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Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul: Poems and Inspiration to Live and Love Harmoniously by Janet Autherine

Books by Janet Autherine


Wild Heart, Peaceful Soul, is a beautiful collection of poems that tell the stories of strong, vulnerable, courageous women who love deeply, sometimes fall hard but always lead with their hearts. It is a deep and gritty, fresh and robust look at the thrill of loving unconditionally, as well as the mental and physical toll that it takes when peace and harmony are sometimes lost in the process. Drawing on personal experiences from her own journey of the past 30 years, J Autherine delves into the vulnerable hearts of women from around the world, including from her early years in Jamaica.


Growing into Greatness with God, 7 Paths to Greatness for our Sons and Daughters is inspired by her own experiences growing up in Jamaica, as well as her experience raising her three sons to recognize and nourish what God has planted within each of them. Her goal, through her writing, is to empower adults and children to see themselves as unique and amazing, already blessed with the ability to succeed in life and achieve their dreams.


About the Author
Janet was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, and immigrated to the United States when she was twelve. She grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Pennsylvania State University and Boston College Law School. Janet continues to practice law but wakes up at 5am almost every morning to cultivate her inspirational writing and introduce readers to great books through her publishing company, Autherine Publishing. She is a proud introvert and running and reading are her peaceful passions. Her books are available on Amazon and she blogs at

Twitter: @LoveAutherine
IG Poetry: @J.Autherine




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5 Essentials to Help Women Protect Their Health and Wellness When Mastering Negotiations

5 Essentials to Help Women Protect Their Health and Wellness When Mastering Negotiations.
Raye Mitchell, Esq –

Health and Wellness are Prime Ingredients For Women Who Want to Brew Their Secret Sauce for Success as Master Negotiators

Honored to Join the 2018 Fall Digital Hollywood Conference. Here’s What I Want to Add to the Conversation

On October 17, 2018, I join an elite panel hosted by the Alliance for Women in Media, Southern California Affiliate, at the prestigious Digital Hollywood Conference in Los Angeles. The mission for this panel of Hollywood executives is to discuss insider secrets on how women become master negotiators.

The topic is, of course, timely as we continue the era of #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement, in which women of all backgrounds are committed to correcting the power imbalance favoring white males, not women and people of color. Long before I joined the #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement as a lawyer in the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund network, I committed my platform to help women and girls negotiate better outcomes, resolve conflicts, and reach favorable agreements in high-conflict environments and situations, often while enduring overt and subtle forms of bias and hostility.


PANEL @DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD (@dhollywood): This session is moderated by award-winning broadcast news journalist K.J. Matthews (“AC 360,” “The Situation Room,” “New Day,” “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,” “Erin Burnett OutFront,” “Larry King Live,” “Nancy Grace,” and “Morning Express with Robin Meade”). @KJMatthewsstvwith panelists:

• Joel Eisenberg, Film and TV writer/producer and partner, Council Tree Productions #joeleisenberg

• Julia Verdin, Veteran filmmaker, writer and award-winning director, founder of Artists For Change (@juliaverdin)

• Sandy Abrams,, Author of Breathe to Succeed. (@sandyabrams, #Breath & #Mindset.)

As I prepared my notes for the panel, I wanted to focus on a message that I could contribute that would help women in the audience enhance their ability to get in the game, stay in the game, and level up their ability to negotiate the game. Whether confronting a contract or salary negotiation, a #MeToo challenge, or opportunities to advance their initiatives in Hollywood, blue-collar workplaces nationwide, and personal adventures, most women do not want to win battles by compromising their self-care and self-worth.

In general, negotiation or its processes deal with bargaining, seeking to discover common ground, or reaching an agreement to resolve a conflict or divergence of opinion or perspective. The effective component of tough negotiations is the ability to find common ground so stakeholders walk away with a sense of balance for all involved.

Of course, in today’s world exchanges are sharp, hostile, and reflective of deep divides. The unfortunate reality is that we inhabit an environment in which we are fighting to hold the line and regain ground lost to progress on the age-old issues of bias, inequality, and fairness. We are in an era of unprecedented upheaval and persistent testing of our ability to innovate, move the needle forward, and resist the urgency of now that seeks to divide and to create conflict and discourse as the only means of civil engagement. This level of hostility taxes our ability to maintain our health and well-being.


Women as Negotiators
Despite the above mentioned, women are uniquely positioned to yield tremendous power at the bargaining table and lead as transformational negotiators with a knack for addressing complex problems. However, to succeed and navigate effectively, we must do more than master a set of negotiation skills; we must draw upon our power centers and influence expertise and our inner agility skills, which are not just skills based. We must be healthy, well, and of good spirit in the process so the struggle for equality does not destroy our well being during the journey.



Guarding Our Health and Wellness
We can both win and lose simultaneously if we are not mindful of our health and well being in the process of “getting to yes.” In my experience, there are at least five key health and wellness practices that can meaningfully contribute to the mindset needed for being a master negotiator. Many of these principles are intuitive, but too often ignored in traditional courses and discussions regarding the strengthening of leadership and negotiation skills. Taken together, with other core negotiation skills’ development, they can be the essential ingredients for making your personal secret negotiation sauce, leading to inner agility and effective negotiation skills development:


1. Start with a check on the tendency toward extreme positions. So many times, we become enraged and pursue an issue based on principle. However, a health and wellness perspective compels you to pause while remaining engaged in action so you can create a safe space for clear judgment, original thinking, and speedy, purposeful action. The pursuit of a principle can be costly emotionally, if unchecked.


2. Next, enhance your ability to measure risks and rewards. Negotiations are not always about money and power, and often, people caught in the rhythm of a give-and-take negotiation focus on a position, not their best overall interests. In a health- and wellness-focused world, listening—and thinking—from a holistic perspective is a critical means of encouraging the discovery of original, unexpected, breakthrough ideas.


3. Then, identify and mix-in more options and alternative outcomes. One way to generate a breakthrough in complex, difficult, and stalled negotiations is to introduce a wild card that changes the nature of the questions and issues being negotiated. Asking yourself challenging health- and wellness-based questions may help unblock your existing model of what a workable solution may be.


4. Now, thwart efforts to play to your perceived weaknesses. Health and wellness paradigms are really extensions of well-honed emotional intelligence skill models merged with a heightened agility and influence quotient (AIQ) that embraces mindfulness and conflict de-escalation expertise to find common ground and bridge divides. Self-care is different from self-absorption. Most of us are familiar with the emotional quotient (EQ), but AIQ empowers your thinking of yourself regarding self-care and being a conflict de-escalator to help make the task of leading a negotiation exciting instead of terrifying.


5. Finally, prepare for and give more power to playing the long game. In complex negotiations and in this hyper-conflict-driven era, finding common ground solutions is rarely straightforward. Instead of drawing a hard line in the sand, a health- and wellness-based sense of sensibility may help move you and your negotiation from here to there in a journey where is “here” is a stuck position, and there is a solution down the road.


To be clear, these steps are foundational thoughts that may provide a framework for developing an integrated set of interrelated touchstones in your journey to being a master negotiator and sculpting the life you want to live.


ABOUT RAYE MITCHELL, Esq – Raye Mitchell is a Harvard trained attorney, a conflict resolution and negotiation expert, speaker, and award-winning author of How Women Negotiate From a Position of Strength. Raye provides online training, leads workshops, and retreats focused on integrating health and wellness insights into negotiation and conflict resolution skills’ development, having fun, and assisting individuals, organizations, and teams in sculpting the life they want to live. Raye is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Irwin Award presented by the Book Publicists of Southern California for her Life Above Average Empowerment Book Series that supports everyone’s journey to elevate their lives, be well and have fun in the process regardless of age, race, gender or body size. Follow Raye’s story at and her website at Follow on Twitter @drrayemitchell, #LifeAboveAverage.



ABOUT AWM SOCAL –  Alliance for Women in Media, Southern California Affiliate (AWM SoCal) is the local affiliate to the Alliance for Women in Media, a national, nonprofit organization. We extend membership to qualified professionals in the media and entertainment industries. Founded in 1952, our mission is to advance the impact of women in media by educating and acting as a resource to our members, the industry and our community. AWM SoCal is dedicated to empowering career development and driving positive change for our industry and societal progress. The Southern California Chapter of Alliance for Women in Media offers local benefits to its members. Visit Alliance for Women in Media SoCallearn more. @AWMSoCal

#BeatTheOdds, #LifeAboveAverage, #RayeMitchell, #InvisibleNoMore


New Year, New You: Resolutions for African American Women

Unlock a New Year and a New You!

Annual Resolutions for African American Women
by author Hazel Mills

Release those Painful and Negative Bags!  “Suffering is not holding you. You are holding suffering. When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you’ll come to realize how unnecessary it was for you to drag those burdens around with you. You’ll see that no one else other than you was responsible. The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival.” — so says Osho

  When people talk about making resolutions for the new year, it usually involves quitting or losing something or someone. For example, millions of people will resolve to quit smoking and twice as many more will promise to lose weight. Beginning the new year, we will be saturated with television and print ad campaigns for gym memberships, weight loss program and equipment deals as well as products to help with nicotine addiction. Although these changes in lifestyle are great and for some, can mean the difference between life or death, there are so many other things that we, as African American women, can do to make our lives more healthy, positive and meaningful throughout the new year.

What baggage are you leaving behind in last year? I’m leaving behind all doubts, fears, guilt and any unsaid thoughts!  I’m starting new…new ideas, new friends, new projects, new goals, new is what’s hot! Here are a few tips to launch a New You:

1. Resolve to spend more time with God. This should be non-negotiable and always first on everyone’s to-do list for the new year. He has created so many beautiful and magnificent things, including you. Resolve to attend church or bible study more often than you do now. Make time in your busy day just to say a quiet “thank you”.

2. Resolve to ditch the drama. I can’t say enough about this one. The stress of living a drama-filled life can affect your mental and physical health. Find ways to get rid of your own and to avoid getting pulled into the madness of others around you. This is much more challenging to accomplish around the holidays.

3. Resolve to take control of your health. On the morning of January 1 and the rest of the year, ask yourself the following vital questions: What is my HIV status? What are my cholesterol numbers? When was my last pap smear and/or mammogram? When did I last see a dentist? If you can’t answer these questions definitively, call your doctor(s) and make an appointment.

4. Resolve not to starve your savings account. Last year was a year of economic hell and we have all cut back on rewarding ourselves with luxuries like new cars and vacations. Some may have dipped into the piggy bank just to make ends meet. In the new year, try to make a point to put a little something away from each paycheck. It doesn’t have to be much. Pennies add up to dollars.



For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Lee McDonald, The Renaissance Group
Phone: (301) 856-8273


Baltimore, MD, February 9, 2009 — On Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. the Urban Leadership Institute, Heal Women, Heal a Nation, Residential After School Programs & the Institute for Interactive Instruction along with several community partners will host the Raising Him Alone Campaign Kick Off. The kick off is part of a larger conference focused on empowering women. The Urban Leadership Institute partnered with Heal a Women, Heal a Nation ( joined forces to provide an exciting opportunity for women in Baltimore, MD.

The Raising Him Alone campaign is designed to provide support and advocacy for single mothers raising boys. At a time when so much energy is focused on African American males, it is critical that we do a better job engaging parents around the unique challenges that face boys being raised by single parents. Raising Him Alone ( focuses on creating a safe space for single mothers to discuss parenting strategies, personal development, managing finances on a single income and a variety of other topics determined by single mothers.

The campaign kickoff will be held at Coppin State University, 35 West North Ave Baltimore, MD 21216 featuring a full day of workshops hosted by Heal a Woman, Heal a Nation. Raising Him Alone will host a separate workshop track for single mothers raising boys featuring an exciting panel of celebrity mothers who have raised highly successful sons.

Panelist includes: Dr. Brenda Greene, Professor at Medgar Evers College and mother of Talib Kweli, Dr. Mahalia Hines, Retired Chicago Public School Principal and mother of actor/rapper Common and Sheron “Umi’ Smith, mother of Grammy Nominated actor and rapper Mos Def. The panel will be hosted by mother/actress/comedienne Meshelle.

Other featured speakers include: Cassandra Mack, author The Single Mom’s Little Book of Wisdom, Dr. Melva Green, Psychiatrist, Stacie Price, Visionary Financial Strategies, Inc., Darlene Brown, Divine Empowerment, Richard Rowe, African American Male Leadership Institute and Adeyemi Bandale, Men on the Move.

Additionally, the kickoff will feature a resource fair full of organizations dedicated to serving mothers and sons.

For more information on Raising Him Alone and to register for the conference, visit

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