College Life 201: Sophomore Studies by J.B. Vample

15 Feb

College Life 201: Sophomore Studies 
by J.B. Vample

Book 3 of The College Life Series
“When it comes to life, class is always in session”

Much to the relief of many, a new school year has fallen upon the students of Paradise Valley University. Alexandra Chisolm, Chasity Parker, Sidra Howard, Malajia Simmons and Emily Harris are thrilled to officially be sophomores. With a roommate shake-up that takes some getting used to, the girls hope that it’s the only shake-up that will happen. When Alex’s high school friends, Stacey and Victoria enter PVU as freshmen, she couldn’t be more excited. Having all of her friends in one place is a dream come true. Alex’s excitement is short lived once Victoria begins to show jealousy towards Alex’s “college family”. That, on top of facing a shocking betrayal, sends Alex into a fit of anger that she is unsure she will be able to recover from.

After a scare, Chasity decides to look for her birth mother and her decision causes a major clash with someone she least expects. As if that stress weren’t enough, Chasity realizes that the growing feelings that she has for Jason Adams have become harder for her to ignore. During a blackout, the two cross a line that leaves both confused. In a fit of emotion, one makes a decision that ultimately changes the course of their relationship. Emily’s new living arrangements and mother’s constant hovering start to take its toll. Feeling helpless and lonely, Emily’s grades begin to suffer. Finding the stress too much to bear, Emily finds a way to cope. But her methods may prove to be too much for her to handle.

Mistakenly, the girls thought that after surviving the events of their freshman year; that their first semester as upperclassmen would be a breeze. With secrets, drama, and emotions at an all-time high, these unlikely friends find that on top of handling their growing course load, they’ll have to get a handle on their personal lives, both on and off campus.


Excerpt: College Life 201: Sophomore Studies by J.B. Vample 

Trisha apologized to the family as Chasity stormed out of the dining room. Rising from her seat, Trisha followed her into the kitchen. “Really Chasity?” she scolded. “You couldn’t curb that mouth for another freakin’ hour?”

Chasity spun around to face her. “Why are you on my case?” she fumed, pointing to herself. “You sprung this ‘family thing’ on me like four hours ago,” she reminded.

Trisha folded her arms as she looked away.

“You already knew I wasn’t gonna be happy. That’s why you didn’t tell me before today,” Chasity added. “I’m sure you just didn’t decide to do this.”

Trisha ran her hand over her hair and sighed. “Look, I apologize for putting you in this position,” she said.

“Why would you do that to me?” Chasity asked, confused. “After everything that happened last year. Why would you force me to sit in a room with people who I know I’m not related to? They don’t even like me.”

“That’s not true. Melina was just being rude,” Trisha placated. “Your family loves you, and you already know that you’re your grandmother’s favorite.”

Chasity ran her hands through her hair, fighting to stay calm. “Stop trying to force these people on me,” she fussed.

Trisha threw her hands up in the air. “Fine, Chasity. Go ahead and hide out in here,” she snapped, turning to walk out.

Chasity shook her head. “I know what you’re doing,” she called after her, stopping Trisha dead in her tracks.

Trisha spun around. “And what’s that, know-it-all?”

Chasity folded her arms. “You avoided me all day yesterday, you piss me off by crowding the damn house today, all so I won’t talk to you.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you don’t want me to bring up my birth mother again,” Chasity spat.

Trisha’s jaw tightened. Will this damn girl drop this nonsense? “I don’t have time for this, I have company to get back to.”

“Trisha, don’t do that,” Chasity barked. “Don’t brush me off about this.”

“God, why can’t you let this thing go?” Trisha asked, exasperated.

“Why do you want me to?” Chasity threw back. “You’re treating me like crap right now because you have a problem with what I want to do. That’s not fair.”

“Fair? You want to talk about what’s not fair?” Trisha hissed, moving closer to Chasity.

“That fact that I even have to endure this mess. I’ve provided for you since you were a child.”

“Yes, I know that.”

“Do you?” Trisha challenged.

Chasity was confused and it showed on her face. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I am,” Trisha seethed. “I do everything for you. Whatever you want, I give. Money, clothes, trips, a car, a damn condo—”

“I never asked you for any of that stuff,” Chasity hurled.

“I didn’t say that you did,” Trisha threw back. “Everything I did and continue to do for you is because I want to.”

“Then why throw it in my face?”

“I’m not trying to,” Trisha assured her. “I’m just saying that…after everything, why isn’t it enough for you? Why can’t you just be happy with the way that things are?”

Chasity stared at Trisha in disbelief. “This isn’t about you, Trisha,” Chasity wailed. Trisha turned away briefly. “This isn’t about my relationship with you, or about what you do for me.”

“That’s not what—”

“Listen to me,” Chasity urged, voice filled with pain. “This is something that I need to do for myself…I just thought that as the most important person in my life, that you would be supportive.”

“Well…You thought wrong,” Trisha sneered. “I’m not supportive of this. I don’t condone it. Let it go.”

Chasity held a fiery gaze. “You do know that I don’t need your permission right?” she bluntly stated. “I’m nineteen, I can do this with or without your help.”

Furious, Trisha’s eyes widened. Taking another step forward, standing face to face with Chasity, she pointed at her. “You go through with this search, and we’re done,” she warned.

Shock and disappointment resonated on Chasity’s face as Trisha stormed out of the kitchen. Her aunt, her mother figure, someone whom she considered to be her best friend just threatened to walk out of her life if she didn’t comply with her wishes. Feeling betrayed, feeling let down, Chasity felt tears fill her eyes. Not wanting to face anybody, she walked out the back door.

( Continued… )

© 2016 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, J.B. Vample. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only.

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Book 3 of The College Life Series 
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

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The College Life Series
follows the lives of five young black women as they make their journey through their four years of college at Paradise Valley University. Chasity Parker, the troubled beauty, Malajia Simmons, the party girl, Sidra Howard, the prim princess, Alex Chisolm, the self proclaimed “know-it-all”, and Emily Harris, the shy mommy’s girl are five main protagonists, thrown together by chance. Bringing to college different voices, vastly different backgrounds, and different ways of confronting challenges.

This series touches on different issues that affect college aged people; such as class pressure, family drama, personal drama, relationship issues, peer confrontations, discovery and friendship. This ill-assorted group discover in this new environment and through unlikely friendships who they are.

Order the 3-Book Series here:  

About the Author

J.B. Vample resides in Philadelphia, PA. Although she majored in Computer Science at UMES, her first love has always been writing. The concept of her current book series came to her at the age of seventeen. Since then, she has dreamed that readers would fall in love with her characters and their stories. In 2015, after years of writing for only herself, she decided to share her work with the world. “College Life 101: Freshman Orientation” is her first published book and book one of “The College Life Series.” Aside from writing, J.B enjoys reading and listening to music.

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