Living Free written by Peace Still

09 Mar
Living Free
Written by Peace Still

With each day that I am blessed to breath, I am more empowered to continue in my growth in Christ. I continue to let go and let God. I released the sadness of abandonment because I am never alone. I released the heartache and loneliness because I am never alone. I released the spirit of lack and inferiority, because God supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory.
My soul is free from all regrets and I no longer have the spirit of shoulda coulda because all things happen for a reason. Nothing no longer surprises me especially with people. I have learned in my years that people choose to do what is important to them, that is ok. I have learned that no matter your growth there will be those who only see your failures all the while failing to see their own. There was a time where all of this mattered. No more. There was a time that I too felt that I was a failure, no more because I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE and you are too.

This life, we only get one. There is no do over. Once death comes at your door, you can not change a thing. Trust that death will come and for me, that is when I will truly be free. Full of joy and happiness. Completely healed from all infirmities. Why? Because this world is not my home.

Each day is a new beginning. Each day is a day to start anew. Each day is a day to say I love you and show it. Each day is a day to give praise to the author and finisher of our existence. We are in control of nothing but one thing is true, we all have the ability to do what is right in the sight of God. Remember the day will come when He will ask, what did you do with my son?

We are not a perfect people and we will never be. We do have the power over the choices we make. To be a blessing or a burden. Never sleep on this fact, what you reep you will sow. It is written.

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