Picking Up His Pieces by Nikole Morgan

05 May
Picking Up His Pieces by Nikole Morgan

In suburban Richmond, Virginia, three generations of up-and-coming African American families strive to overcome inherited weaknesses while establishing a legacy on which to build their faith and futures.
Pastor Ivan (Ivy) James, whose father’s life was destroyed by sexual deviance, must come to terms with his own imbalanced view of marital romance with beloved wife Yolanda. Learning to express emotional as well as physical intimacy, Ivy simultaneously struggles to father the six children borne by various women during his wild youth. A unique challenge is Ivy’s troubled twelve-year-old son Dominic who comes to live with Ivy and Yolanda when his crack-addicted mother cannot provide for him. Ivy’s sex addiction faces the ultimate test in Satan’s efforts to destroy his ministry.
Malcolm Stewart is distrait when lovely wife Telese begins divorce proceedings following yet another bout with his violent temper. Making the decision to change his life permanently, Malcolm enrolls in anger management classes and graduates with honors in hopes of winning back Telese and their two bright children.  Stress sends him over the edge in a dangerous emotional  spiral. But new friend Steven Hill, security guard who ministers to the homeless and hopeless on the streets, teaches Malcolm to channel his anger positively – by punching the boxing bag to release pain and frustration.
Raymond Durrant’s career path in the business world is clear and smooth as long he remains in the clutches of supervisor Amanda who will stop at nothing to break up Ray’s marriage. When he is tricked into making a terrible mistake, Ray searches for the right answers to his problem and finally makes a stand to choose God over personal success. Amanda tries everything in her power to destroy what he and wife Donae have, risking her reputation and career in an all-out quest to snare Ray for herself. Ray learns to allow God to make his name great, as promised in Scripture. He joins Malcolm and Steven to form a three-cord strand of faith that helps each man fulfill God’s purpose for his life.
These dynamic young couples build relationships on solid ground to rise above the sin natures of their fathers and mothers and the weaknesses of their own flesh to sow seeds of faith and rebirth.

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Meet Author Nikole Morgan

Nikole Morgan was born and raised in Greenville, S.C. where she currently resides with her husband and children.  After obtaining a Cosmetology License as well as years working in Manufacturing she realized her gifts and talents didn’t rest there.  Her passion for writing was a desire from within that would never die, no matter how much she attempted to surpress it.  She began writing as a way to escape painful memories of life’s misfortunes and allowed her own words to minister strength to her soul. 

As God worked through her she faced her fears of doubting herself, no longer believing the lie that the enemy planted in her mind of not being good enough.  She trusted God and courageously embarked upon a journey to fulfill a lifetime dream of bringing words to life.  She’s proven through her heart felt writing that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.  Picking Up His Pieces is her first novel. 

Readers are encouraged to visit her website, or e-mail her at  Please contact her for speaking engagements, book clubs visits or readings.


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