prowess, most were torn
Now in this day of special wants and needs
We must stay on our feet until we are free

From the birthplace of humanity
To a time when all are free
With nature growing and creatures roaming
This is the walk I see

by John D. Evans

Inspired by the teachings of Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Courtesy: The John Henrik Clarke Virtual Museum of the DuBois
Learning Center (November, 2005)

The Evans Poetry Collection
P.O. Box 2177
Oak Park, IL 60303877-4

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