Let EDC Creations Join Your Team

15 Nov

If I had to make 4 suggestions to new authors or business owners it would be:

  1. Social media profiles are not as good as having your own website. Everyone in business…needs a control center, your website! That website will house the options to purchase your product/services, samples of your work and it should provide visitors with a way to connect with you. Audio and video are a must.

  2. Get a newsletter or an opt-in to capture the email addresses of your followers. Start a newsletter that really pours into your audience! Entertain, educate, empower, and most of all nurture the people you care about. Let your audience inside your world and invite them to be a part of your team. Give, give, give!

  3. You can not do this alone! Create your team as soon as possible. Find those go to people, create a plan and activate it together. The key is having a plan and working it. You will feel lost and un-accomplished if you can’t measure your results and it won’t always be about money.

  4. If you are launching a new product or service, you need to pick up one of our packages today!

You can view my current promotional packages here:

I gotcha on the first 3, you just have to make the first move to add me to your team!


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