Spotlight: Go On Girl! Book Club

12 Jan

Go On Girl! Book Club is one of the largest national reading organizations in the U.S. for black women. It was founded in 1991 by Monique Greenwood, Lynda Johnson and Tracy Mitchell in New York City. Today, Go On Girl! Book Club has 28 chapters in 13 states including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, Virginia, Indiana, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and the nation’s capital, Washingon, DC.   Check out their reading list for 2010 here.
In 2010, the organization will host its Annual Author Awards weekend, June 10th to June 13th, at the Winfrey Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2011, The organization will celebrate its 20th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC.  For more information about Go On Girl! Book Club log onto

Go on Girl! Book Club

Celebrating the Legacy of Black Literature

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